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This is not my usual–I’m working on a longer mv that uses quotes from The Borgias (I know I’m never gonna change anyone’s minds about Sansa x Jon so I decided to just lean in y’all) but this scene was just so lovely I couldn’t bear to cut it down! So here is, not a preview exactly, maybe an early special feature of my upcoming Lucrezia x Cesare remix vid. :)

So I just finished all three seasons of the Borgias? In like a day? Cause it’s not the best show but I now think I most definitively have a thing for siblings who love each other? And the show executes it so naturally by the time you realize how on-board the ship you are you’re already in the middle of the fucking ocean. And the parallels! Oh the parallels to Jon and Sansa, from forehead kisses to Cesare’s desire to protect Lucrezia and going all angry kitten and fighting every man around her and oh lord I need people in my life who watch the same shows that I do. Because is it just me or does Jon even look exactly like Cesare? And Littlefinger and Davos are literally everyone in the Borgias who realizes how much Cesare loves Lucrezia?


She doesn’t understand him, doesn’t know why he is suddenly fighting for her, willing to kill for her.  “There’s something about you that reminds me of her,” he whispers as she thinks the same thing—thinks of her brother so far away in the North. 

(written by sarah)

“My trade is not only in praying or fighting; it is also in deceit,” Cesare told her, words in the darkest register his voice could reach. He had to make her understand.

She tried to wrench free of the hold he had on her shoulders, but he would not relent. Sansa did not cry, though. She looked at him with fierce blue eyes. The eyes of a girl who could be a queen, hidden behind a thin layer of fear; the fear was too strong now, but perhaps she could break free. She was listening. “Tell me, then. What lies have you told me?”

“Not you, my lady, please listen to me.“ It was not safe to be discussing these things here, but he couldn’t care anymore, not now. "The King is not the gallant young prince you have thought him to be. I pray that you would listen to me—”

“I pray that you would return to your praying and leave me be, my lord. I have listened.” She gave a quick curtsy.

“I would not see your heart broken.”


30 day random prompt otp challenge.

Sansa Stark and Cesare Borgia: Doing something (Hugging/Goodbye) MODERN AU

SANSA: "Please don't go, Cesare..."
CESARE: "I'm sorry but I have to go"
SANSA: "Promise you won't forget me while you're gone?"
CESARE: "Promise"
SANSA: "I love you"
CESARE: "I love you too" 

It was never supposed to be this…this intense. 

She had laughed with him, enjoyed his flirtatious smile, even let him buy her a drink—it was fun to pretend she was older. 

The second time they met was like throwing gasoline on a fire. She felt the heat curl up around her cheeks as he stared across the room, recognizing her immediately, and giving her that same lopsided grin. 

It’s not until later, when her hands are tangled in his hair and his lips are tracing kisses down her neckline that she thinks What would my mother say? What would Robb do if he finds out?

But then he was nipping at her skin and all of those thoughts fly away. She let out a strangled gasp and he smiled against her neck, laughing as she tilted her head so he could get a better angle.

She knows it shouldn’t matter, that other girls do this type of thing all the time. And Cesare had no doubt been with dozens of girls. He was seven years older than her fragile sixteen, after all, and his actions last night had proved he knew something about women.

But as she boards the plane she looks back at him one last time to see him smiling as he types on his phone. Her heart sinks as she thinks of all those other girls until, just before the final call is announced for her flight, she receives a text message.

You know, I’ve always wanted to live in London…

written by sarah