sansa wall eyed


I still feel like we’re being purposefully mislead. If Sansa and Arya were both presented as having become clever badasses but can’t even detect when Baelish is playing them–I will be profoundly disappointed. 

And when Petyr suggested using Brienne against Arya, Sansa then sent Brienne away. 

And Arya leaving her people-masks under her bed in a bag in plain sight and then giving the dagger to Sansa after Waif-threatening to cut her face. 

It all just felt weird. I don’t like it when they do this. It creates a feeling of “false drama” when what we want–is to see them actually communicate, show some of that intelligence and maturity that they gained in their years apart.

But its difficult to tell if Sansa and Arya are both circling Petyr because of the role that Sansa plays for Petyr and the role that Sansa is playing for Arya (it began after Arya’s nasty look when Sansa confirmed that Jon had left her in charge–Sansa immediately played into it because she’s learned very deeply that people around her think she’s stupid and when they were young, Arya was no exception. Which is actually….really sad when I think about it. Sansa doesn’t care that she’s considered pretty. People have been grinding her mistakes in her face since she left Winterfell).

She tells Petyr she doesn’t trust him, she tells everyone else not to trust him—but then confides about how she doesn’t understand Arya anymore and mentions that Arya would kill if she thought Sansa was betraying Jon. By this point, she knows its dangerous to give him information like that, he gave her crippled brother a dagger. She ought to know better.  And what does she mean, “how did she get [the letter the Lannisters forced her to write]?” Sansa is fucking lady of Winterfell, she can go to their interim maester and start to look into it. 

It’s sad, a bit. because doing this to Sansa just seems unnecessary. 

Which is why I do kind of hope we’re being purposely misled instead of it just actually being that the two of them combined were still too slow and still too stupid to take on Baelish. 

It would also explain Arya’s behavior when she in particular should know better than to hold on to such grudges. (The whole “pretty” conversation.) It made her sound like a selfish little kid again. I thought it was pretty pathetic considering everything she’s been through.

But since she’s a wild card that Baelish wasn’t expecting, they could be working together (exaggerating Arya’s unknown-possible crazy bit, and really showcasing Sansa’s awesome acting skills) to force Littlefinger into some kind of trap (or to trick him into attempting to manipulate Arya). 

Which is what I hope is the case. Because I will be really really disappointed otherwise. Because that would kind of indicate that their role in the story is basically over, if they can’t even outplay Littlefinger. If they have to wait for Jon to get home so that he can sort it out…I will be disappointed. 

Also, Night King is a fucking Olympian, am I right? Do you think that Jon will be able to connect/take control of Viserion because he came back from the dead like Dany did. But his was in ice and hers was in fire.