santa claus will also be there

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Do the others holydays mascots exist in this AU and if so are then human, monster, Boss monster or wizard?

Not all exist. The tooth fairy might. And also Baba Yaga. They aren’t mascots of anything but whatevs. Those two are probably Boss Monsters who purposely refuse to have children and/or are infertile and thus immortal. Same with Mrs. Claus. The reindeer and elves are probably monster populations that have spanned over several generations and secretly live on the North Pole in a secret village beyond the reach of humans. They assist Santa in his endeavors to help foster good will in humanity.


Some people have commented on this post asking if Christians do anything for advent. In the Anglophone world, especially the Anglophone Protestant world, Advent is largely an ignored liturgical season, but traditionally Advent is a season of solemnity, fasting, repentance, and contemplation. Not on the same level (or length) as Lent, but there are similarities.

The Western Church has largely abandoned the tradition of fasting during Advent, but the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches still retain it; Advent remains a season for penitence among Western Catholics.

There are also rituals associated with Advent: the lighting of candles, hanging of wreaths, and in many countries Santa Claus comes on St Nicholas’ feast day (December 5), not Christmas Day.

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Darling? I absolutely love the way you see the bond between Itachi & Sasuke. While reading some shitty itasasu fanfictions ( I swear I'll ask a great fanfic to Santa Claus or something aish cause those fanfics makes me cringe ew) And I... just fell in love with your posts, it was an inner dream to find someone with the sames feels for the ending, anti-ss and itasasu hardcore shipping. MAY I ASK... any itasasu good fandics? 💕

hahah thanks, also I might ask for the same thing, I’m picky with Itasasu fics too~

Soo I’ll link you to my Itasasu fic recs post because I recently updated it.

I’ll only add Fallen Angels by memoriesofdarkness. I haven’t read it yet, but I remember having talked with the author whose ideas on Itasasu were interesting, so I can assume it’s good. 

Btw if you have problems opening the link with the app, it’s because tumblr app sucks (I might also ask Santa to do something about it), it works if you open it on a web browser. I know apps are there so not to use a web browser but still.

why keith is considered ‘the best pilot of his generation’

  • can eat a whole mandarin in one bite, skin and all
  • knows all the words to ‘paul blart mall cop’
  • swallowed some tadpoles at the garrison because a kid dared him he wouldn’t and he also wanted to see if they’d grow into frogs in his stomach
  • his favourite snack is tomato sauce on ice cream
  • once made eye contact with a baby at walmart and refused to look away for 46 mins for fear of looking weak
  • stubs his toe on a daily basis and doesn’t even flinch
  • mispronounces 'ask’ as 'axe’
  • spells it as 'axe’ too
  • 'i’ll just axe him nicely shiro’ 'ok keith let’s not do that’
  • chews on pencils instead of sharpening them
  • still believes in santa claus at age 18
  • 'i have a crush on lance what should i do?’ 'flowers are always nice-’ 'you’re right shiro i’ll steal his social security number and get him arrested for fraud, then bail him out so he falls in love with me’
  • can sing in a perfect falsetto all the words to celine dion’s 1997 smash hit 'my heart will go on’
  • bought his jacket from the kids’ section
  • legally changed his name to 'flurb’ because he was feeling sad and needed something to make him laugh
  • can flip pancakes perfectly
  • doesn’t need to use conditioner
  • wears leather and carries lighters to impress boys but lies down on the sidewalk and wails when he sees a small dog
  • grew a mullet because nobody trusts him near scissors
  • can’t use his knife to cut it either because truthfully he doesn’t know what knives are used for, he just thinks they look cool
  • got expelled for coming to an exam 2 hours late and yelling 'what the hap is fuckening’
  • keith: 'so i’m half alien…is this why i pour milk before cereal?’ kolivan cringing: 'no that’s just you’

I was walking home from a really fucked day at school, and apparently I also happened to be dressed as Santa Claus ?? And I see a lady pushing a stroller, one with those like curtains to cover the baby from like the sun or sight or smthg, and when she lifts up the cover it’s a small child made entirely out of corn cobs. That Child of the Corn was really excited to see santa

Basically Mads Santa Claus in an American Gods like universe.

Long ago prayed as St Nicolas. Then commercialized… And slowly forgotten and replaced by the image of the nice chubby ol’ daddy Christmas.


You can also have this nice agressive postcard to send to your relatives for Christmas. :))))))


Alright, kids.  Settle down, and take your seats.  It’s time for me to explain to some of you why the man above was extremely fucking important not only to the modern zombie film as we know it, but to the entire horror genre.

