sansa x hound

Gendry&Arya reunion comic part 3/3 (Boy this sure has been a ride)

Arya might be defying the laws of physics but it’s fINE

Anyways, I just wanted to once again thank you guys for being so sweet all the time!! I’m not sure I would’ve finished these without you. As for what comes next I think I’m just gonna keep it up with tinier little snippets of their lives, and I might include some other stuff like Arya’s peacefully divorced parents (Brienne and the Hound raising their baby Arya) and maybe some Braime every now and again. Hope you all have a great evening :D!


♕He’s no true knight. But he saved me all the same. ♡

Arya&Gendry reunion comic pt 2/3 (Yeah one more and then we’re golden)

Don’t worry guys I know the hug thing is really unlike something Arya would do without some repercussions which is why it’s not done. In other news I fixed Gendry’s hair!! Sorry about that you guys :’D

Do not repost


When shall we meet again?

Daenerys Targaryen x Jorah Mormount

Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane

Brienne of Tarth x Jaime Lannister

Arya Stark x Gendry Baratheon


I like too think in the first two Gifs, he didn’t stumble upon her by accident. He chose to go after her. No one told him to go and save her, he went on his own.

He always protected her in his own way.
Protected her from Joffrey. Stopped her from killing him, knowing it would also result in her death. He stood up for her when she questioned him. He offered to take her away and keep her safe. He didn’t have to do that. He had branded himself a traitor, he should of left straight away, but he didn’t. He went to her room. He couldn’t leave her behind for Stannis or Joffrey.

She was his little bird.