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Sinterklaas VS Christmas

Netherlands: “Sinterklaas has got nothing to do with Christmas. They are two entirely separate holidays. We celebrate Christmas just like most countries, just without a ‘Santa Claus’ and without gifts. Because Santa Claus… is America’s weirdo Sinterklaas.”

((In 1773, Sinterklaas was still celebrated in America by the Dutchmen, who were very into their traditions. One theory is that the Americans chose Saint Nicholas [Sinterklaas] as the patron saint of New York [formerly New Amsterdam], to spitefully have a different patron saint than the English Saint George. However, after 1814 when the United States were already independent, it turned out that people weren’t really connected to Saint Nicholas at all.

A few years befofehand, in 1809, Washington Irving wrote a book called “Knickerbocker’s History”. However, he wrote many things mixing fantasy with facts including about a certain Sancta Claus instead of Sinterklaas. This was still fresh in people’s minds especially children’s, and it was used as a base for ‘Santa Claus’. This was then combined with new stories and poems in the 19th century about Sinterklaas, which were just as rich in fantasy. The Scandinavian Yule Man was suddenly added to the picture, along with Dutch sleds to carry goods. The theologian Clement Clarke Moore was inspired by his gardener; a chubby, jolly man with a beard and red cheeks. His poems about Saint Nicholas included new stories about how he filled stockings through the chimney, and how he was wearing a fur coat. Much later, Coca Cola painted a whole new appearance onto the American Santa Claus.

Sinterklaas has been pictured with a tree full of apples. In the 18th century, people in Switzerland and Elsass started taking in pine trees for Saint Nicholas on 6th of December, decorating them with candles and sweets. This may have been because of the mythological tree Yggdrasil, the tree of life and fertility which also bore apples. As Saint Nicholas is also a patron saint of fertility, it made sense to have such a tree in your house. Around 1835, this tradition was taken over for Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. However, when Saint Nicholas wasn’t allowed to be celebrated for a while in protestant countries, the “Klaas tree” was most probably moved to becoming a "Christmas tree” instead.))

Basically Mads Santa Claus in an American Gods like universe.

Long ago prayed as St Nicolas. Then commercialized… And slowly forgotten and replaced by the image of the nice chubby ol’ daddy Christmas.


You can also have this nice agressive postcard to send to your relatives for Christmas. :))))))


Colors of Kingdom Hearts: Red.

♡ Energetic, confident, powerful, passionate, impulsive, courageous, strong, spontaneous, determined, aggressive, arrogant, tiring, ruthless, intolerant, rebellious.

Why don’t more ML fans talk about this?

In the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special, Pire noel gave “Gifts” to certain characters (Ladybug, Chloe, and The Gorilla specifically) and each of those “gifts” had a specific thing inside them.

Ladybug’s had bats, Chloe’s had cockroaches and The Gorilla’s had spiders. But why were they like that? was it random?


Each one of them reacted with a good amount of fear towards what came after them.

The answer is simple: Santa Claus normally gives people what they want for Christmas but Pire Noel, essentially being nega-Santa, gives them what they fear instead. It’s like nightmare before Christmas where all the toys were horrific monstrosities.

This does give us pretty good info on Actual fears these three have and hopefully that info gets used more often and we get to see more fears canonized in later seasons