George A. Romero was born on February 4, 1940.  He passed away today, on July 16, 2017.  This man was truly the godfather of the modern zombie.  In 1968, George Romero and John Russo unleashed upon the world a little film called Night of the Living Dead.  This one film forever changed what a “zombie” meant in terms of horror.  Prior to this, zombies in cinema were relegated to mere background villains, and were more closely associated with their spiritual origins in Haitian Vodou.  They did not consume the brains and flesh of the living.  They did not infect others.  They did not amass into formidable hordes.

Romero imbued the creatures in his film with traits from the “ghoul” of Arabic mythology to form the template for the modern zombie, and invented the Western trope of the collapse of society under the feet of the undead.  Additionally, he was the first director to truly utilize zombies as a parable for the common tensions that separate us in our society.

Night of the Living Dead is also incredibly important to horror due to its casting.  In choosing the talented Duane Jones as the male lead, Romero had done something completely unheard of at that time: He cast a black male hero, and had him taking the lead of the situation over his white counterparts.  Such casting would continue to be a signature of Romero’s zombie films, and would help pave the way for future black actors and actresses to be considered for leading roles.

With Dawn of the Dead (1978), the “zombies in a mall” trope was first created, spurred on by a visit to the Monroeville Mall (at this time, malls were an entirely new concept to the public, so many theatergoers hadn’t even seen one yet), and a passing mention by friend Mark Mason that it would be a great place to survive in if an emergency occurred.  In the process, Romero added to the plot a subtle, underlying jab at American consumerism (pretty impressive, given that he hadn’t even planned a follow-up to Night until contacted about it by Italian horror maestro Dario Argento).  It was with this film that Romero also gave a then-up-and-coming effects artist by the name of Tom Savini the opportunity to not only act, but to serve as a stuntman–both of which he would continue to do throughout his now-legendary, multi-faceted career.

By the way, if you pay close attention to the background during the “pie fight” scene in Dawn, you might catch a glimpse of George running around in a Santa Claus outfit.

While not as revered, Day of the Dead (1985) can take a great deal of credit for creating the concept of the sympathetic zombie that still holds memories of its past.  This notion would be even further explored in Land of the Dead (2005), where the zombies are, in actuality, the true “heroes”–seeking and fighting for a place where they can find peace away from the living.

George would go on to make two more zombie films later in life: Diary of the Dead (2007), and Survival of the Dead (2009), but neither would reach the same level of reverence as his previous efforts.  In addition to his flings with the undead, Romero directed The Crazies (1973) (a very anti-military piece that can be seen as a bridge between Night and Dawn), the powerful and highly-underrated Martin (1978), and the much-applauded horror anthology Creepshow (1982).

He became a zombie boss in a DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.  He even had a cameo in a zombie-themed episode of Disney’s kid-friendly animated series, Phineas and Ferb.  George A. Romero will always be rightfully remembered as a horror icon that shaped an entire subgenre.  Like the cinematic hordes he helped birth into the modern age of horror, he shall live on long after his passing.


【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - J-HOPE & Group’s part

Q60: Favorite BTS choreography? 
A: ‘Save Me’ and 'DNA’. The dance break in Save Me’s chorus’s House step moves are very cool. My sister said she likes this song’s choreography the most (laughs). As for 'DNA’, I think among BTS choreography, this choreography is one of the best, it’s perfectly choreographed. 

Q61: What do you think about when you’re performing?
A: The intensity of my facial expression and movement. I’d think over the details on how to express the atmosphere of the song. 

Q62: A song that would make you want to dance if you hear it right now?
A: Post Malone feat. 21 Savage’s 'Rockstar’. 

Q88: A place that you want to travel to again? 
A: Sapporo. Although we’ve been there a few times to perform but I definitely want to go visit in private. My dream is to enjoy the hot spring in the middle of the snowy scenery!

Q89: How do you spend your time on public transport?
A: When I want to sleep, I would watch some movies, it depends on the time and mood. From May to July, when when we flied from Korea to Japan, I composed melodies and wrote lyrics on the plane. 

Q90: The food that you would definitely want to eat when you’re in Japan? 
A: Ramen and meat cuisine. I also love eating ‘ひつまぶし’ (chopped kabayaki eel on rice)! 

