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What are the skelebaes favorite spots to be kissed, jaw line forehead etc...


Sans isn’t really picky on where you kiss him, as all kisses are his favorite. If he had to choose, however, he’d probably say any kisses that land on his head. Nothing’s better then when you pepper kisses all over his face, and he especially enjoys it when you press your lips to the corner of his grin.


To be honest, Papyrus kisses you far more then you kiss him, mostly because his height makes it kind of hard for you to get access to his face. But when he’s sitting down, well, you make up for lost time. Kisses always leave him an orange, blushing mess. His favorite kisses are eskimo kisses, though, because he’s an absurdly affectionate person.


Red cannot emphasize enough just how much he loves kisses. He’s kind of starved for affection, and the fact that he’s also kind of a sex fiend really makes him adore kisses. Anything that has to do with your lips is great, for him, but if his all-time favorite place for you to kiss is that little spot right on his jawline. It’s just the perfect mixture between sweet and sexy, and it never fails to make him melt. Careful, though. Lavish it with a little tongue or kiss it just a little too hard and he’ll kind of lose it.


Kisses? Hah, the Great and Terrible Papyrus doesn’t need anything as trivial as kisses! What do you think he is, a softy? Edge is much more of a fighter then a lover, and therefore won’t ever admit he very much enjoys the sweet kisses you press against his bones. He’ll pull you into rough, hard kisses occasionally, but he secretly prefers the sweeter, softer kisses that only ever occur in the hazy mornings hours. Of course, he’s actually just a Tsundere Marshmallow, and you pressing your soft lips against his cheekbones kind of sends him reeling.


Blueberry lives for kisses. He’ll grab the front of your shirt and pull you down for surprise kisses all the time, and won’t waste a moment in nuzzling his teeth against you whenever there’s a chance. Cheek kisses, forehead kisses, neck kisses- they’re all game for the little charmer. Smooches on his mouth are his personal favorites, though, and you’ll pull back to see stars in his eyes every time after you kiss him.


This lazy, apathetic bum is in some deep need of love. Kisses, hugs, snuggles- honestly, he loves them all, as long as there’s genuine caring behind them. He’s incredibly lanky even with his slouch, so it’s kind of hard for you to reach his face. He likes it when you stand on your tiptoes and tug on his hoodie strings to pull him down into a kiss. He doesn’t have a preference for any kisses, because to him, they’re all perfect.

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UT and US bros reactiom if their SO comes home bruised and battered (some blood splattered) and when the skeleton asks what happen they say "I got them. I finally got them!" and passout holding... Concert tickets?!?!?



Sans laughs and congratulates you on your victory. He helps you clean up the blood, and dresses your bruises. Even though you got hurt, you looked like you were having fun so he won’t stop you from doing it again, but he would like to go with you next time to keep an eye out for you. 


Papaya freaks out upon seeing the blood, dotting over you while he dresses your wounds and pampers you with love and affection; anything for you to heal faster. He scolds you for resorting to violence to getting what you want, surely there was a more diplomatic way where neither of you get hurt? He shakes his head and tells you to ask him for help next time. 



Blue rushes to your side, demanding to know who hurt you. He’s going to make them pay for hurting you (by making them apologize really). When you tell him that you don’t know and you did it to get concert tickets, Blue sheepishly backs away and reaches behind his pockets, pulling out those same concert tickets. He knew how much you wanted them so he went out of his way to get them for you. But he turns this awkward situation around by inviting some of your other friends so the extra tickets don’t go to waste. 


After finding out your reason for coming home bloody and bruised, Stretch just shakes his head and chides you for being so reckless. If you wanted the concert tickets so bad, you could’ve asked him to teleport you or help you steal them. Well, by steal he means sneak into the office, grab a pair, and leave the money on the counter. He treats your wounds normally and hope you have fun at the concert. 

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Hey there! So how would MS, MT and UT bros react to an S/O who's ridiculously easy to please? Like, the skele could bring them home a small rock and the S/O would get really happy bc it's a really pretty rock. And if the skele puts in a bit of effort for something for their S/O, S/O will just be super overwhelmed and sit down for like two hours to process it.

I’m going to do Blue and Sweets, and then put the rest under a cut because this ran kinda long, sorry about that.



