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IMG_3976 por Yuri Awanohara
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Jaracuaro, Dia de los Muertos, Michoacan, Mexico November 2007


Corpus Christi, a celebration of giving and receiving. Michoacan, Mexico

 In the Meseta Purepecha, the  celebration of Corpus Christi, which honors the presence of Christ in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharisty, rests on an older indigenous festival, giving thanks to the generous land for the good harvests of the year, and calling to the gods so that there should be rains in the coming season. At the end of the procession starts the CH’ANANTSKUA , the festive time when members of each profession throw the products of their labor to the air,  offering them to the Gods and, by extension, to the people (coming from the neighboring villages) who are gathering there, receiving the gifts falling from the sky with their open arms.

Photography © Florence Leyret 

Título: Bandera Purépecha

Ilustración para portada de libro, INEA.

© Medusczka

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