Q91: Secret of having a beautiful smile? 
A: I’m getting a bit embarrassed to hear this (laughs). Basically, I’m optimistic and I like being fun. Also, I believe that 'smiling will bring you happiness’, maybe that’s why I have such smile.

Q92: What’s your current favorite shoes? 
A: I really like shoes. Recently, I just bought a few pairs of sneakers. I felt in love with one of the pairs straight away, it has a variety of colors and materials! 

Q93: Recently, what kind of scent/ fragrance do you like?
A: Refreshing scent. Recently, I like using the soap with a mint scent.

Q94: Which member do you think is very fashionable? 
A: Rap Monster and V are especially interested in fashion. But the other members have their own style, so they’ve all very cool.

Q95: What sports do you like? 
A: I played tennis from 4th grade to 6th grade of primary school. Although the start of it was a bit weird. My teacher asked in front of the class, “does anyone want to play tennis?” By chance, I had both of my hands out so the teacher misunderstood and then I became a candidate (laughs). I started to play tennis again in the summer, it was refreshing and fun! 

Q96: Your own goal in 2018? 
A: Release the mixtape that I’m preparing (now). And study Japanese. 

Q97: One day, if you could experience another occupation, what do you want to do? 
A: Tennis player! But I wasn’t really good when I practiced in primary school, so competing in Wimbledon, The Championships as a tennis player is just a dream (laughs). 

Q98: Recently, which member made you felt that he has grown (up)?
A: Don’t you think the 20-year-old Jungkook’s face became really refined. When I first saw our 'DNA’ MV (that was released in Korea), I was startled because he was so handsome! 


Q99: Memorable Christmas memory?

RAP MONSTER: I remember when I was 6 years old and I heard that my family is going to travel during Christmas, so I asked them: “is Santa Claus going to come on time?” Because we were going to the countryside so I was worried (laughs). 

SUGA: When I was a child, my family used to eat together. I’m not living with them right now, so I think those were great memories. 

JIN: When I went to the ski resort with my father and older brother! We went every Christmas when I was in primary school! 

J-HOPE: In the past, it snowed heavily on Christmas, the long-cherished White Christmas! I remember building snowman with my family, bustling with noise and excitement! 

JIMIN: I want to see try to make memorable memory of Christmas in the future. My ideal Christmas has to snow, then have fun in the ski resort and lastly go view the night scenery, that would the best.

V: I think couples celebrate Christmas more, but I’ve always been alone since birth (laughs). During school days, I spent it with my friends who were also single. We went to the PC room, played games, ate ramen and we bluffed like: “as expected, it’s the best to spend Christmas in the PC room.” (laughs)

JUNGKOOK: There was a year, when I was sleeping with my older brother, my eyes were half open and I saw my father with a fake white beard. I thought “Santa Claus really came,” I felt asleep with happiness. 

Q100: As BTS, what do you want to achieve in 2018?

RAP MONSTER: Perform in the biggest venue in each country! 

SUGA: Until now, we’ve achieved a variety of goals. We’re fortunate that all of our wishes became true. But I hope next year we won’t get caught on the results while enjoying the music that we like, and I hope we can spend happy time with everyone.

JIN: Make the music that everyone would like to listen to. In private, I want to enjoy the fun of letting off fireworks with the members (laughs).

J-HOPE: Stand on world-class stage, perform many amazing performances. It’s a goal and a dream. 

JIMIN: Personally, I’m not really concerned about the records. We can achieve those records is because of our fans. But the fact that we can break new records, I’m really grateful and thank you. So, I hope 2018 is a year where we could spend more time with ARMYs.

V: After I’ve watched some Japanese movies, I saw a lot of really beautiful places. I want to go outside of the big cities and perform live there, I want to see those scenery in person. And I want to go and meet more ARMYs!

JUNGKOOK: I hope I can make a great song that is able to be included in a BTS album! I’ll keep take on the challenge.


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А вот это очередной подарок для моего любимого интернет-друга. Её собственный персонаж в игре The Arcana. Зовут Миликки, имеет на всё своё мнение, которым очень дорожит. Так же награждена кучей родинок и весьма странным цветом глаз. Получите, распишитесь!

Пы.Сы: Ван лав Джулиан~

Ваша Гусеница-Дед Мороз.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm~
Hi, guys. This’s another gift for my internet-friend. Her mc from The Arcana game. Her name is Mielikki, she always has her oun opinion about everything and sometimes she can be too stubborn. She’s also awarded with a bunch of moles and very strange eye color. Get it, sign it!

