The Snow: Chapter 2

* Warnings, such as they are: 1) angst and 2) NSFW language.

(Chapter 1 is here.)


Jon tapped at the door again, this one not quite so gently.  “Sansa, are you all right?”

Do I bloody look all right to you? she wanted to scream at him, but that sounded entirely stupid when said to someone who could not, in fact, look at her at the moment, so Sansa settled for, “Piss off, Jon, I’m fine. And no, I don’t need anything.”

She heard him sigh. “All right,” he replied, and she could hear the energy draining out of his voice.  “But if you need anything, come get me, all right?”

Sansa very nearly launched the flowered pillowcase she was still holding at the door, but that would have provoked a further response from Jon, and dealing with Jon was the last thing she needed right now.  The energy drained out of her arm as surely as it had left Jon’s voice just moments ago, and she set the pillowcase on the floor.


Sansa shut her eyes tightly. One, two, three, four…please, just let him go away –

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I See You: Chapter 18

Hello everyone! So sorry I couldn´t post the latest chapter of my fanfic (SanSan on Titanic) over the weekend, but guess what- this is the longest chapter yet and the last pic below kind of gives away a big moment, so I hope I´m forgiven due to those things xD

Hugs to everyone and I wish you a lovely week!

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