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Sandra Faber (b. 1944) is an astronomer who has made significant contributions and discoveries to the field throughout her career. Her research led to the discovery of links between the brightness of galaxies and the speed of the starts within them, and to the Faber-Jackson relation which bears her name. She also had a vital part in the design of the Keck telescopes in Hawaii.

She earned her PhD in Optical Observational Astronomy from the University of Harvard in 1972. She then became the first woman to work for the Lick Observatory in Santa Cruz, as an Assistant Professor. She was the principal investigator of the Nuker Team, which searched for supermassive black holes using the Hubble Telescope.

Fic: in his magic sleigh

Summary: Kurt’s a naughty elf. Blaine is a sexy Santa. Things happen.

Fill for this prompt:  “I’m so sorry but the Kurt elf and Blaine shirtless Santa pics are eveywhere, so: Kurt is a naughty, naughty elf and Blaine is an assistant Santa. Kurt tries to get Blaine to bend him over a sleigh or do it under a Christmas tree, and Blaine is reluctant first and then very inclined to agree (can be real or roleplay).”

A/N: I’m gifting this to @whatstheproblembaby and @slayediest because they seemed to like the prompt as much as I did.

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It’s the perfect job, Blaine thinks: mostly on weekends, pretty much always at night so it doesn’t interfere with his college classes, and also, honestly? It just sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s a catering service, specializing in theme parties — so far he’s done a few kids’ birthday parties where they’d all dressed up as Cartoon characters or superheroes, a 50s theme party, a hockey-themed college party, two Halloween office parties and, the most memorable, a Toga party.

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  • Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
  • Jaehee: I want multiple Jaehee clones so they can be my assistant.
  • Santa: That's impossible. How about something more realistic?
  • Jaehee: Then just a day off, Santa.
  • Santa:
  • Santa: About those clones
  • Santa: how many copies of yourself do you want?