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Two Wars Two Babies (10 - Final)

“When you were up on The Wall, could you have ever dreamed of a day like this?”

Jon shook his head, his long locks still dripping from a fresh wash. “Of course not.”

Dany laughed lightly, avoiding the spray. “I did.” She considered her husband. “Well, somewhat.”

“Somewhat.” Jon lifted an eyebrow at the remark.

“Did I think I would marry the King in the North? Or give birth in Winterfell?” She repositioned herself so that Jon sat in front of her on the bed, and she knelt behind him. She kissed a bare shoulder. “Life brought wonderful surprises.”

“We could have stayed in Winterfell,” Jon attempted to turn around, but Dany yanked on his hair. “Ow!”

“Don’t move. I’m fixing it.” With deft movements, she plaited tiny braids pulling some of the hair away from his face, but allowing most of the curls hang free. “Don’t worry. You’re still a wolf,” she said, referring to his hair. “And anyway, we’ll return to Winterfell plenty. But it’s important that our presence is felt here, especially with so many changes.”

Ever the strategist, Jon thought.

An Unsullied opened the door, ushering in a nursemaid with a baby on her hip.

“Hello, Romi,” Dany acknowledged the woman as she took the small child. Then she gushed, “Hello, my boy!”

The little boy with silver blond curls grinned at his mother. He showed his new bottom two teeth in an otherwise toothless grin. Dany buried her nose in his hair. “He smells lovely, Romi!”

The woman curtseyed. “Yes your Grace, all fresh and ready for his first name day.”

Dany smiled at Jon, who had just finished dressing. “Yes, yes. Me too,” he said.

The rebuild of the castle had taken a full year. But it was an opportunity to make it in a new image. The destruction caused by the dragon in the capture of Circei had rendered it unlivable. So when the builders requested designs from the Queen, she described what she wanted. It was still large and lush, but the rooms were much warmer and much more intimate. Most windows peered into courtyards filled with gardens, many containing lemon trees. And, the castle had a great big, red door.

The Iron Throne remained, though there was much debate about it. In the end, Dany decided that to her, it had been a focal point, even when she was thousands of miles away. It was a reminder of the past, and a warning of what could be, if power was wielded ruthlessly. So, she kept it.

Other beautiful thrones sat around it, diminishing its severity. Jon sat in one, as did Tyrion or Davos or Missandei. Sometimes little Aedon did - as he did today. He climbed, gnawed on the armrests while teething, and curled up in a ball at the lowest slope of a seat, only to climb up again. Jon typically found it a welcome distraction from political affairs.

On this day, tables had been set throughout the hall so that guests could enjoy food and entertainment while the traditional presentations of gifts went on. It was considerate of the Queen; in the past, namedays had been an endurance test for the court. But today felt like a real celebration. Music and food filled the space. Friends and allies approached the royal family offering pledges, trinkets, oaths to the tiny boy.

Davos came forward with a wooden box. “I’ve worked on these since that day you first told me,” he said gruffly to Jon. He opened the box before Aedon, and inside was a large collection of wooden toys: wolves and dragons of various sizes, painted in bright colors. The baby reached a tiny fist, and Jon picked out a white wolf for the boy.

“Look there! It’s Ghost!” He said.

Aedon promptly put the toy in his mouth.

Davos chuckled heartily. “As it should be.”

“Thank you, friend. Truly,” Jon said.

Sansa approached eventually, bringing with her an enormous tapestry. Clegane and Romi offered to help unfold it, so that everyone could admire the gift.

“It’s our family trees,” Sansa explained, though the explanation wasn’t really necessary. Names and branches, wound, intertwined, and occasionally broken: Starks, Targaryens, Snow. The work was fine, and the story of the lives unfolded in achingly beautiful artistry.

“Amazing, Sansa. Really, it is,” Jon said.

Sansa narrowed her eyes mischievously. “And, I can always visit from the north to add to it, should the need arise.”

Jon narrowed his eyes back at her. “Sit down, Sansa.” They both laughed.

