sansa's ice

The biography of Jaime Lannister in one sentence.

“You either die a villain or you live long enough to see yourself become the hero.”


Daughter of the Mad King Aerys, the Silver Dragon, Daenerys Targaryen, the Conquering Queen

Daughter of the Lord of Winterfell Eddard Stark, the Red Wolf, Sansa Stark, the Queen in the North

After the ancient white walkers have been destroyed, after the Lioness Cersei Lannister Has Fallen, the final war between ice and fire begins… What started as a refusal to bend the knee, soon turns into a war of restoration… And only one house shall survive the winter and rise above the ashes. The Song of Ice and Fire is over… Now it is the war of Ice and Fire

no but after Jon and Dany inevitably end up sleeping together, if Bran doesn’t reveal Jon’s parentage by telling him he looked beautiful the night he shagged his own aunt then what is the point of this trash show 

  • Bran: you were wearing a very nice dress the night Ramsey raped you
  • Sansa: ...
  • Arya: you were wearing a very nice dress the day you watched father get beheaded
  • Sansa: ... why was Jon my least favourite sibling when we were kids, I miss him

Robb looking down at Jon

This is how the beginning of season 8 will start