I feel like Daenerys is probably the most qualified to rule at this point because she’s spent so much time and effort preparing, it would be a real disappointment if she didn’t end up on the throne for her I think, for sure. In terms of the story, I really like Cersei on the throne. I love a bit of madness; I think it’s hilarious and she should stay on there for as long as possible. She’ll have a lot of fun, it’ll make for a good story.


Petyr x Sansa Week

Wednesday: Euphoria or Masks

“Sometimes it seemed to her that the Lord Protector was two people as well. He was Petyr, her protector, warm and funny and gentle…but he was also Littlefinger, the lord she’d known at King’s Landing, smiling slyly and stroking his beard as he whispered in Queen Cersei’s ear.”

→  Petyr x Sansa week: euphoria or masks

collab. with my bae @sansastone-themockingbird

Petyr x Sansa AU: Sansa Stark as Little Red Riding Hood; Petyr Baelish as The Bad Wolf”

▪ “They always told her the woods was a dangerous place for a young girl. There was a beast in there. Yet they didn’t know she was the one seeking him every night. He was kind to her, he always smiled - though his eyes never did. He could smell her soul. One night the wolf whispered in her ear “run away with me little girl, leave them all behind you, leave your pretty mask and come with me”.


The Starks are back in Winterfell, and in the finale, Jon and Sansa have a conversation about trust: “We need to trust each other, because we have so many enemies now.” Does Sansa trust Jon, ultimately?

I think Sansa trusts Jon to make morally right decisions, but I’m not sure if she trusts him with the kind of political things. I don’t know if she trusts Davos completely, and he’s kind of his advisor. I think it’s more about being open with each other, like with Sansa writing to Littlefinger for the Knights of the Vale. I think Jon means they need to be more open with each other and tell each other what’s going on — and it’s very frustrating for Sansa to hear him say that. She knows he means it more about her than it is him talking about himself. And he really needs to trust her.


The garden had been meant for a godswood once, she knew, but the soil was too thin and stony for a weirwood to take root. A godswood without gods, as empty as me.

Pyke was lost to him. The nearest thing to a home that remained to him was here, among the bones of Winterfell. A ruined man, a ruined castle. This is my place.

What Others See and Petyr Refuses

Pairing: Jon x Sansa
Rating: G
From: Two Anons
Also available on AO3.


Baelish watches from the sidelines as Jon and Sansa fall in love with the other and decides to simply give up. Another heartache to the inevitable it’s not worth it.

So like almost everyone who is not PetyrxSansa I utterly despise Littlefinger. Could you do a prompt with him suffering at Jon and Sansa’s relationship with the “It almost feels like a joke” line?

The universe I wrote this in is very unclear but just go with it, please. Maybe book!World?

❝ It almost feels like a joke. ❞

It almost feels like a joke, the first time someone mentions the similarities to Petyr. Of course, he noticed the way Sansa has her mother’s defiant chin long before Jorah Mormont whispers it to him after the war council. This does not help the fury that boils within him when Mormont notes, “They’re the spiting image of Eddard and Catelyn, wouldn’t you say?”

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What I need from GoT Season 7
  • Sansa does NOT betray Jon and they rule the North together.
  • Jon to be good at being king.
  • Tyrion gets his own plot rather than being one of Daenerys’ minion side plots (because seriously, wtf was going on in season 6?).
  • Arya takes out atleast half of her list.
  • Jaime realises that Cersei is a crazy mf and goes to join up with Brienne.
  • Jon and Jaime meet again.
  • Arya and the Hound meet again and kick some ass together.
  • Jon and Tyrion meet again.
  • Tyrion and Jaime meet again.
  • Bran, Jon, Sansa and Arya meet again.
  • Arya and Gendry meet again.
  • Arya and Nymeria meet again.
  • Ghost and Nymeria meet again.
  • Theon and Jon meet again. 
  • Theon and Sansa meet again.
  • Actually, more Ghost in general.
  • Daenerys and Jon meet.
  • Cersei and Daenerys throw down 2K17.
  • Jon and the Night King throw down 2K17.
  • Yara vs Euron throw down 2K17.
  • Tormund, Davos and Jon brot3
  • Tormund flirting with Brienne cause that shit’s amazing.
  • Sansa telling Littlefinger to fuck off, once and for all.
  • Viserion and Rhaegal get Tyrion time.
  • Bran tells Jon who his real parents are.
  • Rhaegar’s harp in Lyanna’s tomb.
  • Jon becomes besties with Viserion and/or Rhaegal (they don’t get enough love, tbh)
  • The Mountain vs The Hound.
  • Lyanna Mormont vs the White Walkers
  • A funeral for Ned Stark.

Jon Snow is in danger next season!