“Me next!” shouted Arya. She and Gendry made their way to the thrones. Dany gave Jon a meaningful look and he gave one in return.

“The most important item Aedon will ever own,” Arya said. Gendry pulled out a two-handed double-edged longsword.

“Gods, that is huge, Arya! Are you giving that thing to a baby?” Jon laughed.

Arya shrugged. “Much better than a dumb old curtain, or whatever.”

Gendry interrupted, sensing Sansa’s rage. “Obviously, it’s for the future. But I swear, it’s the finest thing I’ve made.” He leaned in to the king and lowered his tone, “lets take it and test it later, yeah?”

Jon gave an imperceptible nod of agreement. Gendry continued, “in the meantime, I also made this.”

From his pocket, he pulled a thick wooden dagger, begging for teething gums. Aedon obliged.

Sam pushed Bran forward in his wheeled-chair, as the last to present a gift. Bran started, “Your Grace, it was two Wars I saw for you, you recall.”

Dany replied, “yes. I shall never forget those wars. One of the dead, and one of the living.”

Bran continued, barely registering Dany’s response. “Two babies, also I saw.”

“Aedon, here, and the monstrosity Qyburn had made for Cirsei.”

Sam interjected. “Well see, that’s what I thought, too, your Grace. But here’s the thing. It wasn’t a baby at all, was it?”

Dany shuddered to remember. “Well, no.”

Sam went on. “So, I was visiting the Prince’s Palace up at Winterfell last month, just pacing it now that your dragon has a keep down here. And, well, I found this.”

On Bran’s lap sat a heavy cloak, and when he unwrapped it, he revealed a shimmering black dragon’s egg.

“Funny thing about dragons. I’ve never read about how to check if they’re girls. I think this is that other baby.”

Dany’s eyes went wide, and her throat tightened. “Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for this.”

She picked up her son, who dropped his little dagger. They made their way down the steps, and Dany took the egg from Bran. Jon followed behind, a heat spreading through his chest at the sight.

“This is your dragon, Aedon. And you are a dragon,” Dany whispered to the boy. He reached his little arms around the egg, and laid soft cheek against its scaly warmth.

The gifts done, the family opened the red door to greet the masses. All of the city seemed to have gathered to wish the beloved child a blessed nameday. Dany raised a hand so that she could speak, while Jon held the child so that he could be seen.

“We have endured so much and yet today is a day of so much joy. In Aedon, we find the best of our shared history and the hope for the future of Westeros. Thank you for celebrating his nameday with us.

And now, a gift for you: I once said that I would break the wheel. That I am the freer of slaves and that no one should be crushed under an inherited passage of power. It is why representatives of all birthright sit on my council. But most of all, it is in that spirit that I rename this city People’s Landing.”

A roar so mighty rose up that Jon instinctively covered Aedon’s ears. Dany reached for his hand though, and they stood there, together. The little royal family took in the crowd before them, their new home, their new life. Dany noticed that the lemon trees in front of the castle had tiny white flowers on them.

Spring had come.

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Two Wars Two Babies (8)

The last time they had ridden on this ship, everything had changed. Their alliance was solidified in way few understood. A heat rushed over the back of Dany’s neck as she recalled the night they gave themselves fully to one another. She allowed the icy salt air to cool her down as she faced the headwinds on the bow.

“I remember, too” Jon whispered in her ear roughly, startling Dany from her thoughts.

“I wasn’t …”

A laugh sparkled in his dark eyes. “You were,” he interrupted.

She stifled a grin as best as she could, gathering up in her most regal posture. Raising her chin, she said, “my thoughts are my own, my King.” Then, to his surprise, she leaned in and continued, “But my body is yours.”

Days before leaving for King’s Landing on this ship, Dany decided to have a private meeting with Sansa. She quite liked the young woman, but recognized that her own intrusion, her claim, and her relationship with Jon had planted distrust in the Lady’s heart. It was time to unite now that a second war would wage, and now that they were inextricably linked through blood.