Blue, while he’s confused by your over the top reactions, finds it completely adorable. He thinks that your happiness over something as small and insignificant as a pretty rock. When he gets you something with some more thought put into it (which he does often anyway, because he loves to spoil you) and you react the way you do, he’s actually really worried. “Are you okay? Did you not like it? Love, please tell me what’s wrong!” You should probably tell him you’re just overwhelmed by how thoughtful and kind he is. Blue will be relieved at first and take a moment to calm down because he was seriously on the verge of panicking there for a second, but then he’ll start laughing and hug you. “Gosh, you’re so cute, you know that?” He tries to keep his gifts small so he doesn’t overwhelm you too much from then on, but as a result he goes all out on special occasions. Blue likes how happy and flustered you get when he does this.


Sweets already thought you were cute enough as it was, but when you got as happy as you did when he gave you this sparkly orange marble he had found, his opinion on how cute you were went from “Adorable” to “Oh my fucking God they need to be protected at all costs.” He’ll buy a bag of marbles and give it to you slowly by gifting you with one, single marble every day just so he can see how happy you get over the colors. Sweets is honestly not the best at thinking of anything to give you that’s better than a marble (there’s thing called anxiety, and it asks him stupid shit like what if they don’t like it? what if they’re so upset that i don’t know them well enough to know what they like that they leave me? He really hates it), but damn it he’s gonna try when it comes around to your birthday. Upon seeing how excited you got with just the individual marbles, he decided to get you a Marbles Identification and Price Guide. When he sees you just sit down without a word, he’s going to panic. It isn’t obvious he’s panicking, he’s learned to hide that, but he’s probably going to leave the room. When you’ve taken your time to process and find him in his room, he’s passed out on his bed. Poor bab is exhausted from all of that anxiety. Please get in bed with him and cuddle, and don’t forget to tell him how much you loved the gift when he wakes up. Lots of kisses may be needed for you to tell him this.

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Congrats on all the followers!! Can you do the same exact ask with UF paps and US sans saying something hurtful to their SO but with Uf Sans, UT sans, US paps and SF paps? Without the mini ficlet of course

Wow, this is an old ask. Sorry to keep you waiting! And thank you :) 

Original Ask

Underfell Sans

Being in a relationship with Red, you’re bound to fight. He’s quick to anger and not well tuned with his emotions so there has been a couple screaming matches. But this time, it goes too far. As he yells at you, he realizes that you’ve stopped yelling back, your eyes wide with hurt and tears. You push past him and stomp to your room, slamming the door behind you. Red doesn’t even know what he said, the entire fight just instantly became a haze as he teleports to Grillbys and drinks. He comes home stumbling and drunk, but doesn’t try to confront you. That night he falls asleep on the couch. In the morning, he finds you still locked in your room, but he doesn’t bother knocking, he just waits til you come out. When you finally do, Red tries to talk about the fight and apologize, but he stumbles through his words, and instead just pulls you into a hug. 

Undertale Sans

Sans screwed up. He knew that he shouldn’t have said what he said, but the words came out before he could stop them. When you stomp to your room and slam the door, Sans lets you as he’s paralyzed in horror for what he said. He doesn’t push you to come out, so he’ll wait til you do. When he sees you again, he apologizes and tells you that he doesn’t mean it and that he loves you. He makes it up to you by taking you to Grillbys. 

Underswap Papyrus

When he realizes what he said, Stretch tries to catch you before you go. He does, but you pull your arm away and slam the door behind you. He sighs and goes outside for a smoke to calm himself. He doesn’t try to confront you while you are in your room, so he makes dinner for you and leaves it on the table, with a note saying how sorry he is and how he doesn’t mean any of it. He sleeps early on the couch that night, and when he wakes up, he finds a blanket draped over him, the table clean and cleared, and a note on his forehead with three words, “I forgive you”

Swapfell Papyrus

You and Rus rarely have screaming matches. It’s not that you guys don’t fight, but you usually sit down and talk it over. This is one of the rare times where neither of you could control your anger. When Rus says those words, your heartbroken expression completely destroys him and he’s already apologizing over and over. When you leave and slam the door behind you, Rus wipes the tears out of his eyes and waits outside the door until you come out, even if he has to sit there all night. When you do come out in the morning, Rus wraps his arms around you, apologizing and saying he loves you. He makes it up by helping you do the chores later, extra snuggles on the couch. 

