“sansa lies so much she’s betraying her family” “sansa’s so annoying” literally what do you hope to achieve with this apart from to make sansa stans roll their eyes so hard they fall out their heads because there is absolutely no point in talking shit about characters in a place where you know there are sansa fans who are gonna be reading it like if you wanna talk shit about characters do it in private with someone else who wants to do the same you’re not gaining anything but a backlash if you post all your hate on a public forum and then when it’s all “oops forgot opinions aren’t allowed anymore” no. opinions are allowed but ones that a) serve no purpose but to annoy fans and b) you know are just gonna cause backlash, YOU DON’T GET TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BACKLASH

sansastrk replied to your post:

ppl r unbelievably stupid

sweetsansa replied to your post:

yeah like they know she’s popular on here so they should know they aren’t accomplishing anything and will get people mad. and yayy good yeah i love coming to sansa’s defense

even if she wasn’t popular though they should know that hating on a character publicly isn’t a good idea whether you have strong reasons for disliking them or not, like people should know that if they truly hate a character that much and they want to talk about their hate so much then do it somewhere more private around other people who feel the same way? like i accept that some people don’t like sansa and that’s fine, but i don’t accept when they talk a ton of shit about her in a place where they know people who care about her will see it, like, you are literally asking for people to step up to defend her then. and this goes for all characters, i don’t completely mindlessly shit on characters. i think the most i have ever done is publicly say something along the lines of “i really wish i cared about arya stark but i don’t” like that’s not going to irritate arya fans it’s not going to cause trouble it’s just stating an opinion. hate tweet upon hate tweet upon hate tweet is not stating an opinion it is mindlessly hating, there is a difference and people need to learn it.