P.S. Julian one love~

Your Caterpillar-Santa Claus.

Oath of the Miracle

( @knightposting requested an oath based on stealth. i still wanted to keep the “lawful” part of the paladin class, so idk if this was what you expected buuut)

Miracles are often considered the work of the gods, whether the person asked for them or not. A poor family finds their pantry filled with food, a person who has not eaten for days finds money on the street, an abusive patron disappears or is replaced by a just one. The gods can’t always help everyone in need, and that is where the paladins bound to the Oath of the Miracle come into action. They are rarely seen in battle (if at all) as peace is usually settled before anyone knows there was even a confrontation.


Small actions change the world
Sometimes small actions are the ones that change people rather than a big show of goodness. The small push someone needs to do good or the removal of the obstacles stopping them can ensure that person does good and help others for the rest of their life. 

Unseen but fair
Your talents are to be used for good. You shall pass unseen, yes, but you shall leave everything as you found it and only leave good behind you. 

Do not take shelter in the sidelines
Direct action should be the last resort but if an injustice cannot be solved in a discreet or indirect manner, then you should act to prevent it. At the end of the day, you are a servant of justice. 

The greatest story never told
Your actions should come from a place of altruism. No matter how great the deed, you are not to take credit for it nor will you request compensation or a reward. Knowing the world is a better place because of your actions is reward enough.


Let’s use some guy’s hand to call down heaven on a phone and let some beardy white guy decide. You don’t know he’s white. Well, he better be or else he’ll have even more explaining to do.

Inktober#4: Odin.

A multi faced and mischievous god. He is the god of war, magic (the Seidhr , a nordic magic that was supposed to be practiced only by women and that he learned from Freyja) , and hang himself 9 days and nine nights to a tree to gain the power of the runes. 

He used also to be a sort of Santa Claus, and was travelling from home to home in december to see if people were kind to travelers, and gave candies and gifts in the shoes of children that let some hay outside for his 8 legged horse, Sleipnir (another loki’s children, but that’s another story!)

It’s quite sad how it seems like there’s absolutely no children’s books about autism, adressed to autistic kids. This morning, i had a false hope, because i’ve seen a collection of books about disabled kids, in which every kid is the narrator of its own story (like “My name is Marie, i’m epileptic, here’s how it affects my daily life”).

The books were well written and could be useful for disabled kids and able-bodied/neurotypical kids. So, hopeful, i open the book about the autistic kid and…

“Hi, my name is Marc, i have a friend, Lolo, who has autism. This is his story.”

[gif of Troy from the tv show Community, proclaiming an exasperated and angered “WHY ?”]

Yes, why ? Why can’t we have our own story ? Why are they treating us like these “mysterious beings” who can’t tell who they are, how they feel, what they like, what they want ? I had the same regret about the autistic girl, Julia, introduced in a Sesame Street book. 

Again, we’re witnessing everything from the outside. Again, the autistic kid doesn’t tell its own story. Again, it’s a book shaped for Neurotypical kids/parents. 

I don’t get it. All of the other books are written from the child’s POV. It would have been so nice to get to know Lolo, what he’s thinking, what makes him laugh, what makes him afraid… And yet, we’re stuck with Marc, the neurotypical kid. 

There are plenty of books about kids like Marc, who get to be the heros of their own stories. Not much about Lolo, who’s just “something” to witness and observe, i guess…

Also, the book ends on a very pessimistic note, because Marc asks Santa Claus to “cure” his friend and to make him able to talk. Because, obviously, it’s so sad that Lolo can’t be neurotypical, am i right ? And Marc is soooo nice to wish for him to “get better”, right ?

I take issue with people who encourage me to function like I don’t have serious, degenerative illnesses.

“Believe you’re not sick like a little kid believes in Santa Claus!!”

That would imply that I wished myself into illness in the first place.

It also encourages me to push myself past clear limits for the sake of pretending like I’m healthy.

I have spent a majority of my time as a patient believing that I could still function like I could before I got sick. That is physically not the case, and I am not going to further sacrifice my mental and physical health so others can feel more comfortable/inspired about the whole situation.

Introducing Miraculous May 2017!

Hey everyone! So knowing that some other fandoms have months dedicated to their shows, I decided to create one for our lovely fandom last year! While for 2016 it was Miraculous March, people requested that this year be May to coincide with Season 2! And thus, Miraculous May will run all May and if you guys want to be a part of it, just make sure to tag it #Miraculous May 2017, that way we can all find it, see it, and give you the recognition you deserve! You can write, draw, edit, do whatever you’d like!

