I don’t get why people hate the Alolan versions of these Pokemon. Everyone seems to think they’re doing this because they ran out of ideas but I think it’s really cool that these Pokemon grew differently under different circumstances. That’s how I always thought it should be.

celyni  asked:

Alola seems to have a frigid mountain region according to the bios on all the current revealed pokemon. so meowth may live there with the Vulpix and Sanshrew lines, if you go onto the offical sun-moon site anbd click pokemon, Vulpix's and Sandshew's bios both say they live on a frigid mountain

Oh, the Meowth could live on the mountains like Vulpix and Sandshrew. I can see it now, but for some reason when I first saw it the Meowth didn’t exactly look like he could be living in colder areas.

It actually looked like a psychic type to me