Flufftober Day 5

Flirty texting (kustard)

Me: hey u kno formatting is hard and i dont want to actually write

Me to me: its texting just be lazy for one day

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Question for the new AU! For the 4 skele-professors that get the roughest with their students, what would happen if they accidentally hurt one of their students during a punishment session? Like to the point where once free the student is actually crying. 😱

They’re all pretty rough to be honest, so I’ll do Red, Fell, Rus, and Classic :) 

More suggestive than NSFW so I’m not going to put it under the cut. 

Undertail University

Professor Sans

Sans could get a little carried away during sex, especially when he’s so lost in pleasure, he forgets to watch the student’s reactions to sense any discomfort. So when you start crying and yelling out the safe word as Sans digs his claws into your shoulder, drawing blood, he immediately stops, pulls out, and grabs a towel to stop the blood. He’s calm on the outside, apologizing over and over while wiping away the blood, but on the inside, he’s panicking and crushed with guilt. To make it up to them, Sans gives them 10 points extra credit and heals your shoulder the best he can. Better stop by the nurse just in case though. 

Professor Red

You were quiet during the whole punishment, 20 rough spanks on the bum, except for some whimpering and Red just figured that you are just naturally quiet. But after the last smack, you break down crying, falling to your knees and alarm bells ring in his head. Red doesn’t know if this is part of play or if you really mean it, since you haven’t called out the safeword but to be safe, Red kneels down to your level, and softly asks if you want to say the safe word. Unable to speak through your sobs, you nod your head and Red pulls you into a tight hug, muttering apologies and kissing your head. He then proceeds with aftercare, paying extra attention to your pain and doing everything he can to relieve it. The next day, Red deducts two points from your grade for not remembering to use the safe word when you needed to. 

Coach Edge

When you break down crying after the session, Fell is annoyed and angry. If you were hurt, why didn’t you say the safe word?! He scolds you like a parent while dressing your wounds, chastising on the importance of the safe word, and how he never wanted to hurt you. Once he finished, Fell picks you up princess style and brings you to the gym’s massage room where he slathers your body in oil and gives you a nice rub. 

Liberian Rus

Rus looves getting a little rough with the students, especially ones like you where he could slap around and abuse all he wants. His favorite thing to do give it to you extra hard, but what he miscalculated is how more sensitive you are than most, so he ended up bruising your area. When you burst into tears from the pain, Rus immediately stops, pulls you onto his lap, and wipes away your tears, asking you what’s wrong. When he figures out you’re hurt, Rus apologizes, pressing soft kisses, and coos out words of love and affection. He places a warm towel on your sex to soothe the area while nuzzling your neck and praises you for doing a great job and how he’ll take care care of you until you’re better. 

Lying here at 1 in the morning and thinking about autistic sans

  • Sans who enjoys puns because they are literary based and not situationally based, so they make so much more sense
  • Sans with executive dysfunction, and not being able to bring himself to do simple tasks (clean/pick up his sock) and just brushes it off as laziness 
  • Sans bundling up because he hates to be touched
  • Sans stimming (not canon but let me dream)
  • Sans not really having to worry about learning body language or facial expressions because some monsters don’t have either and everyone is confused so it’s OK if he messes up
  • Sans NOT carrying his brother’s scarf around with him in the no mercy run because sentimentality is not something he understands, but that doesn’t mean he’s not torn up af about it


Autistic sans :D

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How would the tale & fell sans react to that horror game "tattletail"?

May I just say that I kind of love jumpscare games? I can’t play them by myself, but watching gamers (Markiplier) play horror games (and scream like a little girl) is the best. Link to Tattletail here.


Red isn’t exactly enthusiastic as the game starts up, seeing as the last time you chose a game for him… well, it didn’t really go well, to put it lightly.
“wait, so it’s a horror game?” he asks, and his shoulders relax slightly. He can do horror, especially if it’s made by humans. He watches horror movies with you all the time (he finds them funny, not to mention the way you bury your face into his neck when you’re scared). After catching a glimpse at the gaudy, painfully cheesy kid’s toy at the loading screen, he lets out a laugh. Yeah, no way this is going to scare him.

