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Dead cold hands.

NHL 2017 Playoff Team Titles

The Anaheim “We can win a Game 7 if we believe!” Ducks

The Boston “Are top player is still a jerk” Bruins

The Calgary “Beer, saved are season” Flames

The Chicago “We’re the new Red Wings of the west” Blackhawks

The Columbus “Officer Bobrovsky is on the case!” Blue Jackets

The Edmonton “Remember that time we tanked for 10 years?” Oilers

The Minnesota “The number 7 is banned for the whole playoffs” Wild

The Montreal “I hope Price punches Chris Kreider” Canadiens

The Nashville “Time for PK Subban to shine” Predators

The New York “We rule that State of New York” Rangers

The Ottawa “We aren’t pesky anymore” Senators

The Pittsburgh “HBK LINE! ASSEMBLE! *Transformation Sequence*” Penguins

The San Jose “One of the Joe’s is still Captain, so we should we it all” Sharks

The St. Louis “Remember when people thought we could win the cup?” Blues

The Toronto “Backstreet’s Back, Alright!” Maple Leafs

The Washington “Good thing we didn’t hit that panic button, right?” Capitals


~ We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong!~

Aaaand HERE WE GO. This comic ended up being real long, so it’s been split into two parts. Link for next is below!

And big thanks to Rebamakash because she came up with the secret service joke!


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Masterpost and FAQ

  • them: why your sudden interest in 80s music?
  • me, an intellectual: season 3 episode 4 of black mirror, a series created by charlie brooker on netflix, titled 'san junipero', starring mackenzie davis and gugu mbatha-raw as lead characters yorkie and kelly. it's based in a seaside town in 1987, where a shy young woman and an outgoing party girl strike up a powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of space and time. it stands out as being the most hopeful episode of this typically dystopian show, and for giving its multiracial female couple the happiest ending imaginable in an otherwise dismal media landscape for queer characters

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Note:  This stemmed from my four sentence posts that grew into something else entirely.  Just a lot of filth and smut tbh.  This is unedited and rushed, so warning for the bad smut.  

Summary:  You are honor-bound to do your duty as a princess and marry for the good of the kingdom.  Marriage, like many things in your life, is meant to serve a purpose.  But you know you should be grateful because there are far worse fates than being engaged to marry Prince Taehyung.  ~Royalty AU~




Taehyung is the picture of etiquette and genteel charm during your maternal aunt’s harvest ball.  He dances with the appropriate family members and ladies of the court, but remembers to pay special attention to you, his wife-to-be. He maintains the proper distance during customary dances, hands finding their exact position on non-scandalous places on your body as he was taught to do from an early age.  

Ideal, the members of your court believe.  He is ideal.  You and Taehyung are the perfect match, a beautiful couple to join two kingdoms together through marital bliss.  And you don’t disagree with them for a second.  Despite only just having met the prince (whom you were contracted to marry since birth) for the first time last year, he had not faltered with sending you correspondence – a fact that sends your ladies-in-waiting into swooning fits and gossip.  

You can’t count the number of times they beg to read the letters, and each time you tell them on no uncertain terms that the letters are yours and yours alone.  They remain locked in a secret cabinet back at the castle.  So your ladies-in-waiting are left to imagine what Taehyung writes, their guesses sounding inane to your ears when they titter about romance and love at first sight.  

They don’t need to know that in every letter Taehyung writes, in perfect penmanship no less, he describes how he imagines deflowering you on your wedding night.  

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Copper & Tellurium - Nyarm - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Relationships: W. D. Gaster/Sans

CuTe Sanster oneshots!
I really love this ship, so I’ll be writing a bunch for it. Requests welcome!


Until I can properly fangirl over the “Musical Touken Ranbu ~Mihotose no Komoriuta~” (because I haven’t watched the musical yet ><), all the mentions from Sakiyama Tsubasa (Ishikirimaru) about Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu is seriously making me miss them.

(And I’ve chosen to use backstage photos in this post because, not gonna lie, one of the biggest reasons why I miss them so much is because I simply miss this cast being absolute dorks together ♥ xD)

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Fun Fact

Did you know Rie Kugimiya, who is best known as “The Queen of Tsundere” and for voicing the “Super Idol” Minase Iori

Is voicing two mascot characters this season? That’s right, Miruku-chan of Twin Angel Break and Vyrn of Granblue Fantasy. Will the “Queen of Tsundere” ever voice another Tsundere character?! Or will she be dethroned by a new fresh seiyuu?!