santa cruz love

is it bad that i really love santa cruz as a band and i think their all great guys and i support them & stuff but i just reallyyy can’t get myself to enjoy their music?

Hairbands Discussion

(I post my youtube scripts too)

Hey guys. Welcome to episode 2 of influential sketch. This week’s person is none other than Jon Bon Jovi. I just love the 1985 aesthetic during the Hairspray and Spandex days. Bon Jovi went on that phase in the 80s, and it was beautiful.

This is like a cheap art supply challenge, except I do that everyday because I’m a poor high school student. I’m using a papermate pen, but this is really fun. This is just like a relax and sketch series where I get to talk to you guys, maybe provide some entertainment. This isn’t my serious art, but I do plan to put out full on original canvas work timelapses. It’s really satisfying to see a video unveil from a blank canvas to a finished piece. Sorry I didn’t film the beginning of this sketch because I started doodling this at school. I’m really having fun contouring and cross hatching his face. This just feels so satisfying.

In the previous episode, I told you guys about the mishappening with my aux cord/ cable but I didn’t exactly tell you how. Well, I was wearing these vintage 3 inch heels with buckles. My favorite band, The Runaways, have played shows in the 70s wearing stiletos and wedges. So, I thought I should try playing You Give Love A Bad Name….in these heels. I picked that song because it was my song of the week, and I was listening to it like an addict. I wasn’t even at the chorus when my guitar strap broke. My guitar fell on the floor. I picked it up and found my cable broken. Lesson learned. Will I do it again? Probably, but this time, with a better guitar strap.

There are still hairbands out there, but it’s not mainstream in the US. I know, it sucks. But if you guys do know any, comment down below, and I’ll check them out. I love hair bands. Europe has that scene right now. Santa Cruz is from Finland. They are amazing. My favorite song from them is My Remedy as well as the music video. I also like Reckless Love, and they’ve got great music videos as well like Night On Fire and Hot.

If you guys wanna see the heels, here they are. I’m just a short girl, and I need a little help. Anyway, I hope you liked the art and my little story. Please like, subscribe, and even share this video. If you like rock from 60s to this present year, I make sketch videos about my taste. I have more serious art content coming up. So, please subscribe. Thanks for watching.