santa claus clothes

I wanted to surprise my family so I dressed up as Santa Claus and got in the house to put the gifts around. One thing I didn’t think through is that my dog Rambo wouldn’t recognize me. He attacked me and chased all around the house. I thank Saint Nicholas of Bari for my wife could hold the dog before he did more damage to the house and bit my Santa Claus costume in pieces.

Abelino Torres
Toluca, Mexico state

honeyaokagaismylife  asked:

aomine and kagami switched bodies (for how long it's up to you) and then aomine being the ass he is decided to try new things like wearing santa claus's clothes (sexy version) and decided to parade around the street (or something). the plot is all yours. thank you sooo much. <3 <3

OMG I’ve been waiting to write something like this hahaha! Enjoy these dorks. Also it’s long.

Kise stared across the park table. “Kurokocchi, how long have they been like this?”

“They started fighting about…” Kuroko glanced at his watch. “Eighteen hours ago.”

Kise sighed. “Aominecchi, Kagamicchi, you two really should make up-”

“I’ll make up with him when this fool decides to apologise!” Kagami scowled, glaring at Aomine.

“Hah? Me, apologise? I didn’t do jack shit!” Aomine glared back.

“That’s the problem! You never do jack shit!” Kagami snapped. “I’m always doing the dishes and the laundry, when are you going to pull your weight around the apartment? What am I, your wife?”

“At least I can drive! You’re always telling me to go here, buy this, do that. Maybe you should try leaving the house for once!”

“Why you little-”

“Hey, hey, I can feel the negative energy from the other side of the park!” A familiar set of grey eyes and a cheeky grin had both Aomine and Kagami rolling their eyes. If he was here, that also meant…

“Takao, don’t get involved in their petty squabbles,” Midorima pushed his glasses up. “Oha Asa said this was a bad day for both Leos and Virgos,” he placed a miniature wooden figurine of a cricket on the table.

Aomine snorted. “Petty? This isn’t petty! I’ve got a bone to pick with Kagami!”

“Bone to pick?!” Kagami stood up, slamming his hands on the table. “This bastard thinks he can get away with anything!”

Wrong move. Everyone watched silently as the wooden cricket flew into the air, spinning and tumbling…before hitting the ground in a fantastic display of broken pieces.

“Fuck,” Kagami swallowed. “Sorry, dude…”

Midorima stared at the remains, then back up to the bickering couple. “That was a charm enchanted by my personal fortune teller.”

Kagami looked worried. Aomine rubbed his face. “See what you did, asshole?”

“Well, Aomine you did make him mad, so you’re at fault too.”

“Shut up, Takao. I’ve had enough of this,” Aomine huffed.

“So have I,” Kagami looked away. “I’m going home, and you’re sleeping on the couch, Ahomine.”

“Hey!” Aomine yelled but Kagami had already left. Aomine grumbled and walked away in the opposite direction.

“Will they be okay?” Kise mumbled.

“They’ll work it out,” Kuroko shrugged. “They always do.” But he was looking at the broken cricket with some unease.

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More cards from the limited edition of Fairy Tail volume 50.

Credit goes to unisonraidd for putting the pics on her blog.

31. Lyon as a (japanese) superhero.

32. Sherria as a succubus.

33. Ichiya as a robot.

34. Flare as a cowgirl no not that kind of cowgirl you pervs.

35. Mavis in a bee costume.

36. Jenny as a hula dancer? Not sure but she has a flower necklace.

37. Jellal as a pirate.

38. Meredy as an ordinary teen cause we know those don’t exist in Fairy Tail.

39. Zeref as Santa Claus.

40. Igneel, no clothes whatsoever.