Abandoned Bowling Alley Turns Into An Immersive Public Art Experience 

What a time to be alive. The former Silva Lanes Bowling Alley in Santa Fe is now the “House of Eternal Return” - a trippy Victorian house built to scale inside the bowling alley by pioneering art collective, Meow Wolf.


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AHS FREAK SHOW : What we know about season 4 by now:

✓ The official title will be announced at the Paleyfest , on March 28th!

✓ It’s a combination of two time periods, with the main one being the 1950s.

✈ The setting will either be New Orleans or Santa Fe.

✓ American Horror Story Season 4 will probably take place at a ‘Carnival,’ “It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea,” American Horror Story scribe Douglas Petrie confirmed during the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast when a co-panelist asked if “carnival” would be the theme. ”Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

✓ Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Angella Bassett are returning

✓ Jessica Lange is working on her German accent (she’s going to play a “Marlene Dietrich figure”).

✓ Sarah Paulson is working on a special skill: “I’m not working on an accent, but I’m working on something. That’s all I can say… A special skill. A very special skill”.

Who’s excited for 4 season ?!