santa claus

PJO Reminders

-The main trio were all middle-schoolers when the series began

-Reyna used to work for Circe

-Blackbeard is still alive & messing crap up somewhere in the Sea of Monsters

-Reyna has an equally-badass sister

-Luke was technically the hero the whole time

-Artemis inspired Santa Claus

-When the world was being destroyed, Dionysus was busy playing Pac-Man

-Drew went to school with Sadie Kane

-Jason took a stapler to the mouth as a baby

-One of the Big Three kids is related to Adolf Hitler 

-No one likes Octavian

Basically Mads Santa Claus in an American Gods like universe.

Long ago prayed as St Nicolas. Then commercialized… And slowly forgotten and replaced by the image of the nice chubby ol’ daddy Christmas.


You can also have this nice agressive postcard to send to your relatives for Christmas. :))))))


Colors of Kingdom Hearts: Red.

♡ Energetic, confident, powerful, passionate, impulsive, courageous, strong, spontaneous, determined, aggressive, arrogant, tiring, ruthless, intolerant, rebellious.