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The First Pokémon GO Legendary may appear today in San Diego

Phil DeFranco, a prominent YouTube has mentioned in a Tweet that a Legendary Bird will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con in Hall H from 2 - 3pm

Niantic today from 1:45 to 2:45 there will be a Pokémon GO section at Hall H, where the Niantic founder John Hanke & host Chris Hardwick will discuss the past, present and future of extending games beyond the screen and re-imagining reality through the lens of Ingress and Pokémon GO

For now Niantic has not mentioned anything related about the Legendary Pokémon




Fanfics That Deserve Their Own Fandom

DAN AND PHIL (all phan)

 HUMAN-Some seriously compelling mystery and will trigger an existential crisis if you ever decide to listen to Human by The KIllers again. (COMPLETE) 

 ALIVE- Will make you rethink your entire existance just a heads up (COMPLETE)

 UNDISCLOSED DESIRES-Tells the story of the phandoms headcannon for “phan” when they met in 2009 (ON HOLD) 

EUDAIMONIA -This fic could seriously be made into an epic dystopian future film holy jesus (COMPLETE) THE HAT FIC the cutest little fic you will ever read :)))))))))) (COMPLETE)


 FLIGHT- If You like Cas angst and His magestical wings and cool Angel lore then your welcome also be prepared to have mild heart attacks coz this fic gets serious intense(COMPLETE)

TWIST AND RIP MY FREAKING HEART OUT want an insanely well written fic that will make you cry like a little bitch and be triggered by various seemingly random words places and objects…and who am i kidding you’ve already read this havnt you (sorry for bringing it up) (COMPLETE)

ANGELS WILD-Just Read It,.Again this should be a published N1 best seller.For anyone who hates AUs like i did this fic may just change your mind but seriously slow glacial buildup to the destiel action doesnt even begin to describe and will have you screaming like a mad person (COMPLETE)


FLOWEY IS NOT A GOOD LIFE COACH-Not a single line of romance so yeh sorry for…nevermind but dont worry it more than makes up for it IN A FREAKING AWSOME STORY and Adorable brother love that will make you want to roll on the floor making pterodactyl noises (COMPLETE)


THE TRUE FALLEN CHILD-Sansxfrisk which im not a fan of but the story between frisk and chara is really good (INCOMPLETE)


Plz help me find some

Also please add more if theres any major ones i missed so that i can get through the summer holidays with my sanity thx :)

SETLIST Phil Lesh & Friends Thur. July 7, 2016 | Bar show, Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA

SETLIST Phil Lesh & Friends Thur. July 7, 2016 | Bar show, Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA

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Phil Lesh & Friends Thur. July 7, 2016 Bar show Terrapin Crossroads San Rafael, CA Phil Lesh – bass, vocals Neal Casal – guitar, vocals Adam MacDougall – keyboards Mark Levy – drums Set 1 9:00pm – 10:05pm Jam > Peggy-O pl She Belongs To Me nc It Must Have Been The Roses nc No Expectations nc Friend of the Devil pl Set 2 10:35pm – 11:20pm Jam > Mountains of the Moon pl After Midnight nc Mission In…

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