santa claus will also be there

also, since we factcheck here at elucubrare dot tumblr dot com, i checked wiki and i hate whoever ruined the Council of Nicea forever: 

According to legendary accounts, debate became so heated that at one point, Arius was struck in the face by Nicholas of Myra, who would later be canonized.[38] This account is almost certainly apocryphal, as Arius himself would not have been present in the council chamber due to the fact that he was not a bishop.[39]

fuck you, let me have my Santa-Claus-punching-heretics-in-the-face fun 


The Dreamy Town of Toyland- A Christmas Town
Toyland’s Dreamy Update  

I’m so excited to be able to once again share Toyland’s dream address! Christmas is a time that is very dear to my heart and what better way to express that love than through a game that is also very dear to my heart! Toyland is really the most incredible fun to create and, I really hope you will once again or even for the first time enjoy visiting Toyland! There’s still so much I want to do, especially now that there are so many fun new items, but it is very much mostly complete and, for those of you who have visited in the past, there are a few new additions, such as some new designs and an added room in Jack’s house!

Toyland- A Christmas Town is town based on Santa Claus and the North Pole! Here you will meet Mr and Mrs Claus, Holly the Elf, and the mischievous Jack Frost! However, not everything is as it seems in this quiet and peaceful winter town. What happened in Toyland? What secrets are hidden here? Why is everyone so distressed? Can you solve Toyland’s mystery?
Note: If you wish to discover Toyland’s story, it is recommended that you speak to, and visit the homes of all the playable characters. 

I really hope you will come and visit Toyland, and that your time there will be absolutely magical! If you do visit, I would love to see pictures of your time there, so please tag your visits with #toycrossingcrossing (toyland is not recommended as it as a common tag) so that I can see and share them!


Credits: Big Thank you to Denice from @deniceinlimbo for toyland’s amazing town flag!
And thank you to Angie from @lowqualityfriend (formally@angiestown) for letting me take inspiration from her town Maplerow for my Christmas tree lot room!

It was not as publicized, and I doubt people tumblr is talking much about it. Rest In Peace George S Irving, the man who had a long career of film, television and stage. He might be best known to some of you as The Heat Miser in the 1975 Rankin Bass stop motion movie The Year Without A Santa Claus. he is also known for narrating the audio books for Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, among many other things. George was 94 and will be sorely missed.

🎄🎁Christmas present ideas 🎅❄️

Still don’t know what you could give your loved ones or yourself for christmas? Here are some different random ideas of things I’d like to get or I’d give to friends and family members. I also linked them to product pages at amazon so you can easily shop them if you want to. 

Soo good luck finding the perfect present for your loved ones and have fun searching!   💝

sophiawang328: 平安夜的鐘聲🔔都已經敲響了好久好久了唉… 可是還沒有看見聖誕老公公出現😳😳,也沒有收到聖誕老人🎅的禮物🎁??? 寶寶心裡有點💔💔⋯⋯ 💔 Christmas Eve bells have been sounded for a long time alas … But has not yet seen the Santa Claus appear 😳😳, also did not receive the gift of Santa Claus? The heart is a little bit 💔💔 ⋯ ⋯


This is my Secret Santa gift for Sabrina ( @kabutomoakis )! :3c

I love appling too, so they’re on a sweet wintery date, with obligatory mistletoe! Darling’s outfit is vaguely based on the nutcracker and Apple looks a bit like Mrs. Claus with accompanying cookies. I had fun designing them!

I hope you like it and Merry Christmas!



In December 1971, Susan Stamberg spoke with James McFadden, an assistant personnel manager at a local Washington, DC department store, about his decision to hire a black Santa Claus. McFadden reflected, “when I was a child, everything was white: Santa Claus was white, all the cowboys were white, everyone was white…I was taught to believe that anybody that really did anything was white.” Stamberg also interviewed Santa himself, a retired civil servant boasting a hearty “ho, ho, ho.” Santa reported that baby dolls and Flip Wilson sets were the holiday season’s most-coveted gifts.

More recently, Morning Edition’s Rachel Martin spoke to the first-ever black Santa Claus at the Mall of America.

Yamaguchi usually stay overnight at Tsukishima’s house on Christmas Eve.

Tsukki’s mom and Akiteru will decorate their home for Christmas, of course they have big Christmas tree in their living room.

but Yamaguchi still bring his small fake pine tree with him anyway.

Every year (since they were nine,) Tadashi and Kei will decorate it together. instead the star, they’ll put the crescent moon on top of the tree.

Sometime during the second movie they watch together in Tsukki’s room after dinner. Tadashi will say something like ‘Let’s stay awake until midnight! Maybe we can catch Santa Claus!!’

