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Santa Claws

Christmas Is Coming! 🎄🎃🎅💀


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

I made these character themed desserts in celebration of the Miraculous Christmas Special (which was awesome!)

I made LB and Chat both macarons (of course), Hawkmoth as a pudding, and Santa Claws as a strawberry tart.

Even though the Turtle Miraculous’ powers weren’t revealed, I still made Wayzz as a chocolate waffle.^^

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

My version of the Christmas special
  • Hawmoth: For my present I want for you to retrieve for me the miraculouses of Ladybug and Chat Noir!
  • Santa Claws: But have you been a naughty or nice boy this year?
  • Hawk moth: *sweats*

I still enjoyed the French dub more personally, but the English dub was still fun to listen to!




*nightmare before Christmas refs intensifying*

Oh my gosh…Cat Noir calling himself a “poor kitty” XDDD hearing that in English was worth the wait!

Also, when Cat Noir went to help multiple times in the episode. I have been pissy that Adrien doesn’t really have any flaws like Marinette, he doesn’t have a lot of negative traits to character develop and learn, but I realized this episode he DOES have a MAJOR flaw that hurts him more than Marinette’s flaws hurt her.
Adrien is TOO NICE. I love that about him but that’s actively what gets him hurt or causes conflict with others because everyone else tends to have selfish needs (even our fantastic casts of popular characters) and it conflicts with Adrien’s need to be nice and need to be loved.

  • His kindness constantly puts hope in his Father (despite constant disappointments in the past).
  • His faith in his father hurt Nino’s feelings when he stood up for his father’s bad behavior causing him to turn into the Bubbler.
  • Adrien’s too nice to turn Chloe away even though she has constantly shown few traits that Adrien likes about her (but is willing to shoot her down when she’s wrong, good boy :D).
  • But that kindness to Chloe angers / hurts Marinette AND Ladybug at times.
  • His chivalry makes it so he never pushes Ladybug with his love, a very admirable as heck trait, but it means his heart is constantly hurt by the person he loves because he won’t 1. snoop when she’s detransforming 2. back her into a wall to show his love (like all stereotype girls romances do). He constantly leans on walls with an open position so he’s never “trapping” anyone that doesn’t want his attention. This kindness that leaves it open for Ladybug to reject him (which she does every time) has got to be a painful experience for him. It makes him all the more a good guy, don’t get me wrong, love it, but this is a “flaw” if you will that hurts Adrien.

Under cut single spoiler to Christmas Special

  • His love for his mother’s clear good will and kindness made it so that he couldn’t vent his frustration out on the Christmas tree, even though that would have done a world of good for his emotional stress, he didn’t harm the tree because of 1. his mother’s memory 2. because from her he knew it was wrong. He kept in and bottled up that rage he felt, mentally harming himself, but realizing it would hurt others to see the spirit of Christmas destroyed by him and thus doing good by harming himself and holding in that frustration, which he quite literally took out on himself by destroying a poster of his face (courtesy realization credit due to @jflashandclash).
  • Heck, as Cat Noir he’s constantly the butt of the joke / doing the tedious tasks more so than Ladybug. He certainly more vocal about his complaints, but even his Adrien kindness seeps into his Cat Noir persona since he still takes on that kind of task for His Lady. He’ll even defend Chloe as Cat Noir (another hint, Marinette, COME ON!) which shows his good will even as his more “free” persona.
  • The list can go on…

What I’m trying to say though, is that for all my personal grandstanding about Marinette, Chloe, EVERYONE having flaws except Adrien and that makes him a cliché good guy in a way. I really have to take that thought process back now. Adrien’s flaw IS his kindness and niceness. It blinds him sometimes just as Marinette’s hotheadedness does. It ends up hurting himself, just as the fallout of Marinette’s less than good deeds does to her consciences. His flaw is being too nice and now I just appreciate the show creators and Adrien so much more now realizing that.


Wow…this turned into an Adrien rant all of a sudden…Anyway!

“I hope it’s [lucky charm / tikki] not trying to tell us to move to another city.” CAT XDDDDD



Huh…I just realized I didn’t make a post about when the French dub aired…I must have been SO FREAKING TIRED XDD

But the English dub was still cute :D Christmas spirit heightened all around!

Hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Special no matter when you see it :D