santa sloth


Umm.. hi @crows-with-keys!!

This is your very stupid, very tardy Servamp Secret Santa!!

….I’M SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE. I’M A MONTH LATE. I just thought that since I was giving it in January, I would give colored pieces. It was a total disaster, especially with the last gift. Since it was digital, I couldn’t work on it as much since I had to go back and forth from the city to the province. So, it took so long. Not to mention I forgot I was a total noob in digital art and have no idea what I’m doing each time I’m doing it XD

Anyway, I re-uploaded the first gift I gave you, because it appears to have shrunk when it was on your blog. Just to give you a bigger image, I guess XD

The second one is KuroMahi gaming. I just imagined a scenario where Mahiru tries one of the games Kuro plays just to, you know, know more about the things he likes. It doesn’t help that Mahiru totally sucks at hardcore games and almost always ends up dying. Kuro probably prepared the max. number of potions to prepare for Mahiru borrowing his game; and, knowing Kuro, he probably didn’t let Mahiru know. She noticed, though.

The last one is KuroMahi wearing each others’ battle faces. Or trying to, anyway. Kuro especially has a hard time because his facial muscles are always relaxed (his face doesn’t scrunch up in the slightest, and his brows don’t furrow too much when he’s angry). The result is: he can’t keep an energetic battle face on. This is actually based on my sister who has a stoic facial expression all the time and doesn’t use her facial muscles as much as others do. She has a hard time copying other people’s facial expressions.

Again, I AM VERY SORRY THAT THIS IS A MONTH LATE! If you have any requests for me, please voice them out. I owe you because you had to wait for me that long.

Hope you like them anyway! XD