It starts pretty okay. He’s rolling his eyes at the darkened screen as the game starts in a little kid’s bedroom, with the objective open your christmas present early on the upper left corner. He snickers at that, and proceeds to head down into the basement to do just that.
“what a little shit, opening his presents before christmas,” he remarks. Things are going pretty well.

Fifteen minutes later.
“wait, who’s mama?”

1 hour later

“oh my fuck. oh, shit, i’m gonna fucking die kid someone oh fuck shit oh no OH MY GOD FUCK NOPE OH SHIT-”
Red’s pretty much lost it, by now. Sweat is dripping down his skull and his shoulders are wound like a spring trap as he pants. His phalanges are shaking and his eyelights are tiny little spotlights bouncing erratically in his empty sockets as his gaze flickers over the screen.
“Mama’s coming~”
He’s jumpscared, and he topples out of his chair with a strangled scream.

Some undetermined number of deaths later
“No more Mama~!”

Yeah, he’s pretty terrible at the game. Once Red finally makes it to Christmas day, he’s nearly crying.
“oh god, finally,” he says, and begins to open the present under the tree.
It opens to reveal a Tattletail box.
…it’s empty.

Cue jumpscare.

… Yeah, he’s never playing a video game again. You better find some way to make it up to him, because he sure as hell deserves a little sympathy after the shit you put him through. And yes, he does take payment in the form of kisses.


Sans won’t even approach the computer until you assure him that no, there isn’t any psychological manipulation that ends up with him slaughtering the child he was supposed to be taking care of (this time, at least).

Then you tell him it’s a horror game, and he’s a little less wary. He’s far from scared of the human concepts of horror, no, on the contrary. He actually finds it quite amusing. Humans find monsters terrifying. As long as their isn’t gore (which you’ve assured him there isn’t, for the most part), he’s fine.

So he slips on the earphones and agrees to play, as long as you sit on his lap as he does so. He raises a brow at the starting screen, which a flickering photo of some kind of creature that looks similar to the toys Papyrus had found when he was little (you’d called them fuzzles, or something like that) flashed onto the screen. He sends you a skeptical look, and merely puns before proceeding into the game.

He gets the gist of it right away. Take care of your Tattletail. Keep him quiet. Don’t be killed by the massive, murderous Mama Tattletail. He’s pretty damn good at surviving, actually, and doesn’t get jumpscared once. He’s patient, and will wait out Mama in the little space outside until it’s safe. He manages to get all the eggs, too. At times, however, the suspense seems to get to him. He’ll tense up a little, and his free hand will tighten on your waist. What really gets him, however, is the dark.

Sans is afraid of the dark, much to public surprise. He can’t sleep with the lights out, unless he’s wrapped up in your frame. The darkness reminds him of the void, cold and pressing as it whispers assurances that nothing matters. It presses in on him, crushing him in it’s powerful jaws as it reminds him with doting words that no matter what he does, nothing will change. It’s pain, and blood, and dust, and RESET after RESET after fucking RESET and he’s starting to hyperventilate because his flashlight just turned off, and there are glowing red eyes staring at him in the darkness- not red eyes, oh god, not again, no, no, no no no please no stop he’ll do anything just not again those fucking e y e s-

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until you wrap your arms around his neck.

Shh. Shh, it’s okay. You’re sorry. You’ve got him.

You finish the game without him as he sits with his head in your lap, and you only call him to watch at the very end, in which he gets the good ending. You might have finished the last part, but Sans was the one who really put in the effort.

Sans has trouble sleeping that night, but he doesn’t tell you. You hadn’t meant to hurt him, anyways.

But it’s so dark out.


Dokomi picture collection
Didn’t take a lot of pictures this year. Was too busy enjoying the Con. But here are many awesome and cute people I’ve met! There were way more, but I don’t have pictures of them :(
If you find yourself on that picture, feel free to contact me :D I am the Chara with the Fight Icon!

That Gilbert is my real life sister, isn’t she cute?


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It’s always for the Undertail AU, I am having fun sending these asks: can I ask some headcanon about the teaching methods of any characters you want? What kind of professors are they? I hope I am not disturbing so much, thanks.

Ooooh okay okay. 

Undertail University 

Professor Blue

Positive reinforcement! He believes that the best kind of teaching is to be positive and give rewards to the students who deserve it. 