“You will always be the Lady, and the Warden of the North. I want you know that,” Dany had said.

Sansa said simply, “thank you.”

Dany took a breath, and tried again. “Lady Sansa, I believe we are cut from the same cloth. I see in you the strength and endurance of a woman who *knows.*” She watched a flash of recognition in Sansa’s eyes and continued. “You are ambitious, and strong, and capable.”

Sansa smiled. It warm and genuine. “Thank you, my Queen.”

Dany smiled back. “I want to tell you something very few know. I tell you this because … I think of you as a sister now.”

“You have spent a lot of time alone in this world, your Grace. There is no need to feel lonely now. It means a great deal that you would trust me.”

The women had grasped hands and Dany finally said what she came to say. “I am with child. With Jon’s child. We are family, forever.”

The women reveled in the moment, feeling the icy wall crumble between them, and basking in the warm glow of mutual love.

The knock on the door had been the signal for a shift in conversation. The Hound ducked as he entered the doorway. “You asked for me, your Grace?”

“While we are in King’s Landing, I would prefer you to stay here with Lady Sansa and serve as Head of the Warden’s Guard.”

Sansa smiled at the stoic man. “I cannot count how many times Sandor Clegane has come to my aid.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have one of your big, handsome knights slap on a gray cape and march around?”

Sansa had, without hesitation, stood and touched Clegane on the cheek. “Handsome is overrated. I’d take honorable any day.”

It was this interaction that Dany and Jon discussed in hushed tones now. They sat in the small meeting room in the hull of the ship, when Tyrion, Missandei, and Davos entered, ready to strategize.

“Well?” Tyrion said, pouring a glass of wine before sitting as well.

“Well.” Jon responded. He looked to Dany.

She began with a question. “Tell me more about Cirsei. Why would she invent a child?”

Tyrion considered this, while he ran a finger around the rim of his glass. “She has no heirs. Her children are dead.” Dany winced, but Tyrion continued. “The people are more willing to fight for a guaranteed dynasty.”

Missandei shook her head. “I believe there is more. It is empathy she craves.”

“Empathy?” asked Tyrion.

“She is a hated queen, is she not?”

Tyrion conceded, “She is.”

“To create life is to create love. People will love her if they see she is with child. This is a power. Empathy and love and life. She knows fear and destruction. She is trying something new.”

Dany listened to her advisors. It was the people she cared for most. These were not Cirsei’s people. These were people of Westeros - of the Seven Kingdoms. These were her people. And they had hated Cirsei.

She looked to Jon. “Then I know what we will do.”

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Written For: bighound-littlebird​’s SanSan Appreciation Week
Rating: SFW
Genre: Modern/Beach
Prompt: Wild-Card: the craziest AU you can think of
Notes: This isn’t the craziest, but I’ve wanted to write this for a long while and finally got over the writer’s block so here you are.

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When do you think would be a good time to host a sansan week? I've been thinking about this lately, but I know that some members of the community have exams coming up, so I have a trouble choosing the right time. Do you know who might be interested and free to participate? I'm also looking for prompt ideas.

Sorry for letting this go unanswered for so long, but exams are over and summer seems like the perfect time for Sansan appreciation week!  I would love to create something new for the occasion.  :D

SanSan Appreciation Week - Day 4: Beauty and the Beast

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal of the rose fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?


And the winners are…. (excuse the crappy edit)

Day 1: Brave (Disney)

Day 2: Hades & Persephone (Mythology)

Day 3: Small Folk Sansa, Noble Sandor (Role Reversal)

Day 4: Beauty and the Beast (Fairy Tale)

Day 5: Vikings (Crossover)

Day 6: Native American (Racebending)

Day 7: Role Playing (Kink)

Ok guys! Sansa Appreciation Week Begins February 1st! You have Two whole weeks to prepare and plan. Now, when the week arrives we ask that you tag your pieces as Sansan appreciation week. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Good luck guys! We are so excited to see all your hard work and love!