“Sweet Home Sweet #27”

Nagahama 2016.

Epson R-d1s:Serenar 35mm f3.5 LTM

series “Sweet Home Sweet”

So, you know why I think Santa is always depicted as a jolly old man? I think that he’s a time traveler. I think that it’s the most rational theory for how he reads every letter, checks every child out before delivering an appropriate present, then is able to deliver all of the presents in one night. I think that he must have some sort of special permission or ability to be able to freeze time for that one night so that he can get everything finished. There’s no way he’d have enough time to do it otherwise; I don’t care how fast he is. 

I like the idea of him taking his time with every house, too. So He probably always looks old because he’s actually living a much longer life in frozen time, while real time goes back to normal after what might be a really long time when he’s actually completing everything for Christmas. 

He’s totally some kind of reality-warping, time-traveling old man that just really loves children and I can dig that.