The schedule for Miraculous May is as follows:  

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Otomedia 2016/12 (p35)

Wow, translation post! You might wonder “why did you translate this interview now??”. The answer is “because I hadn’t translated it yet!”, so for the sake of completeness. It was published when the anime only aired up to episode 6, but I’m going to post another interview after this one which was published later so I thought it was better to post this first anyway. The last question is SO random, lol…

(By the way, Otsuka is the producer but didn’t really have a big role in the creation of the story. He mainly manages MAPPA since he’s also the current representative director and I guess he’s busy enough with that)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

What troubles the man that is considered a genius?
Producer Manabu Otsuka interview

—What was your impression when you heard about this project?

First of all, I thought Mitsurou Kubo-san’s pictures were powerful. It was convincing enough to make me believe that it would be interesting to see these characters animated. At the same time, I also thought that it would be extremely difficult to animate figure skating (wry smile).

—At that time had you already decided how to animate the figure skating scenes?

Director Sayo Yamamoto had previously created a short anime about figure skating, and we had talked about the fact that we could use that know-how. We also had experience turning real life scenes of people playing music into animation in “Sakamichi no Apollon”, so we reckoned that we could both put our knowledge to good use.

—They both involve turning real life footage into animation, but what was most different between people playing instruments and figure skating?

In musical performances the camera was fixed, so there was no difficult camerawork. However, skating was filmed with a camera that followed Kenji Miyamoto-sensei during his performance, therefore it involved a lot of complex camerawork which was a pain for the digital staff to handle (wry smile).

—You also used a lot of camera angles that are not normally seen in regular live coverages.

Adding those kinds of camera angles and other elements had an interesting effect, because they emphasized the most exciting parts of the skaters’ performances and the songs. Seeing how the scenes were structured made me realize once again how much the director loves figure skating.

—How do you feel looking back on the anime up to episode 6?

I feel that the presence of Kubo-san in the anime production process made it possible to keep a steady characterization and development of the characters. It’s quite rare to use a manga storyboard as the scenario for an anime, and it makes many things more difficult, but I’m pretty satisfied because I think by now you are all able to appreciate its drawing power.

—Could you tell us what you think is especially interesting about the main three characters?

Regarding Yuuri, it’s interesting how he is influenced by Victor and gradually changes. Unlike the flow of normal hot-blooded anime, in episode 6 it looks like he gave his best performance, and then he suddenly gets anxious afterwards. He’s not constant. In response to Yuuri’s fluctuations, Victor, who is inexperienced as a coach, tries to do various things, some of which work and some don’t. I think that their relationship feels original because it’s not typical. Yurio is only 15 but fights to overcome lots of obstacles. I liked how even though he looks like an elite Kubo-san chose not to have him walk an easy path.

—What about Victor?

He’s difficult. I can never imagine what he will say next. He’s an alien, I tell you (LOL). However, the reason he chose Yuuri, the issues that trouble him because he’s a genius, the distress of always looking for something new not to disappoint his fans… I don’t know if the story will delve into these things (wry smile), but I believe they are connected to the reason he became Yuuri’s coach. I think what troubles a man that is considered a genius is something that will eventually be explained.

—What will be of the coach & student relationship between Yuuri and Victor?

In the anime it might look like Yuuri has stolen Victor from the world, but that’s actually Yuuri’s own idea. Why it was necessary for Victor to become Yuuri’s coach is something that will be depicted. They are a coach and a student, and also buddies. At first glance, sometimes it might look like Yuuri and Victor are flirting as they compete in tournaments, but I have my own idea that Yurio is the one passionately showing them that “this is a serious fight, you idiots!”.

—Lastly, the theme of this issue is “Christmas”. Until what age do you think Yuuri, Victor and Yuri used to believe in Santa Claus?

I think Yuuri might have realized quite early that his parents were Santa Claus. His father is a bit of an airhead and might have not been good at hiding it (LOL). In Yurio’s case, it looks like his family environment might have been a little peculiar… Maybe Santa Claus never came to his house, so he told his grandpa “Doesn’t Santa Claus come to my place?” and his grandpa said “I’ll buy you a present”. I can picture them having a discussion like this. Victor might begin to say that he himself is Santa Claus (LOL). Or maybe he still believes in his existence. He’d say “Yuuri, have you never seen Santa Claus?” and Yuuri would look at him like “what is this guy saying?” (LOL).