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Important blog update

It may take a while for me to upload the scans of my new photos because they’re way to curled and the flattening process was stopped because of a fucking fire. I live in one of the towns being hit hardest by the NorCal fires (currently parts of the city are either burnt to a crisp or being surrounded by fire) and had to evacuate from my home at 4:30 am on Monday. Don’t worry I had time to shove the photos into an album and was able to fit it into my backpack. My family and I were able to escape safely with the majority of our valuables but I have no idea how my house is faring, all I know is that it’s definitely not great considering how close the fires are to it and how rapidly they’re moving. 

Please keep the places hit by the fires in your mind and if you can please donate. Some people had to evacuate with nothing but the clothes on their back and anyone who hasn’t lost their home knows someone who has. Even with the amazing support of the community coming together and helping each other out, there are still places who would greatly appreciate some extra support