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Commissions for the wonderful @kurapls and her fic, To Ruination
If you like SKK and Fyoya, this is the perfect fic for you! 
It’s a great mix of fluff and funny scenes and then of course, the angst. 
The fyoya picture is under the cut
Thank you for commissioning me! <3

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MLB Secret Santa, for !!
She wanted nothing sad so here are little miraculous children <3 (yes, Adrien isn’t homeschooled in this AU, let us dream)
Merry Christmas, I wish the best of holidays for you and your loved ones :)

Kinda wanna say somethin,

I’ve noticed that Michael De Santa gets A LOT of hate. Now I know I have a lot of fanon shit I like with him, but I wanna be honest about his character.

Michael is honestly trying so hard too be a great father. He treats his kids as best as he can, but, his kids are spoiled and quite bratty. And, didn’t Jimmy DRUG Michael and then put the blame on him? Correct me if I’m wrong.

And then Amanda got all pissy at M, though, not taking into consideration that it was Jimmy’s doing.

Yes, it was bound too happen that Amanda left Michael, but, really. Wasn’t Amanda just with Michael for the money?

Yeah, Michaels a ‘liar’. A 'snake’. But when he left Trevor, he was expecting a good, happy life with his family. But here it happens. His life crashes more. His wife’s always bullshitting on him. When all Michael wanted was too make everything good. No crime. No bad stuff.

And his children don’t treat him any better.

And when Trevor comes back around, Michael just seems so drained. Like he wants too give up.

His wife’s gone, his children are gone, and he’s back at square one with criminal shit.

And it breaks my heart when Michael wakes up, pointing a gun around his house.

He honestly deserves more love before people shit on him.

You gotta think about what Michaels going through.

What he went through.


Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore attend the ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ special screening at CineStar in Berlin, Germany [January 20, 2017]

Black Hat: I do like the way that I feel, I have endless energy and I sleep two hours a night! I get so much done!
Dr Flug: …You eat people.
Black Hat: Yeah, it’s just that I’m so much more confident. I can parallel park in one move now!
(Source: Santa Clarita Diet)

santa: what do you want for christmas

me: for the wholesome characters of Red queen to be happy. For Cal, Mare, Farley, Kilorn and others to finally get what they deserve.

santa: *wiping away a tear* shit me too