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A Lieutenant Duckling Tale - Part 1 of 2 |Part 2 Here|

When Princess Emma decides to ask Lieutenant Killian Jones to the annual Royal Holiday Ball, things do not go as planned. His captain, and older brother, Liam will not stand for it. There is no one else she would like to attend with, so maybe this ball wont be so magical after all… What happens next however, may surprise this sweet duckling.

For @emmascaptn, my CS SS giftee. :) 


“So many things for me are unfortunate in the commercialization of something that is special. It’s like when Led Zeppelin appears in Cadillac commercials. There’s something that is taken away from your love of this thing and your connection to it.”
–Chris Carter

Merry Christmas, @mwsouyuu! I hope you like it!

[muffled aggressive rap music playing in the distance]

For @tanaka–saeko

MERRY CHRISTMAS, STEPH!! (=ↀωↀ=) I’m your Secret Santa and I chose the rarest and your most favourite ship and.. turned them into some kind of Santas for sinners ahaha.. ha… oh god I hope you like it *sweats*

One of my suite mates is hosting a prospective student tonight, and me and my roomie were talking out in the main room about a rom com movie idea we had, just joking around, and the prospective student started clapping and with the most serious, awe inspired face asks us, “are you professional screenplay writers?”

And I just

I was in my Captain America pj’s attempting to paint my nails while simultaneously wiping up some hot tea I just spilled on myself

No, I am not a professional screenplay writer. I am a mess.

@mellostopheles I’m your secret Santa! I’m a huge fan of your stuff so making this was a lot of fun! I also have these little sketches of unused ideas as a little bonus! I hope you like it ;w;

It’s the 23rd, so I’m posting it! o<o/) Here’s my Lorax Secret Santa, for tumblr user dokiis. They asked for Gent!

I’d always wanted to draw mainverse Gent, so this made me really happy. c’:

Happy holidays, friends~