D&D show writers confirm Jon will face enemies within that he will be vulnerable to due to his honorable nature. Not only will the WW threat loom taking Jon’s focus he will have to rely on others to protect him from selfish enemies within his inner circle. Who are those selfish people? D&D even say “defeating men and women” who don’t play by “honorable rules”.

D&D spoke to Deadline and gave this interesting insight into what is to come:


Benioff & Weiss: Jon’s honorable nature has proven a disadvantage in some regards: a man who plays by the rules will have a harder time defeating men and women who don’t. But Jon’s nature also provides one of his great strengths: his ability to win others to his cause. Men who respected his courage and honesty elected him Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. The Free Folk, who had never before aligned themselves with kneelers, chose to fight for Jon Snow because they believed in him. The lords of the north named him King in the North because they realized he was their last, best chance to survive the wars to come.

The question will be whether an honorable man can overcome dishonorable enemies. As E.O. Wilson wrote, “Within a group, selfish individuals always win. But in contests between groups, groups of altruists always beat groups of selfish individuals.” So Jon Snow better hope this is a contest between groups.

- http://deadline.com/2016/08/game-of-thrones-david-benioff-d-b-weiss-emmys-interview-1201803698/

Sidenote: Jon has a sister coming home. Most likely bringing with her a Hound, hopefully an of army wolves, and brothers who can finally take up banners again. The Stark name. Another group Jon can win over? Stay tuned!

by @huzzah-frib. / Set during season 4.
It didn’t take long for Petyr Baelish to fall in love with Sansa Stark. She was stunningly beautiful, any fool who could see knew that. But perhaps there was something else to it, he questioned. Something hiding under her bright blue eyes and long dark locks. From the moment he saw her four years ago in King’s Landing, he knew his entire life would be altered by the little red wolf wishing for a prince.

Sansa was always glowing to him, sitting alone at a long table, a variety of cakes and fruits in front of her. Her eyes were locked on Robin, who was laughing and jumping to the music just a few feet away. She seemed content and happy to see everyone at ease and enjoying their time at the Eyrie. He quickly made his way across the room to her to ask how the lemon cakes he had made up especially for her were.

“It’s magnificent, thank you.” She dipped her head and placed the cake back onto the plate. Her eyes were wide, looking up at him, and if it wasn’t for the hall filled with the people of the Vale, he thought he’d bend right down and kiss her. However he restrained, feeling multiple eyes on them, as the sounds of laughter and camaraderie buzzed around him.

“I’m glad it pleases you.” He figured supplying his sweetling with lemon cakes was right for any occasion. He figured it an extra reward for the week prior, when his wife had a terrible time falling to her death. It caused a hitch in his breath so he shifted his doublet and took a seat next to her on the bench, placing his elbow on the table. Sansa smiled at his demeanor as he placed his chin in his hand, relaxed and jovial was hardly Littlefinger’s style. It had been one week since Lysa had died, or actually been killed, by him. Also by her, he thought. He smirked at the idea of finally having an accomplice.

The memory of her lying for him caused his heart to beat faster and he could no longer hide the wide smile creeping across his face. After a moment he realized Sansa had ceased eating her lemon cake and had placed her hands in her lap. His smile fell into a slight pucker before her eyes met his.

“Lord Bae-“ She stopped mid-word as his eyes dropped to a deeper shade. He hated when she called him that, and after numerous times she finally corrected herself. “Petyr,” She began and the signature crooked smirk returned to his face.

He noticed her glass was half-empty and he wondered if the pink flushing in her cheeks was from the wine or his proximity to her. He took a chance and edged slightly closer until his knee was touching her legs. Her eyes darted down to look at their touching limbs and a small smile formed on her face.

“The cakes, they’re always good.” Her eyes moved to the remainder of the lemon cake she had nibbled on, and he ached to take the sweetness that remained on her lips. He got lost for a second just staring at her before her eyes shifted back to his. “You’re so generous, and I’m-“ She paused again to even her breaths as she began to twist her fingers in her lap.

His fingers began to run through the short coarse hairs of his chin as her eyes wandered over his face. She studied it for a few moments before letting out a soft sigh that traveled straight through his ears and landed with a thud right on his heart. He felt like humming right then, the heat of her body vibrating right to his core.

“I’m so thankful. For all you’ve done. For all you’ve given me.” Her voice was soft and she smiled at the end of her words. He arched an eyebrow and thought about all the things he wouldn’t mind giving her.

“I can give you gold, wine, whatever you want.” He sat up straight and let his hand fall to the table, and closer to her. He paused to lick his lips, deepening his stare. Sansa shifted in her seat, and stared at his hand now inches away from touching her. “What is it you want?” He leaned in intently and watched her mouth as it began to move.

“Much like you my lord,” she said with confidence “I want everything.”