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Ventrue or Brujah or Toreador or Nosferatu or Tremere or Gangrel or Malkavian

Thaumaturgy or Dementation or Celerity or Dominate or Obfuscate 

the Camarilla or the Anarchs or Unaligned

LaCroix or Nines

Strauss or Isaac

Andrei or Ming Xiao

Jeanette or Therese

Mercurio or Romero or Knox or Heather or Vandal

Santa Monica or Downtown or Hollywood or Chinatown

The Asylum or Confession or The Last Round or The Asp Hole or Vesuvius or Glaze 

Grout’s Mansion or The Ocean House Hotel


Néktar, in Downtown Santa Monica -

This juice bar offers the most delicious, healthy, vegan smoothies, Smoothie Bowls and juices!! Today we ordered the ‘Greenie’ juice (parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple), the Pitaya Bowl (Pitaya, banana, pinneapple, coconut butter & coconut water, topped with: hempseed granola, raw coconut flakes, banana and agave nectar) and the PB Bowl (Acai, banana, dates, strawberries, peanut butter & housemade cashew milk, topped with: hempseed granola, strawberries, banana and agave nectar) for breakfast! Everything tasted so good and is freshly made right in front off you! Also there is a range of pre made drinks and snacks available for purchase at Néktar as well


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