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                                                                                                  “I saw you staring at her.”

Alright so the majority of people (I hope) can see that Sansa is playing the game as best as she can be in her current situation. There’s been tons of discussion debating her character and I’ll admit, I never used to like her all that much because she seemed so ungrateful to her family - like when Ned gave her the doll, for instance.

Then I saw her character being put in intense situations which tested her mental strength and I feel nothing but pride for her right now. When I tell people that she’s my favourite character, they grimace or they roll their eyes. I try very hard to justify my opinions, but this is always the reaction I get. Better still, it’s always the reaction I get from guys.

I’ve heard it all ‘she’s so boring. I’m just not entertained when she’s on my screen!’ 'All she does is cry!’ 'She needs to grow some balls and just stab Joffrey, who cares if she dies? She should sacrifice herself for the greater good!’

These are all bullshit. I don’t understand any of them. Particularly the
last response, the 'she needs to kill him’ response.

Let’s just think about this, shall we?

Why Sansa? Why should Sansa be the one to specifically sacrifice herself in order to kill Joffrey? Because if she’s caught, and that’s definitely a possibility, she’d be put to death before anyone could even bat an eyelash. I’ve never heard this being said about other characters who hate Joffrey and have had chance to kill him… Tyrion, for example, is frequently making it clear that he’s not Joffrey’s biggest fan and Joffrey has done more than enough to justify a need for Tyrion to kill him. So why Sansa? Sansa is doing what she can, in her given situation, to stay alive, just like Tyrion. Why is her character therefore much less well received than Tyrions? Hint: it’s because she’s a girl.

She’s not even just a girl, she’s a teenage girl, which makes her soooooo annoying right? Omg all she does is cry, I wish she’d stop banging on with her perfectly legitimate emotions, ugh. How dare she possess the emotional capacity to mourn for what she believes to be the death of her entire family? Wow I wish she’d get over the fact that she’s alone, surrounded by a family made up of people who hate her and wouldn’t shed a tear if she died. What a loser.

I don’t think I even need to justify why that response is stupid. There is a certain strength in her silence.

And as for her entertainment factor - personally, I feel that Sansa has the biggest and most interesting character arc on the show, and it’s one I admire the most. I think it’s because I’m a girl myself, and I’ve had stupid crushes (none quite as bad as Sansa’s, I don’t think). It seems to me that unless a woman is an all out badass, unless she’s directly making a stand by being 'powerful’, then she’s automatically boring and uninteresting. And yeah, those characters are fun to watch, but it’s important that not every female character be one of those, because otherwise we are giving the impression that that’s what you must be, and that’s unrealistic. And it’s these unrealistic characters which reinforce the idea that a quiet woman is a boring woman, and that’s not true at all.

I think it’s interesting that in real life, women are supposed to be passive and subservient, but in fiction they’re expected to be the complete opposite. Make up your minds.