Yeah I feel more confident posting videos here-

Christmas duo???

here’s thy Christmas paps

Imma be posting the refs/concept ideas of dif viruses

I’m not too sure if I will be using more holiday’s since there’s kinda a lot planned for the current ones- but there will be more characters for sure.


Underchaser’s secret santa event is currently happening on Underchaser’s discord!
Feel free to join, link for the discord is on the main UC page i’ll also reblog the link here in a second!
I’ll clear it up how it works here 

Welcome to the underchaser secret santa! You can sign up on the underchaser discord server to be randomly assigned to someone to receive a Christmas present, you will also be be assigned to someone to create a present for them!

 ** How to write your wishlist**
Dear secret santa, I would like my character *X* to be drawn, I also wouldn't mind  instead receiving *Y* game on steam, here's my references and steam username. Bellow I leave the references for my character. --links--
 The deadline to join is November 30th 0+gmt,  I will be messaging the active participants with the things they need to do their part, then have the present ready by the 24th of December if you can so it’s a true Christmas present!
Other rules 
>Make sure to ask for art! Games and other things are extras that many can’t provide normally.
>You can be both participant and volunteer
 >You are signing to give back 1 present and receive 1 present
>Failing to do your part on this event will ban you from the next few events on the server
> You may also sign in as a volunteer  and if anyone doesn’t receive a present by the 25th they can message me and i will match you with them. Volunteers will not receive anything but instead will give to someone that got nothing.

Hope ya join!

Mint talks: Sticker set!

Hi guys! So, after a loooooooooooooooooong time of thinking and tlaking with the wall– I mean, my family(?). I’ve decided that, I’ll sell Sticker sets!

I’ve been wanting to make this since a long time ago, ya know? but I was kinda nervous and I even am right now! I’ve asked for prizes with some friends and now I just need to ask about shipping, at the post office. After that, I’ll start making the stickers! They will be 10 stickers in one sticker set and will cost 8$ or less! I’m still thinking about it–


I also need to know

How many people would like to buy them

cus I need to know how many sticker stets I’m gonna make. This will be my first time doing it so, I wanna make the right amount of them! so, if you’re SURE you’re gonna buy it, you can just comment in this post/send me a PM/Reblog this/??? saying that you want to buy one and your country! I’ll take note of this and then start working on it.

And… I want you guys to do this also because…

I wanna make a giveaway!

Once I have the complete list of buyers, I’ll give everyone a number and then randomly select one winner. What will they get? Easy. They won’t have to pay for their sticker set AND they will get a few pins~ (I made a pin with one Massis pic and I love it so much–). EVERYTHING for free yay~

This is just a beta post so I can know how many people would like to buy them. I’ll make a more “professional” post one I have everything checked uvu) for now, I just wanna talk about this so you can conciderate buying them!

A nice person (wich username can’t seem to remember right now, sorry ;;) suggested me to open a store in storenvy and, I did! I’m trying to figure out how it works so, maybe the buy thing will be done there, idk–

Ahhh– I’m so excited. I mean, this is so important to me! I never thought someone would like to buy something like this from me! I know I still need to improve but it’s nice to now that, even with lots or mistakes, you’d want to buy them. Seriously, thank you ;v;) I don’t have anymore to say except– IF YOU WANT THE STICKER SET TELL ME PLEASE. ALONG WITH YOUR COUNTRY so I don’t have to go like 25 times to the post office to ask for JUST one country ahahaha–

AH and obviously, the stickers will be of Undertale– but I still don’t know If I should make it of every character of just Sanses from various AUs (this would be quite the problem since lots of AU creators doesn’t like when people use their AU to sell things ;v;)

Also have this Sansta that I made a few days ago– *runs away*

THE MAGNIFICENT V̨̗̼͓̜̉̄ͯ̀I̸̬͇̗͍ͬ͋͂̽̅͋͋͡ͅR͖̘̫̒ͦ͋̽̌̚Ù̹͚͓̖͎̓̑̃͑̀ͤ͋̓͝S̮̻̞͗̏ͤͩ͆͟ SANSTA APPEARS!

Thanks everyone who joined the stream! It was fun as heck! Finished another ask box and doodled the santa boi! Lookin forward to streamin another time!

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