sansa for all the thrones

My ship for next season is the Stark Sisters™ banding together to collectively kick Jon’s ass while Bran pulls receipts when he shows up to Winterfell with Its not Delivery it’s DiGiornos for the disrespect he did to the North, his bannermen, and Robb’s memory

Okay, hear me out...

Bran giving Arya that dagger is SUPER fucking significant, cause nobody believes for a fucking second that Bran doesn’t know exactly what Littlefinger has done or is up to, but him giving that dagger to Arya, the deadliest (by body count) of the siblings, is a catalyst for her to kill Littlefinger with it. Bran’s a sneaky lil fuck, shows NO EMOTION, but goes “Ye, gonna end this shit with the same weapon that started it”. Now if you don’t think that is the tightest, most poetic shit in this fucking series, then you can get the fuck outta here. 

Also, Sansa watching Arya fight and be like “jfc she wasn’t kidding wtf” I’M FUCKING LIVING RN

  • Jon: I was resurrected after being stabbed by my own men.
  • Sansa: Oh well that's definitely the weirdest thing I've heard so far.
  • Bran: Hey Sansa, couldn't help but overhear your conversation and I just wanted to let you know that you looked beautiful on your wedding night.
  • Sansa: Holy fuck what that's fucking creepy Bran what the fu-wait Arya what's that in your bag?
  • Arya: Oh, these? These are my faces. The faces that I wear. As an assassin. I can speak in their voice, live in their skin...even become you.
  • Sansa, packing her bags: All right you guys it's been fun catching up really missed you but I think I have to go very very far away from here see you all next Christmas