santa maria aracoeli

Santo Bambino in Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Happy Christmas to all followers of All about Mary.

The photo is taken in the chapel of the Santo Bambino, the “Holy Boy”, in the basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome. The statue is the object of special devotion during Christmastide, while all year round people from all over the world send letters of petition and thanks to the Divine Infant. These letters are then placed before the statue on the altar.

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Architecture in Rome?

You can fill an encyclopedia trying to properly respond to this question.

Rome was for many years the epicenter of classical architecture so you will find the streets filled with important buildings in most classical architectural styles like Classical and Imperial Roman, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque. You will also find more contemporary architecture from Neoclassical to modern as the city is still a vibrant arts city with a lot to offer (and a most visit for any architecture enthusiast or practitioner)!

Roman Architecture, The Colosseum

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