santa catalina arch

Santa Catalina Arch - Antigua, Guatemala 

The Santa Catalina Arch is one of the most distinguishable buildings in Antigua. Built in the 17th century, the arch was originally built to connect the Santa Catalina convent, to a school, allowing the nuns to pass between the two buildings, without having to go down and cross the street below. The clock on top of the arch was added later, in the 1830′s. 

The design of the Guatemala Post Office Building was inspired by the Santa Catalina Arch. 

anonymous asked:

Is there good architecture in Guatemala? What should I look for? And where?

Look for the places that are ingrained in the culture, that best represent the lifestyle and ideals of your country. In each set I have prepared so far I try to balance the traditional historical architecture with more contemporary projects in order to provide a better idea of what is the best architecture in each country.


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