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        ↳ “Lepatriinude jõulud” 2001 (Ladybirds’ Christmas)

“Lepatriinude jõulud” is an Estonian animation. A shy ladybird Tim visits his good friends Mia when suddenly the world around them starts to shake. When they wake up, they are no longer in the woods they know, but in someone’s living room. While looking for the way back to the woods, they meet all sorts of strange bugs who live in the house and know nothing about their destination. Their luck turns when Santa comes to visit the humans and with him comes along an elf-bug, giving gifts to everybody. Noticing a lonely pair, elf-bug works his magic and Mia and Tim return to the woods. 

The animation picked up an award from a festival in Ukraine, Russia and China. The VHS release included the full “Kutsu-Juku seiklused” animation.

Actors voicing the characters were Lembit Ulfsak, Andero Ermel, Anu Lamp, Peeter Oja, Marko Matvere, Kaljo Kiisk, Elina Reinold, Jan Uuspõld, Margus Tabor, Garmen Tabor and Johanna Ulfsak. 

Commissions for the wonderful @kurapls and her fic, To Ruination
If you like SKK and Fyoya, this is the perfect fic for you! 
It’s a great mix of fluff and funny scenes and then of course, the angst. 
The fyoya picture is under the cut
Thank you for commissioning me! <3

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Merry Christmas, pretty kitties! I thought of this the other day and I thought I’d throw it together real quick… but then it turned into a speedpaint lol. Anyway, enjoy!

And for those of you celebrating stuff today, I hope you have a great day. Remember to be safe, Ladybuds! 

For anyone who doesn’t know the song:

my ex is talking to me for the first time in a while randomly and asked how i was doing and he asked me while i was rewatching the office episode where michael leaves, my response was telling him i was heartbroken because michael had left the office and he genuinely thought i was talking about a boy named michael where i work and questioned me about him so i gave him a description of michael scott and now he thinks i’m into him and keeps asking if i’ve been on a date with him and if he’s into me, when do i tell him he’s a character in a tv show?

This years Barduil Secret Santa gift is for @carmentalis​ :>

I went with the ‘making this patchwork family with two Kings with their own realms in it work’-prompt (˘◡˘) So you’ve got Thranduil in Dale during his visit/consort-time.

For his time in Dale he left Legolas behind as his regent , who sends lots of letters to keep his adar updated (and to rant about some council members).

Sadly they can’t live together permanently since they are kings after all, but they have an arrangement where they take turns visiting each other every other season, depending on how the political circumstances are. They call it consort-time.

Their children have agreed to help them with it, so Legolas stays behind when Thranduil leaves for Dale and Sigrid does the same for her da. So all in all, though it isn’t ideal, they make it work.

(The kids travel more often between the two, though especially Sigrid cant manage as often as the others since she is the next in line to the throne and will need to take over at some point)