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I love how while D&D and the HBO big shots are engaging and joking around with the press, Kit and Sophie are just having a little chat in the middle of it all, not giving a f*ck.

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Do you think Sansa was unreasonable in her stance re: the Northern families that sided with the Boltons? What was your takeon the Jon/Sansa conflict?

On content, I think show!Sansa’s clearly right. Giving Last Hearth and the Karhold to those who’ve proven their loyalty in the field (and preferably proven talent as well) is a good idea, from both a feudal politics standpoint and a practical in-case-of-zombies standpoint. Alys Karstark may be perfectly competent (her book self is certainly no pushover), but putting a kid as young as Ned Umber in charge of one of the first lines of defence after the Wall? That doesn’t strike me as a fantastic move even without the feudal issues in play.

Unfortunately, politics isn’t all policy, and we’ve got Stannis Baratheon to grind his teeth at that fact. There’s a significant component of presentation in play as well, and it’s here that show!Sansa falls down hard. She’s Jon’s sister. She’s sitting right next to him in the meeting, given the highest place of honour in that hall. That sends a message to everyone that Sansa is Jon’s closest, most trusted ally. Instead of backing him up, she picks a fight with him in front of everyone else. She’s not trying to persuade him, she’s trying to shoot him down, and making Jon’s flaws super visible. This is not the behaviour of a team player. It’s not the behaviour of someone who’s realised that she’s on a team in the first place.

(Side note: there’s a significant contextual difference between Lyanna Mormont speaking up in that meeting and Sansa speaking up. They’ve got vastly different roles, responsibilities, and dynamics with the people they’re speaking up against. It’s a tradeoff - Sansa can’t responsibly speak up against Jon in public, but in return she’s got a much greater ability to tell him he’s making bad decisions in private. Lyanna Mormont has only the public venue to tell Lord Glover to shove off and be listened to when she does.)

Sansa compounds her errors after the meeting. As Sansa had a good point about giving those castles to others, Jon had a good point about how her actions undermined him. He explicitly said she could criticise in private. Sansa, for whatever reason the writers contrived, refused to acknowledge the distinction and leapt straight to the Joffrey comparison. Then she insults their late father and late brother for no particularly good reason. Show!Sansa might have the best advice in the world, but she’s packaging it very badly.

Which leads me back to what I think of this conflict in general. It’s so contrived. It’s been contrived since Sansa started lying about the Knights of the Vale back in season six. There is no good dramatic reason these characters haven’t communicated with each other. Their failure to do so much as discuss “hey, who are we arguing should get Winterfell after we beat Ramsay?” paints both as incompetent. Instead, they’re not talking so that the writers can write a conflict about people not talking.

Arya Stark is going to die this season

Okay so I have this theory that Arya is probably going to die this season, I would hate this, but I have a few reasons to believe it:
Before I start I want to apologize for my English, it is not my mother tongue, so please, ignore the mistakes
1. Ed Sheeran’s appearing was a gift for Maisie from the producers. I feel like it could be a good bye gift, for all the years in the show
2. Sophie Turner said she cried reading one scene from this season. More than she has ever cried with any other script. ( Maisie and Sophie are best friends) could it be Arya’s scene she cried with?
3. In episode 2 trailer we see nymeria, probably reuniting with Arya. Every wolf has died near their “owners” maybe this will be the last chance for nym to be near Arya. Besides, Nymeria coming back is a really nice thing, and I just don’t trust nice things in this show

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Hi, I know you're waiting till the season's over to do your recaps, but I was just wondering what you thought of show! sansa's admiration for Cersei? It really annoyed me, I thought it seemed like the the showrunners think that sansa was wrong to think that love was a surer route to loyalty

If that line had been intended to demonstrate that Sansa had learned a lot about how not to run a kingdom from Cersei - the exact “If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me” that book!Sansa decided on - I would like show!Sansa’s line declaring that she’s learned a lot from Cersei. Factors such as show!Sansa’s new Cersei-inspired hairstyle and her hardline attitude to families that fought for Ramsay make me think that this is not the intended interpretation.

It’s also worth bringing in some of the series’ earlier failures in adapting Sansa’s storyline here, I think. In the books, Sansa’s fear of Joffrey and Cersei never stopped her being loyal to the Starks, nor prevented her participation in the plan for her escape. Skipping over all those places where Sansa quietly, understatedly demonstrates in her plot that fear is definitely not the path to true loyalty (and doubling down on this with the failure of the “the North Remembers” plots) demonstrates the show’s own unrelenting cynicism, which they’ve somehow mixed up with political competence.

Finally, ask away! I’m not hoarding my opinions until I write recaps. I’m not hoarding opinions at all.

tiny-little-bird hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Ok, are we going to see the weirwood scene next episode? Is it Sansa’s…”

No, it appears the weirwood scene will take place in episode 3, and the person she’ll have a conversation with, is not Jon, but actually, Bran.

Yes I thought so too after seeing her different hairstyles. So if it’s actually Bran, is he going to tell her that Jon’s actually a Targaryen? Is this why she looks so distressed? Than it’s going to happen a lot sooner than I thought.