….of course he’ll fall asleep before it past midnight…

…actually… Kei don’t mind at all.


part of my @tsukyamgiftexchange for @deanpendragon !!!

sorry for slowness!!😨💦 i have hard time with all the coloring thing, but i also have so much fun to draw them! about the prompt for something in Christmas theme, my country don’t celebrate Christmas. so..sorry again if there’re anything wrong or a bit  strange 💦💦

i LOVE your tsukyam fic and re-read them many many time, so after i know that i have to make a gift for you.. i’m just so SO SURPRISE and then really NERVOUS  💦 💦 💦 i’d try my best and hope you like it! really! 

Merry Late Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year! ✨✨

The best holiday destinations to spot a reindeer or two!

Catch Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Blixen - and maybe even Rudolf - at one of these reindeer-friendly holiday destinations (Snow optional, but not necessary!)

Santa Claus Village, Lapland

Amazingly, the number of reindeer in Lapland is roughly equivalent to the number of people, meaning there’s no shortage of opportunities to spot one of our antlered friends! Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, and the official home of Santa Claus. Get your tourist hat on and make sure you visit the shops, cafes and igloo hotel in Santa Claus village, where you can also see reindeer up close at the Raitola Husky and Reindeer Farm. Take a magical sleigh ride through Lapland’s woods to the Arctic Circle, where you can even stay overnight in a cosy cabin or go ice-fishing.

Alaska, USA

Strictly speaking, what you’ll find in Alaska are actually Caribou (not reindeer!) - a North American elk-sized deer, slightly bigger than reindeer, but with equally majestic antlers! Spotting Caribou yourself can be difficult in Alaska’s breathtaking wilderness (it’s the largest state in the US, with the smallest population), so you’d need to trek deep into the Talkeetna Mountains, or take a plane ride over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Tromso, Norway

Experience life with the traditional Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic Circle, just 30 minutes outside of Tromso city centre. As well as feeding the 200 reindeer, you can get cosy around a fire inside a ‘lavvu’ (traditional Sami tent) as you hear all about the lives of the native reindeer herders!

East Iceland

See reindeer in the wild in Iceland! Brought over from Norway in the 18th century, reindeer are only found in the east of the country. See them grazing on the slopes in the summer months, or down towards the coast during the long winter months. For some extra nature spotting look out for arctic foxes and the hundreds of seals that inhabit the glacial rivers of Herao!

Cairngorm, Scotland

If the expense of an Icelandic expedition is holding you back from searching for reindeer, then fear not! The Cairgorn Mountains in Scotland are home to the only free-ranging herd of reindeer in the UK, with daily guided tours departing from Reindeer House each morning.

1st Anniversary Announcement (Feb. 17th) ~~

Hi friends! SO this is pretty self explanatory, but the 1st anniversary of this blog is actually super close- it’s on the the 17th!  But do you know what the best part is????? 

It’s also the 1st anniversary for Lori’s blog!!! @soobadnoonecanstopher 

Fun fact: we had no idea we created out blogs on the exact same day until super recently, but yeah we did and we coincidentally ended up becoming friends so that’s really cool but wait THERE’S MORE??? 


To celebrate, we wrote a collab fic for you guys, which will be posted on Lori’s blog on the 17th :) 

Warning, this fic contains:

- extremely hardcore smut
- violence
- sensitive information about Santa Claus
- Jongdae’s ass
- guns
- Kyungsoo’s egg head
- Star Wars 
- allergic reactions
- EXO being stupid
- Jongin angst
- Jongdae snitching 
- Kyungsoo ruining people’s lives
- ass smacking
- spontaneous human combustion
- Lori and Dia lying about what the fic actually contains (or are we?) 
- and m o r e 

I’m so excited!!!!!! Remember to check Lori’s blog for this fic on the 17th!!!!!! :)

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I did this one also for a coworker at Studio Soi: Dani, whom I introduced to the 2k12 show myself. Since then we’ve been hanging out watching turtles and it has been the best. She is one of us now…

I imagine April pretty much introducing the turtles to Christmas and the idea of Santa Claus, not because they would never have heard of it necessarily, but because Splinter just never cellebrated it. I would’ve liked to include Casey and Splinter, maybe Karai, but there was no room for all those people in the card XD

I had a ridiculous amount of fun with this one.

Merry Whatever-Holidays, shellheads!

So as one does, I was just thinking about what it would be like for a person to be hit with Santa Claus’s toy sack. So I started looking for statistics.

From what I can tell, there are 1.9 billion children in the world, and assuming that all those children are nice (see Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town [1970] and Klaus [2016]), that means 1.9 billion presents. I’m also working from the assumption that the average present would weigh about 6.17 lbs, because that’s what a PlayStation 4 weighs, and I’m guessing that makes a pretty good “average weight” present. I mean, there’s probably going to be enough bicycles in there to balance out the actual video games, right? Right. 

