santa rosa road

Shored Up

Santa Rosa, I barely knew you when
I blew in like bourbon-beveled breakdown. You
held me, heart-sore and hungry, your palm
fronds whispering lullabies. Dear Santa Rosa,
how you’ve been both escape
and return. How I drove 500 miles
to find the meaning of home. How the sun
blinds as it sinks into the Gulf. Come
for me. Dress me in tie-dye
and linen. Beach soccer and beer
can be foreplay too.

Santa Rosa, lift my heart when
it becomes too heavy. Your music
vibrates through the floor and I
am not too old to be carded. I feel
more myself, Santa Rosa, since you
burned yourself into my mind. An orgasm
is never a delicate thing, nor
is redemption. Wind chimes have
a subtle grace. Alone, I am
yours. I belong.

Dreams are tricky, Santa Rosa. Reality
seldom matches but occasionally
exceeds. Those are the best
days. You are the best days. Santa Rosa,
you feed and fulfill me. I don’t know
how to repay you, Santa Rosa, for
the sand in my soul, for the tar
on my feet, for the smiles. I do know
these salty eyes aren’t blue for leaving
you. I cannot miss you when you
have never left.

But I am leaving you, Santa Rosa,
and it is not for the best. Your name
whispered in my ear, gentle Latino
lilting charm. Oh Santa Rosa, come
for me. Santa Rosa, find me. Carry me
home on your honeyed shoulders. I am
found I am found I am bound I am yours.

© 2017 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller