sansa snark

sansa is my BB lemoncake and I loveee that she was like 'I don't pray anymore.' to Tyrion because like fuck she ain't gonna let him know she's praying for him and his family's death

I mean literally the godswood is HER sanctuary. IT’S THR CLOSEST THING SHE HAS TO HOME.

In AGOT when Ned was in KL he took her and Arya there and they were actually happy and smiling and being normal loving sisters with each other and they feel asleep praying together and sansa dreamed of bran and I think arya did too!!! Fuck my life.


one of my favorite bloggers who doesn’t always tag stuff has become a sansan shipper.


stop shipping sansa with dudes. sandor, littlefinger, tyrion. 

sansa and margaery is a little better? but the tyrells still are just like using sansa. 

I want to send Sansa to Agnes Scott or something for four years with no cis het men, and she can redevelop the language that surrounds her sense of self and then at the end she’ll have a degree and a life plan that a dude might fit into. 

Man, sometimes I forget what the Sansa!dialogue is like in the ASOIAF fandom. I used to be very very heavily involved in it (before Arianne took over my life), but since stepping back and moving more to engagement primarily on tumblr, I’ve found myself more irritated with her stans than detractors (that whole YAHS QUEEN thing feels so out of place, and then many are quite into conflating her with Field Marshel Sansa Snark because it suits their projections).

But holy crap I checked out one thread on westeros and it’s all like “she’s a fundamentally selfish person” and “she’s a moron” and it’s like, good gods, I forgot this hellhole.

Protect Sansa. She’s a character that’s basically defined by her empathy who was thrown into a ridiculously complex political situation without understand most to all of the context, after being sexually groomed her entire life and having very a fucked up understanding of her value and duty.