So, barring magical weightlessness, that means that Santa’s toy sack at the start of Christmas Eve weighs about 5.9 million tons. Obviously, that number goes down dramatically for every second that he’s out making his rounds, but assuming you were hit at the start of the night, and assuming that Santa can swing his bag about as fast as a Major League Baseball player swings a bat (which we can assume because, c’mon, it’s Santa, he’s been at this for centuries), it would be the equivalent of being hit with about seven Golden Gate Bridges at once going 70 miles per hour. 

I have no further frame of reference for what that would be like, because most meteor strikes seem to be measured by size rather than by weight or mass, but – and here’s the high concept – I think I just figured out what happened in Tunguska. 

I would welcome any further information on this topic.

X Christmas Headcannons

- Back on Earth, Elma loved it when it snowed on Christmas, and she misses the snow when it comes to Christmas in New LA.

- Lin always insists on putting the star at the top of the tree, even though she can’t reach it. She also has a very firm belief in Santa Claus.

- Irina is terrible at giving gifts, as hard as she tries, and will end up giving people stuff she bought the day before.

- Gwin eats a lot of the food at the Christmas feast and is the one to get sick afterwards.

- Doug puts up most of the decorations in the barracks, likely curses a lot when he’s putting up the lights (“WHY IS IT THAT WHEN ONE GOES OUT, THE REST GO OUT”)

- Lao surprises Lin with a few heartwarming gifts, remembering how he and his family practically worshipped the holiday back on Earth.

- L is very confused and intrigued by Christmas, probably tries to sell Christmas decorations and such while wearing a very tight elf outfit. Says “HO HO HO” every five seconds.

- Yelv wears giant ugly Christmas sweaters, and attempts to get everyone else to do the same.

- H.B. participates in all of New LA’s Secret Santa projects, trying to outclass everyone else by giving the superior gifts.

- Phog and Frye spend Christmas together next to a fireplace and under some blankets with hot chocolate - though, Frye’s is spiked.

- Alexa sets up her Skell to make a Christmas fireworks display on Christmas Eve, one of the most dazzling fireworks shows the city has ever seen.

- Hope is the best gift giver and always makes home made gifts for all of her close friends.

- Celica learns about Christmas and makes flowery Santa hats for her and Rock. Rock helps to put up the massive Christmas tree in the Commercial District.

- Murderess doesn’t give gifts and almost disregards the holiday, but if you happen to catch her off guard you might hear her humming Christmas carols.

- Nagi makes every BLADE take off on Christmas to celebrate and walks around dressed as Santa Claus, with Vandham donning a red nose as Rudolph.

- Bozè doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but he always makes sure to appreciate the Christmas carolers that come to his place.


- Cross completely misunderstands Christmas (amnesia and all) and wraps themselves up as a present to give to one of the other characters.

Veselé Vánoce!

In case any of you are interested in cultural differences, in Czech Republic (and other slavic countries except Russia I think) we celebrate Christmas mostly today! In difference to the western culture, we get our presents on the evening of 24th (Štědrý večer) after having a traditional dinner with our families (fried fish or meat, potato salad, soup). Also, our presents are not brought by any Santa Claus, but by Jesus himself. (although we do call him Ježíšek, which would suggest it’s a baby Jesus).
Anyway, there is a lot of traditions connected to our Christmas, so this was just a quick explanation why I am wishing you a Merry Christmas!!
Anna Kendrick in Talks to Play Female Santa Claus for Disney Movie
The 'Pitch Perfect' star was just seen opposite Ben Affleck in 'The Accountant.'

Anna Kendrick is in negotiations to star in Disney’s Nicole, a tale of a female Santa Claus.

Marc Lawrence is attached to direct, while Suzanne Todd, who worked with the studio on Alice in Wonderland, is producing.

Lawrence also wrote the script, whose details are being kept on ice. The twist, however, is that it is a holiday family adventure that centers on the coming of a female Santa.

Disney has done well in the past with tales of old St. Nick, having a hit franchise with the Tim Allen comedies The Santa Clause, which launched in 1994.

Lawrence may be best known for writing and directing Music and Lyrics, a 2007 romantic comedy that starred Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. His other directing credits include The Rewrite and Did You Hear About the Morgans, both of which starred Grant as well. He got his start as a writer-producer on Family Ties.

Todd is currently in production on Magic Camp, a family movie for Disney.

Kendrick already appeared in a Disney movie when she starred as Cinderella in the film adaptation of the hit musical Into the Woods. The actress’ musical stylings were most recently heard in the animated feature Trolls, and she is in production on Pitch Perfect 3.

Sources say Nicole is not a musical, but Kendrick may end up indulging her musical side.

The actress is repped by CAA and Morris Yorn.