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ew tyrion? no! the hound? yes! bran had a vision about the hound protecting sansa! so maybe a love triangle between sansa x the hound x arya. because i think tyrion is already in love with dany. they will restore the seven kingdoms like aerys and tywin.

Why ew Tyrion? 

In terms of morally dubious ‘good’ guys, they’re both kind of the same, except Tyrion has killed less people. 

Also, a love triangle between Sansa, the Hound and Arya? Pardon me but what the actual fuck? I’m sorry. That’s rude, but seriously though. Arya would never let anyone come in between her and her family, especially if it’s for ‘romance’. That’s not something she’s ever placed much stock in anyways, and even if she did, I think when you lose half of your family, you’re really not going to risk losing even more over something like that. 

Same goes for Sansa. 

Creating a love triangle between Sansa, Arya and anyone is quite frankly the biggest disservice they could do to both women. Love triangles, in general, tend to be really contrived plotlines. Sansa and Arya have lost far too much to throw it all away for any man. 

As for the other thing, I think Tyrion is simultaneously attracted to and enamoured by Dany, as well as terrified of her, of the lengths she will go with her dragons and army to sit on the Iron Throne. Romance between them? Unlikely in my opinion. 

Also, I really doubt the Iron Throne survives the story. And I really doubt Dany is going to be the one to ‘restore’ the Seven Kingdoms. Like I said in a previous post about her progression, Dany is a conqueror, a colonist – and well, a happy ending for colonialism may be one of the most problematic endings GRRM could choose. 


Playing with Hair

Jon Arya

“Jon grinned, reached over, and messed up her hair. Arya flushed. They had always been close.”

‘And Arya…he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had…yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.”

“She would have given anything if Jon had been here to call her “little sister” and muss her hair.”

Sansa Sandor

Get her a dog, she’ll be happier with it”

Little Bird

While Sansa stays at Littlefinger’s home at the Fingers, she befriends an old blind guard dog. Recalling her dead direwolf, she says to the old dog, “I wish that you were Lady”.


When shall we meet again?

Daenerys Targaryen x Jorah Mormount

Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane

Brienne of Tarth x Jaime Lannister

Arya Stark x Gendry Baratheon

Petyr Baelish is no different from most of us...

I just had a thought. I’ve noticed how people like Petyr and defend it by saying “oh well i know he’s bad”. People probably wouldn’t watch a show where he was the main character, instead opting for more pure characters. Or if the character kills or seeks revenge it’s because their family was murdered or some crazy shit.

I feel differently…I relate to him. My family has never been killed…or tortured but I grew up poor and I can relate to obsession. I can relate to being bitter becauase everything I want seems to slip through my fingers. I can relate to manipulating people to get what I want. And if born in a time where I could so easily get by with murder, I can admit that I’m not sure what I would do.

Petyr Baelish is flawed. I am flawed. Petyr Baelish is sick. I am sick. Petyr Baelish is obsessed. I am obsessed. Petyr Baelish is bitter. I am bitter.

“In a different world….”

I don’t think he deserves to die.


This love square is in parts toxic and cringeworthy (Jamie and Cersei) to hilariously funny (Brienne and Tormund) to sweetly reluctantly romantic (Jamie and Brienne)


Though Sandor aka The Hound was seen as one of the biggest beast in the beginning, it was the charming good looking ones who ended up being the true monsters underneath. I loved his relationships with both Stark Sisters, how he rescued them, was brutally honest with them, taught them life lessons they needed and though both girls at first saw him as a monster, after their experiences with him they both look back on him fondly so I look forward to their reunion.


I love the three of these characters deeply, I’ve loved to watch the three of them struggle and fight and rise above them all. They are all incredibly in depth characters and although I will never love Cersei the same way I love Jon and Dany, it will be a sad day indeed no matter how horrible she is the day she dies.

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My Game of Thrones OTP’s

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You know what annoys me to no end ??

People who say “oh my gawd sansa should trust jon more and stop being so secretive”

Excuse me but don’t you think Sansa “I’ve been abused and used to no end by numerous men in my relatively short life” Stark is ought to be distrustful or somewhat cautious around men even Jon beacuse littlefinger planted the seed of doubt earlier by calling him her half brother.

Think about it the poor girl must have PTSD

First there was Joffrey who betrayed her trust and killed her father in front of her eyes, beat her and undressed her in front of his court, called her names and made sure to embarrass her every chance he could, threatened to rape her even when she was married to his Uncle.

Then there was this city mugging where she was this close to being raped

Don’t forgot they forcibly married her to a man she didn’t want

Then there was the hound with his weird obsession with her and he almost killed her when she wouldn’t run away with him

On the topic of obsession …… Littlefinger ….that’s all I have to say.

Then there was Ramsay which was all of the above and worse she didn’t want him, his family killed her family, he raped her while theon watched, beat her, humiliated her, made her want to die.

So yep forgive her for not trusting Jon with the extent of her knowledge and not trusting him to trust her with handling littlefinger and his games.

So I just started to really ship Sansan (While I have some faults with how the relationship is dealt with, I really adore the beauty and the beast aspect of it, as well as the knight and princess bit too and it just fits), but I feel bad because while I think the actor that plays Sandor is amazing, I don’t find him all that attractive, even outside his gimmick as Sandor (And I’m a a little shit when it comes to shipping, I know he isn’t supposed to be that attractive due to his burn, but you know…Why not?) So I’ve found myself just thinking of this hunk-

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whenever I read a fic or see fanart. I still can’t decide on whether that makes me a terrible person or not? I mean, I feel like it works.

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(I dropped too many gifs…Don’t mind me as I drop one more)

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Yummy. Also, yes, I live an breathe him as Sandor Clegane. He’s pissy and adorable. So it works.