santa rose


The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, in Mallorca (Balearic Islands), was built from 1229 to 1601.

It has the 2nd biggest rose window in the world (more than 13 meters wide).
It is 44 m (144 ft) tall, which makes it the 8th highest cathedral in the world.
And the gothic pillars sustaining the vaults are the narrowest in the world.

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh could you please draw grown up ruby with long hair and Weiss is just like staring at her all awestruck and Yang and Blake are laughing in the background.

That atlesian cold air.. always making Weiss’s cheeks blush


Steven Universe x Nightmare before Christmas

I haven’t done any redo this year, so maybe I’ll do a revisitation to this idea? But I’m still a bit lost with the rest of the characters… plus we have more characters now…

Jack skellington - Pearl
Sally - Garnet
Shock - Peridot
Lock - Amethyst
Barrel - Steven
Dr Finkelstein - Ruby
Igor - Leggy
Mayor - Sardonyx
Oogie Boogie - Aquamarine???????
Santa - Rose Quartz
Santa’s elves - Sapphire ( + off colors)
Zero (dog) - Lion
Creature Under stairs - Bismuth
Undersea Gal -  Malachite
2 Witches - Opal and Rainbow Quartz
Behemoth - Topaz
Wolfman - Jasper
Mummy -
4 Vampires -
Harlequin monster - smoky ???????
Melting Man - Centi
Batkid - Lapis
Clown (with a tear-away face) - Sugilite

Who would you like to see and why you think it fits the roll?


Merry Christmas!!

i know its still pretty early.. but anyway.. :D Christmas its my favourite holiday! and i already know what i want to draw for this year! ^3^ yay! i just hope to have enough time to do it soon XD

here i leave my Xmas pic from last year ;)

hope u like it!

Happy holidays 2017!

It’s that time of year again! I love running this, and it seems everybody has fun participating, so here’s to another year!

Sonic Secret Santa’s exactly what you’d think- you submit something you like, and someone will draw/write/make an an amv of it for you! In return, you make something as well!

In order to prevent people getting a gift but not giving one, everything will be submitted to this blog. If you don’t turn in your end, your gift won’t be posted, so make sure you’re able to commit! All posts will be queued to post on Christmas day.

In order to give people time, I’ll be cutting off entries on December first, and I’ll try to have assignments out by the fourth. Here’s a sample entry, and here are the rules, so please check before asking. If you have any other questions, try to ask me over at @shadowofthelamp.  Good luck!