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  • <p> <b>Jungkook:</b> Hey everyone don't freak out. A cop is bringing me home.<p/><b>Officer:</b> I pulled Jungkook over for running a stop sign, on a motorcycle without plates or a VIN number. In a jacket that said "Pussy Magnet".<p/><b>Seokjin:</b> WHAT!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> My god, that's a lot to process.<p/></p>

修羅旋風拳 (Shura Senpuuken), 2015
Brush pen, watercolour, white gel pen

@yyhsecretsanta - for @imsuchanartist / @c-f-comer! I love Jin, so this was a real treat to get to draw him!

Mashoutsukai/Team Masho is clearly presented as a band of ninjas. And thanks to his red anime hair, pointed ears and English dub accent, I guess a lot of people associate Jin with, well, leprechauns or something. But since childhood I associated Jin with something completely different, for one main reason: the Shura Senpuuken, his tornado fist technique. 

修羅 (which is the same shura as Shura clone son of Yomi, and the shura in Ashura of CLAMP’s RG Veda fame) is very popular in Asian fictional works - it pops up all the time in RPGs and other anime and manga as names for characters, attacks, and whatnot. It comes from the Sanskrit asura, which refers to a type of powerful spirit, lord or deity in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, ranking above humans but below most other gods, and sometimes associated with various aspects of war.

Anyways, because of that, as a kid I always had this idea in my mind of him being a sort of chaotic Vedic demigod.

I threw in a bonus Jin and Yusuke at the end just because I wanted to draw some battle god buddies, I hope you don’t mind …

Merry Christmas!

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 21 Bangtan Boys Personal Questions

Q: What are you interested in lately besides music?
A: I like photography. I heard there’s a new version to the Olympus camera I’m using - I’m currently deciding whether I should buy it or not. I will take pictures of the members and of scenary. Although I haven’t been uploading them to the blog recently, I will let everyone see my new photos.

Q: If you can use magic, what magic power do you want and what do you want to do with it?
A: Teleport. I want to go back to my hometown. If I can teleport, then I can go immediately and then come back right away. I can also get to Japan quickly so it’s very convenient.

Q: What’s an unforgettable Christmas memory?
A: Last Christmas. We had to film an MV so the members couldn’t go anywhere. It was very cold at that time and we just kept recording so it was very unforgettable. Speaking of Santa, I saw my dad putting down presents when I was 7. My dad also got shocked (laughs).

Q: Speaking of winter, what things or events come to mind?
A: Snow. I think it’s very pretty when it snows, but shoveling snow can be very tiring. My hometown doesn’t really snow and I got to see snow for the first time after coming to Seoul. At first I was quite excited but not so much lately… (laughs). Also because of snow, I slipped before.

Q: “If you are my fan, here are the advantages!” Please talk about the benefits of being your fan!
A: I’m an element of surprise. When people see me for the first time, most will think I don’t look like a rapper but rather a vocalist. I look like I have a high and pretty voice but in fact it’s very low. I also look very lively and cute but I’m actually not like that so I feel a bit inconceivable. So you’ll see a lot of more if you’re my fan, especially to those that like scary movies (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite subject or a subject you excel in?
A: I like gym and I didn’t like music at that time. All of the music that appeared on the textbooks were traditional so I really hated that. So I didn’t learn about the music in the textbooks but rather just played around with music after school.

Q: What do you want to ask the members, or things you want to tell them to do? A: I want to ask about everyone’s dreams. As trainees our dreams were to debut. That dream is fulfilled so there should be a new dream. I only understood after I debut that after becoming an artist, a lot of people place their focus on things other than music - whether it is acting or variety. Compared to those, I want to focus on making music and to continue making good music even after 10-20 years later. This is my new dream.

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[LQ] [Kagerou Daze 7] Afterwords

Best Christmas Present

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words: 2951

pairings: jimin x reader

genre: fluff

warnings: fights

summary: You had the best present but you did not know what it was until it came flying past you.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! This is my Christmas present to all of you because I love you all so dearly. I hope you had/have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something since I first saw you 2 years ago, I’ve fallen hard for you Y/N. Everything about you, i can’t get it out of my head, the way you laugh at my stupid jokes, the way your face lights up when you see christmas lights, the way you have such kindness in your heart for everyone in your life. You’re perfect for me, and i was wondering if you wanted to go out wit…………….”

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12-24-15 ∴ BTS-ified Christmas Songs 

BTS React to Their Child Saying ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa”

JIN: He’d say something like, “did you hear Mommy say anything about how handsome I, err, I mean how handsome Santa looked?”

SUGA: He’d say something like, “son, you’ll fond out sooner or later so I might as well tell you now. Santa isn’t real. You saw Mommy kissing me.”

J-HOPE: He’d probably over dramatize his response by clutching his chest as if he’s heartbroken and saying something like, “Mommy, is only suppose to be kissing me!”

RAP MONSTER: He’d simply say something like, “Mommy, knows better than to kiss anyone but Daddy.”

V: He’d probably threaten to beat Santa up and then remember the “Santa” his kid saw Mommy kissing was him!

JIMIN: He’d drop his head shaking it and say something like, “what, doesn’t your Mommy remember I’m the one with the abs?!”

JUNGKOOK: He would wonder how he should handle what he had just heard. He might try to brush it ff as no big deal but he might also say something like, “well, I see I’m going to have to have a talk with Mommy about who she should be kissing.”


I love you, I love you
To your warm touch…
Please hold me
Please catch me

Merry Christmas to my bts christmas “child”, Rachel!! I hope you have a fun christmas!!