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Ed Freeman (American, b. Boston, MA, USA) - 1: Cal-Tex Auto Parts, Coachella, CA  2: Dave’s Liquor, Los Angeles, 2011  3: Abandoned House, Niland, CA  4: Eddie’s Cafe, Santa Paula, CA  5: Havana Apartments  6: Trailer, Salton City, CA  7: Brawley Theater  8: Church, Mojave CA  9: Sundowner Motel, Desert Shores CA  10: Sunken Bus, Bombay Beach CA  Photography

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Things i’m currently in love with: 

One song: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Two movies: The Santa Clause and Kubo and the Two Strings.

Three shows: NUMB3RS, BBC Sherlock and Yuri!!! on ICE.

Four people (fictional and real): Charlie Freaking Eppes, Bernard the Arch Elf, Larry Fleinhardt, and Sirius Black

Five foods: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pozolé, churros, fish tacos, aaaaaaand apple pie (I’m hungry).

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things I'd like to be a thing

Enzo’s wife knowing all of the gang are Enzo’s friends even if she isn’t 100% sure what they are.
Enzo’s wife first meeting Bayonetta and Jeanne and instead of getting suspicious and wondering why her husband knows these two young looking women she’s just super nice and just invites them for tea all the time.
Ed and Edna getting some extra help at school with tutoring from Jeanne (except history because Bayo knows they need to know what’s in the book not what happened that Jeanne saw).
Luka occasionally dropping in and Enzo’s wife just fussing over him and asking if he’s eaten enough while traveling for his journalism.
Luka bringing Ed and Edna souvenirs from his travels and telling them stories of some of the things they’ve done (even if he’s only believed half the time).
Rodin being dragged over on Christmas to dress up as Santa for Ed and Edna; he is paid in Enzo’s wife’s famous casserole.
Loki teaching Ed and Edna how to play poker and do cars tricks (and getting scolded for it).
Bayonetta bring the cool aunt and giving Ed and Edna lollipops and teaching them to stand tall and be brave against bullies (and occasionally getting together one or two others in the group to deter bullies from becoming a problem.

Just all the freaking adorable scenarios and ideas of Enzo’s family basically just growing because of all these dorks being unofficially adopted into it by Enzo’s wife.


Dream Home From Ed Sheeran Video For Sale

The fantasy house featured in the Ed Sheeran video for “Don’t” is looking for someone to take on the role of suit-and-shiny-shoes-wearing owner, no limb-popping required – just $14.995 million, a price cut from $22.9 million.

The home is the backdrop for the final scenes of Ed Sheeran’s dreamy experience with an oddly-flexible dancer. Located on Mulholland Drive in Bel-Air, the scene of the dancer entering the home has a certain “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” feeling to it. And you can certainly be the new royalty in this castle-like home with its sweeping staircases, columns and marble floors.