santa please



Our dearest members! Here at Legends we consider every single one of you part of our little family, and with the holiday season upon us, we’ve decided it’s time to share the love with an OOC Secret Santa gift exchange!


  • Please like this post if you wish to participate in our very first OOC Secret Santa.
  • You have until December 6th to like this post. That day we’ll use a random generator and names will be chosen.
  • On the 7th we will send the names of our Secret Santa.
  • We encourage you to send little anon messages to your Secret Santa. It doesn’t have to be long, just something that would make them smile.
  • Please keep your identity a secret, that’s the fun part of this!


  • You have until December 24th to work on your gift.
  • Please submit off anon your gifts to our inspiration blog here.
  • You can submit the following (but not limited to):
  1. Graphics
  2. Gifsets
  3. Drabbles
  4. Playlists

On December 25th, we will post every submission. Remember this is about wishing the others a Merry Christmas and making sure they feel appreciated.

Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.


Hey, Taylor!

This is Sona ( outofthe1989woods ), Elise ( wildest-dreams1989 ), and Cate ( iwrotedownoursong1989 ). We have been friends and swifties  since we were 8. We hope you like our costumes and posters! We will be seeing you on August 15th in Santa Clara (the day before Sona’s 16th birthday!!!). 

We decided to create jackets with home-made patches representing different swift things! Some of our patches include; the bad blood emoji, pegacorns, a polaroid camera, and koi fish. Our shirts are a collage of our favorite moments from the 1989 era, including your paintings, your favorite emojis, social networks, and the New York City skyline. 

Our posters are Lichtenstein influenced, complete with lots and lots of glitter. 

We will be sitting in section 103, row 26, seats 1-3 at the Levi’s Stadium concert on August 15th. 

See you then, 

Sona, Cate, & Elise