santa! i know him!

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #17
  • Gryffindor: "Who's that from?"
  • Slytherin: "Santa, obviously. Because you know, I worship him. No wait, that's Satan. I always get them confused."
Tabimatsu: Christmas Event Story 4

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EP 004: Santa-san no Okurimono / サンタさんの贈り物
EP 004: Santa’s Present

the references continue, with this one being one to…jyushi freaking capturing santa. also, if y’all thought oso was going to boss jyushi around in this skit because he’s the “leader” and jyushi is the one who’s “always dragged along” then uh. you’re in for a surprise.

Osomatsu: Hey, Jyushimatsu.

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The signs as scenes from Elf
  • Aries: the snowball fight scene
  • Taurus: the "you sit on a throne of lies" scene
  • Gemini: Buddy jumping on the Christmas tree and knocking it over
  • Cancer: Buddy decorating the store in the middle of the night
  • Leo: Buddy dancing to "Whoop there it is" on the table in the mail room
  • Virgo: "SANTA!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! I KNOW HIM I KNOW HIM"
  • Libra: buddy trying to figure out how escalators work
  • Scorpio: the scene where Buddy sprays the passion fruit spray in his mouth and freaks out
  • Sagittarius: the scene where Buddy asks a feral raccoon if it wants a hug and gets attacked
  • Capricorn: the "Oh, you're an angry elf" scene
  • Aquarius: the scene where Buddy bursts into that coffee shop and is like WOW WORLDS BEST CUP OF
  • COFFEE GOOD JOB and everyone's like ?????
  • Pisces: the "baby it's cold outside" shower scene

December Photo Challenge Day 24: Christmas Eve.

Also, another pic of the tree for jusky

Dinner here with parents was a success if by success you mean I didn’t have nearly enough wine but didn’t have to cook so it’s basically the price I pay.


I know him!