Professor Red

Demonstration method! Due to the class that he teaches, he has to be very hands on so the students would know how to operate the machinery and take measurements. He’s very hands on with the students who need help as well. 

Professor Sans

Sans is the delegator, and uses the common core method. He expects his students to read and learn the material in depth on their own and during class, he basically just does an overview of what they’re supposed to read. He leaves a lot of free time for students to come up with questions and come to him for further in depth explanation if someone doesn’t understand anything. It sounds very professional, but really, Sans is just lazy to teach. 

Chef Black

Authoritarian. What he says in the kitchen, goes. No one can ever defy his orders and there’s no talking back either, even if he made a mistake. He’s open to questions on how to make a dish, but you cannot call him out on his mistakes. It’s a very intense class with a lot of pressure and stress, but it’s actually great preparation for a real life kitchen. 

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Ask and you shall receive!

Cuddling with Sans

  • Sans is the type to casually throw an arm around your side at first, but once he falls asleep he clings to you like a koala.
  • He loves to nuzzle into your neck and give it gentle kisses. Sometimes he’ll hum appreciatively while doing it, which tickles. Other times, he’ll blow air into it when you let your guard down just to get a reaction from you.
  • If he’s feeling playful, he might try to start a tickle fight.
  • He periodically comments on how warm and soft and sweet you are. It’s hard to resist when you’re just so huggable!
  • If you’re spooning him, he’ll get as close to you as he possibly can. You’d think it wouldn’t feel all that comfortable for either of you, but somehow his back feels soft instead of bony, so it works out alright. Magic is weird.

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So, remember the myth of Orpheus? And the rule he had to follow of not looking back to see if his dead lover was following him on his way out of the Underworld? Which skele(s) would fail like he did if they were in his position and which skele(s) would succeed? You're welcome~

I love me some skele-bros.

Skelebros who’d Succeed:


Sans, as you all know, is absurdly patient. Some might call him apathetic, but all Sans knows is he can’t afford not to care anymore. You’re on the line, and he would wait a thousand years just to hold you again. He just wants to tell you he’s sorry, sweep you up into his arms and bury his face into your shoulder. If there’s even a chance he might be able to save you, he isn’t going to waste it.


Nope. He isn’t going to look back. It’s not even something he struggles with. He’s too stubborn to even consider it in the first place. Once Edge decides on something, it’s nearly impossible to change his mind, especially if it has to do with something like having you back. Besides, he knows his date-mate wouldn’t dare do something like stray.


Papyrus would suceed, because he’s a firm believer that you are not going to stray. He had faith that you’ll follow him, and trusts you enough that he’s hardly even tempted to turn back. He’ll see you in a few moments, and then he can give you all the kisses in the world. He believes in you! You won’t let him down, so neither will he.


Stretch isn’t going to look back. Why would he? Yes, he’s tempted, but he trusts you enough to know you’re going to stick with him. Besides, you’re one of the only things he cares about. He’d give up anything for you, and he certainly had enough self-control to keep himself in check.

Skelebro’s who would fail:


It isn’t that he didn’t try. No, he really did do everything he could. But his impateince got the best of him, and he before he knew what he was going he’d looked back and then you were gone. He’d given into temptation, because one little glance couldn’t possibly hurt, could it?

It hurt.

Oh, did it hurt.


It was an accident, really. He’d tried so very hard not to look back, and then he’d gotten paranoid and just wanted to make sure that you were okay. So he’d turned, and the next thing he knew he was alone.

He’ll never fogive himself. Ever.


He knew he shouldn’t do it. He wasn’t stupid. All he had to do was keep walking, and you’d be back, and he could pull you into a hug that lasted for a week. The weeks you’d been gone had been hell, for him, and he was not going to lose the chance to get you back.

Until he did.

He should have just trusted you. But trust had never really been his thing, had it? He was a terrible listener. He’d decided that you’d probably left him, because why wouldn’t you? Why would you want to go back with him?

Well, he’ll never know, and it’s all his fault.


For Russ, it could go either way.

He wouldn’t look back, because he isn’t stupid enough or cocky enough to think that they wouldn’t take you away if he does. And you’re his world, so it really isn’t that hard of a decision to keep his eyes away.

