When the canon shows that Tyrion is sitting there, on his own personal Dragon that Khalessi gave him and who respects him and so he can ride it around, and then he lands that dragon and jumps off of it to strut up to Sansa (HIS WIFE) and kiss her and then they walk back up to their castle with their beautiful children because they are mARRIED and iN LOVE i want you guys to know i was there from DAY ONE.

Game of Thrones 7x02

I want to say something here and now: Even though I agree with Jon, and think it’s a good decision to team up with Daenerys, Sansa is right to be cautious, as she knows nothing about Daenerys except what other Targaryens have done. She’s trying to protect what family she has left, and she’s afraid this is a trap. She just got Jon and her home back, she doesn’t want to lose either.

Also, this was more of an open forum, where people could openly voice their opinions. And Sansa wasn’t the only one to think Jon should stay, or that it was best to be careful and cautious when meeting with Danearys

that being said, don’t worry, Sansa, I think this will turn out better than you think. And the North is in your capable hands; it’ll be okay. Jon trusts you and so do I

Jon being a protective sibling and threatening Little Finger; hell yeah. Little Finger, you can keep your grimy paws off Sansa.

to finally see Daenerys find out about Jon Snow, and have Tyrion vouche for him, and then also have Jon find out about Daenerys and he and Sansa both vouche for Tyrion, just makes me so excited because it’s been such a long time coming.

even though some might say it was too harsh for Daenerys to keep questioning Varys’ loyalty, she was still right, and it led to the truth. So now they understand each other better, which is good.

Arya seeing Hot Pie was unexpected, but nice. It also shows how very far she’s come since they saw each other last. He’s still her friend…but like I said, she’s so different now.

fortunately, not so different once she heard that Winterfell was back in the Stark’s hands, namely her brother (and her sister, but Hot Pie didn’t mention Sansa)

so she decides to turn around and go North instead.

that scene with the wolves made me tear up; because even if it isn’t Nymeria, it still showed us that for Arya Stark, some things never change. But I fear that her seeing the wolves leave, and it not be her direwolf, will change her mind about going to Winterfell? Maybe I’m reading too much into that. I hope so. Because even though Arya is a lone wolf, and has changed a lot, she still has held onto some things, like Needle, that remind us that she isn’t completely different; she’s just evolved

Oh Yara, such a crushing defeat. Theon, I am so sorry that you froze and ran. Shit that battle was brutal; Yuron Greyjoy is merciless. I might like the Sand Snakes much, but still this was bloody and insane

oh no, Cersei has a weapon that will take down a dragon. the stakes are getting higher for all our main characters, all building towards different battles and wars. I wait with the rest of the fandom with anticipation.

Will Jamie always stay on Cersei’s side? or will he eventually turn on her? his speech about the Mad Queen could easily be applied to Cersei’s actions; I hope he does see the light.

Samwell Tarly is a pure and good soul. Bless him for helping Jorah. I hope he gets completely cured, and goes back to Daenerys.

Greyworm and Missandei being so honest, and open, and tender with each other, I love it. that scene was beautifully shot.

If the Starks were smart and the writers weren’t trying to move the plot in several OBVIOUS ways, then they would send Sansa to treat with Dany.
She doesn’t have the report or leadership that Jon has with the Free Folk or most of the Northmen, they didn’t just select her to be their leader. With the influence that Littlefinger is clearly trying to exert, her inexperience, and her previous bad treatment in Winterfell, it would probably be good for homegirl to get out of that toxic swirl for a minute.
What she does have is a better knowledge of the great game and how it’s played. She knows how Cersei operates, and she also knows Tyrion. And she is after all, the lady of Winterfell and Jon’s sister.

Obviously that would never fly because otherwise how would we start shipping Jon and Dany? And they clearly want to bring other contentious relationships like Davis/Melisandre and Sansa/Littlefinger in to further some plot.

I just think it feels really obvious and if the Starks were smart they would send Sansa.