santa paws 2

Well, Netflix doesn’t have the incredibles or big hero 6, but it does have other Disney classics like ‘spooky buddies’ and 'Santa paws 2’ which is so relieving

  • disney blogger: So we were planning to go out for Dapper Day but unfortunately the wig I wear for my Specialty Mara Jade Disneybound was tangled, and since I was going as turn-of-the-century Mara Jade and my girlfriend was planning on going as a Hello-Dollie inspired Hopper from A Bugs Life Disneybound, it really put a dent in our plans. After a seven hour sobbing session during which we made Dole Whip and had sex with an Epcot-inspired strap on, we decided to have a marathon of our 45 favorite Disney movies in a row while working out to One Jump Ahead. On movie sixteen -- which happened to be my thirty-second favorite Disney movie, Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (a subsidiary of the Air Buddies series of films), I had the brilliant idea -- a Mertle from Lilo and Stitch inspired Golden-Age-of-Cinema Starlet-esque inspired Dapper day Outfit with just a twinge of Fantasyland-inspired perfume and a well a Por-favor-manténganse-se-alejado-de-las-puertas inspired set of underwear to complete the look!
Ranking the Air Bud Cinematic Universe #9

This is a sequel to a prequel-spin off of a spin off of a movie series about a dog that plays sports.

The Good

The Bad


This isn’t a movie that I would have watched if not for the fact that it was tangentially related to the Air Bud series. That being said, it’s not bad.