But he would look back, because what did it matter, anyways?

You’d be happier there. How dare he try and drag you back to him, like the selfish bastard he was? He was disgusting. You didn’t need him, even if he needed you.

Oh, well.

funsizedkola  asked:

Skeles of your choosing reacting to this: Their S/O has a sibling that looks pretty similar to them and is good friends with them. But one day due to circumstances (lack of sleep, dark room, etc) skeleboy goofs up and accidentally kisses his S/O's SIBLING. While shocked, they don't hold it against him. On the contrary, they got half a mind to post this on Undernet. #flattered #butyougotthewronghuman #lol


Sans hadn’t realized you’d brought your sibling over for movie night, although you’d certainly told him beforehand. Then again, his nightmares had decided to pay a visit the night before, and he’d gotten barely two hours of uninterrupted sleep. He’d kind of been out of it, all day, so when he sees your familiar silhouette bounce into the dark living room, he’s a little too relieved at the notion of seeing your face to notice that the human approaching him was not, in fact, you.

He pulls them into a kiss before they can even say a word, but instead of your usual reciprocation, they just tense up. Sans doesn’t really notice anything off, though, until he pulls back to come face to face with the flushed, wide eyed face of your sibling.


He realizes his mistake pretty quickly, and he apologizes for his blunder profusely. He tries to laugh it off as a simple mistake, but he’s internally kind of screaming. You’re going to kill him. Luckily, your sibling’s pretty cool about it.They wave him off, and even snicker a little. When they offhandedly mention they’re going to post this on their blog, however, Sans starts to sweat. 

“you’re just jokin’, right?”

Sure they were. Kind of.

Yeah, you’re never going to let him live it down.

UT! Papyrus

Papyrus is usually very good at telling you apart from your sibling, even though they look remarkably like you. He’d never mistaken you for them once, because the Great Papyrus’ datemate is unlike any other, and entirely wonderful in every way imaginable (his words, not yours). However, he can barely even see his own gloved hand in front of his face in the dark, so when your sibling enters the room his mind doesn’t quite make the connection that this human was not his own. He lets out a little exclamation of greeting, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to their lips.


He pauses.

“You aren’t my human,” he suddenly remarks, in a voice far less flamboyant then his usual pep. No, they aren’t, your sibling affirms with a flustered smile, and Papyrus kind of starts to flip out. He feels awful, just awful, and will continue to apologize to your sibling for about a month after that, even though they constantly tell him that it’s okay. He immediately confesses his transgressions to you, and although you’re confused at first, once you understand what had happened you laugh it off. 

Except for like, a week afterwards, he won’t kiss you unless he’s entirely, 100% sure it’s you. It’s kind of cute, if not mildly annoying.

Upcoming Projects

Wonder what’s coming next? I got ya covered.


  • How To Build A Barrier

My “AYEM universe” stories will be on the longer spectrum whereas I plan to make everything else rather short. Of course I say this now but if I’m truly inspired I can’t be blamed for turning it into something ridiculous again. I’m a wordy fucker.


  • Drunk Sans
  • Sans Confronting Gaster on why Papyrus has Blasters


  • Underswap
  • Post-TP Skeleton Sadness
  • Papyrus & Undyne Friendship
  • Mob AU
  • Exiled Queen Ending
  • Papyrus & Undyne Friendship Take Two: Electric Booglaloo
  • Sans Teaching Papyrus Magic
  • Skelebros Sibling Rivalry/Overprotective Sans
  • Bard Papyrus
  • Undersail
  • Sans Suicide
  • Never-ending War
  • Take Two on Evil Gaster
  • Papyrus Life on the Surface
  • Undyne & Asgore’s Past

These are all only vague ideas as I don’t want to spoil what I have planned. As you can see I, uh… have a lot of ideas I want to write. OOPS. I won’t be answering any asks about explaining these in detail because, like I said, I want their real contents to be a surprise.

Sorry not sorry. 8)

Did you suggest something but don’t see it here? Chances are I removed it because I didn’t quite get a “spark” from the initial idea. Please don’t be offended by this. I’m only one person and I can’t write the world. I’ll only write something that I feel I can properly pull off and inspires me.

This post will be edited as I see fit and is in no way set in stone. Ideas change and flow and I make no promises.