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Sansa Stark as Elizabeth Tudor
Petyr Baelish as Thomas Seymour

Sir Thomas Seymour, Knight, Baron Seymour of Sudeley, Lord High Admiral of England, and Master of the Ordnance was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII. However, he is probably best known for his influence in the life of the future Queen Elizabeth I.

Within weeks of King Henry’s death, Thomas Seymour had rekindled the affair with Catherine Parr, and they were secretly married. Upon their marriage, Thomas moved into his wife’s house, at Chelsea Manor in London, where she lived with her step-daughter, princess Elizabeth. Thomas was the uncle of Elizabeth’s half-brother, and the newly wed husband of her step-mother, and their family roles regarding each other, were, perhaps, unclear. Lord Seymour, approaching age 40 but having charm and “a powerful sex appeal”, engaged in romps and horseplay with the 14-year-old Elizabeth. Was Elizabeth frightened, or merely annoyed? Or was she infatuated with his boldness? It was said that she bore him affection. However, after lady Catherine discovered the pair in an embrace, she ended this state of affairs, Elizabeth was sent away. (x)

In her relationship with Seymour, Elizabeth had fallen into a trap, but the danger brought out the best in her. In her replies to the council, she showed the shrewdness and spirit she would later be famous for. She survived the scandal. Thomas Seymour was not so lucky.
The Seymour Scandal and its fallout led to the creation of the Virgin Queen. On hearing of Seymour’s  beheading, Elizabeth sagely observed ‘This day died a man of much wit, and very little judgement’. His fate remained with her. She would never allow her heart to rule her head again. (x)

Petyr x Sansa Week: Day 4 Ruin or Mirror

Petyr x Sansa: World War II AU
War has a way of ruining a relationship…

When Petyr left Sansa felt he took a piece of her with him. After meeting at a USO dance, he was all she could think about, and she was all he could think about. Her letters kept him going in the trenches, and his kept her working through the long and lonely days. Petyr vowed that one day when he returned and the war was won, Sansa was going to become his bride.

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It's so stupid to judge fantastic worlds like GOT's by the standards of today's Western society. If you told show Daenerys that she's not really feminist or empowering she would just stare blankly at you like anyone would lol.

Oh wow! I forgot that we’re watching documentaries of these fantastic worlds and not at all contemporary narratives meant to be consumed by a modern audience! Thanks!! Moral relativism makes soooo much sense

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Hi butterfly! When first reading the books past BoBW I was surprised by how much Sansa thought about the Hound, and I don't know if this is me forgetting details already because ADWD is harder for me to get into, but I thought she thought of him less and less as she embraced Alayne more? Do you think this adopted persona might affect her view of him, as I imagine she'd react differently if they meet now? Do you think maybe he'll be less "involved" in her future growth than say LF?

Sansa actually thinks of Sandor more frequently and more romantically as Alayne than she does in some of her previous chapters.

When the mob sought to rape her, the Hound carried her to safety, not Littlefinger. –AFFC, Sansa I

The Lord of Runestone stood as tall as the Hound. –AFFC, Alayne I

As the boy’s lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.  –AFFC, Alayne II

“You do know what goes on in a marriage bed, I hope?”
She thought of Tyrion, and of the Hound and how he’d kissed her, and gave a nod.
–AFFC, Alayne II

(the last two quotes are particularly interesting because when Sansa thinks of kisses and sex, Littlefinger (who’s been grooming her) doesn’t even cross her mind.)

Now, mind you, she doesn’t think of Sandor at all in the TWOW Alayne I preview chapter, but Lothor Brune plays a very similar role, and we’ll see how things go in TWOW Alayne II. (Or Sansa I, depending on how GRRM does it.)

If they meet again, certainly Sansa should react differently to Sandor from the last time she saw him – time has passed (it’ll be two years or more), she’s older with more maturity and life experience, and she’s romanticized their encounters. Her Alayne persona could also make things different – if she’s still Alayne when they meet, of course – as Alayne is “bastard brave” and bolder and flirtier and a lot of things that Sansa actually is but had been too socially-cultured to allow herself to be. (Or too traumatized and oppressed to be, when she was a Lannister captive.) Even if Sansa is no longer Alayne, I can imagine her reaching for that persona for difficult social events (“what would Alayne do”, say), and meeting Sandor again would very definitely be one of them.

(There’s 15 tons of fanfic on this subject, so you’ll excuse me for not going into detail here. Besides, GRRM will write it however he writes it, so I don’t need to detail, broad strokes are enough.)

Littlefinger will likely be “involved in Sansa’s future growth” until he dies. I’d like to hope that’ll be in TWOW, but I know with GRRM it probably won’t be until ADOS, alas. But by definition Sandor cannot be involved in “Sansa’s future growth” except in his presence in her memories (or whatever she may hear about him), unless they meet again, which could be in TWOW if we’re lucky, but again probably won’t be until ADOS because GRRM.

But does it matter? I mean, it matters, because of truth and lies and Sandor and Petyr and Ned, but Littlefinger being involved in Sansa’s future growth doesn’t preclude Sandor from eventually being so. (It also doesn’t preclude Sansa from eventually rejecting Littlefinger’s influence on her.) Also, what’s most important for Sansa’s character in terms of Sandor is how he was involved in her past growth, and the lessons she took from that and always be part of her; not to mention the personal growth she had on her own, separated from him. If that eventually leads to something in a future encounter, then I’d be pleased, but I’d also be pleased if Sansa is just an amazing person all by herself. Which I’m sure she will be, no matter what.

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Could you please do a Jon-centric fic where Sansa gets really sick? At first they're not too worried but she keeps getting worse (weakness, fevers, deliria, etc.) and Jon feels utterly helpless. Also, he hasn't told her how he feels and has no idea she feels the same. BASICALLY looking for lots of angsty and heartbroken Jon because I'm a horrible person probably. I'll love you forever!! <3

Hope you like it <3 I got taken over by that wave of angst by the end of it haha.

Taking over Winterfell after the Boltons was no easy task for anyone. Parts of the Keep were now just blackened stone and snow. Some parts stood in a grotesque state of repair or ruin. Still, Sansa did an admirable job of restoring as much of their home to its former glory as was possible in their situation. Workers were scarce and supplies were limited. Jon often found Sansa in one part of the Castle one minute and in another the next. He was convinced that that couldn’t possibly be good for her and he could see the toll it took on her already.

Sansa swore that it was nothing. Mild headaches that came and went, that was all. Nevertheless, Jon was worried about her wellbeing for her eyes always seemed weary and glassed over. Now her legs often became weak at random moments, forcing her to lean into Jon for support whenever it happened. Jon felt guilty that every time it happened he was momentarily happy for an excuse to hold her in his arms. That was selfish of him, wrong. Yet he couldn’t push what he felt out of his consciousness. Whenever they touched he felt as if her heat burned through all the layers of his clothing and went straight into his heart, a place that felt so so cold since he came back from the dead.

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