santa cruz surf

  • shainblumphotography Here’s one of my favorite aerial timelapses I have taken so far, this one is above the Santa Cruz coast. I love taking a look at all the different patterns of motion. My favorite part of the shot is in the upper left corner watching the surfers catch waves. Music by @thewaltonhoax 
Songs About/Inspired By River Phoenix

Transcending - Red Hot Chili Peppers

River Phoenix - Nada Surf

Halloween - Grant Lee Buffalo

Chris Chambers - Stereophonics

Bang and Blame - R.E.M.

Michael Stipe - P

River - Natalie Merchant

Pepper - Butthole Surfers

One Headlight - The Wallflowers

California - Belinda Carlisle

E-Bow The Letter - R.E.M.

Matinee Idol - Rufus Wainwright

Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Electrolite - R.E.M.

River Phoenix - Japanther

Sacred Life - The Cult

River, Run - Suddenly, Tammy!

Rain On The River - Hugh Cornwell

River Phoenix - Santa Cruz

If you know of any other songs inspired by River add them to the list! x

Drumroll please! First place in our 2017 Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest (Sanctuary Portraits category) goes to Douglas Croft! 

Here, a surfer contemplates the swell at Lighthouse Point in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Congratulations to Douglas Croft for catching this quiet moment before an adventure. 

(Photo: Douglas Croft)


Let’s learn some more about Driver!


  • from Santa Cruz, CA
  • knows how to surf (but isn’t great at it)
  • childhood nickname was “Poppy”
  • parents are back in California
    • mom is a computer programmer
    • dad has a shop on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, airbrushing t-shirts and drawing caricatures
  • has a twin sibling of the opposite gender named Quinn
    • successful commercial artist living in NYC
  • bisexual


  • struggles to maintain a cool persona to mask true doofus nature (think Han Solo, but nerdier)
  • when excited, will suddenly change gears from aloof and sarcastic to overflowing with sincere emotion
  • wants badly to be accepted as “just one of the guys”
  • maladaptive daydreamer
  • blushes easily
  • lazy: can be found napping at any hour of the day, sometimes in unlikely places
  • curious: puts their nose where it doesn’t belong, including other people’s business
  • likes to try to fix others’ problems but makes them worse as often as not
  • secretly deeply terrified of getting in a 1-on-1 physical fight; will run away unless cornered
  • audiophile and mixtape enthusiast
  • likes to sing when they think no one else is around to hear