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South Africa’s San people issue ethics code to scientists
The indigenous people — known for their click languages — are the first in Africa to draft guidelines for researchers.

On 2 March, three communities in South Africa issued their own research-ethics code — thought to be the first from any indigenous group in Africa. Although the rules will carry no legal weight, their authors hope that scientists will feel compelled to submit proposals for research in San communities to a review panel of community members. And the San may refuse to collaborate with institutions whose staff do not comply, the rules warn.

The code was developed by traditional leaders of the !Xun, Khwe and !Khomani groups of San, which represent around 8,000 people in South Africa.

“We’ve been bombarded by researchers over the years,” says Hennie Swart, director of the South African San Institute in Kimberley, which helped to develop the code. “It’s not a question of not doing the research. It’s a question of doing it right.”


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.


anonymous asked:

Hope this isn't a bother but i've been a bit down, I was wondering how the main 4 Paps and Sans' would react to an s/o who's gone through a lot of emotional abuse at the hands of friends and family, and is a little paranoid about trusting people for it?

I’m sorry this took so long school’s been kind of a pain in the ass. Also, I don’t have much personal experience with emotional abuse, so hit me up if I get something tragically wrong

I’d like to take this time to make a distinction. The skelebros are not perfect. They will not always handle your mental issues in the healthiest way. But they care about you. A lot. 

Also…..I don’t think I’ve written enough detail to be triggering, and I’m tagging it obviously, but if any of you guys need it I’m happy to put this under a cut

UT!Sans: “a little paranoid about trusting people”….yeah, could be the title of his biography honestly. Different reasons, but he knows what its like to have a hard time opening up, to worry that other people can’t be trusted with all the hurt inside. He doesn’t push you to be open, he just tries to be worthy of your trust, by being there as much as he can. It sucks that people in your past have been like this, but he hopes he and his friends can take care of your present and future.

UT!Papyrus: He doesn’t understand as….personally as his brother does, but he knows how to deal with it. A lifetime with Sans has taught him he doesn’t have the right to pry into every door. And sometimes, yeah, he asks questions when he shouldn’t, he pushes too much. But in general he tries to respect your boundaries. He doesn’t bring up your family if you don’t, but in his own way, he’s trying to make up for them by being the best he can for you.

UF!Sans: He understands baggage. He’s got a lot of his own. There’s an unspoken rule between the two of you that you don’t ask questions about each other’s past. If one of you volunteers information, that’s fine, you comfort each other, are there for each other. But in general both of you prefer to act like the world didn’t really exist before you met each other. Its not necessarily healthy, but its what works for you, at least. 

UF!Papyrus: Your family pisses him off a LOT. Ironic, considering his history with Sans (what they had wasn’t quite emotional abuse but there were points where it wasn’t far off) but then we always do hate the sins that we see in ourselves. Every time he finds out you’ve been internalizing shit, every time he tries to be genuine with you and you can’t respond as you want, because there is a part of you that cannot be sure of his intentions no matter how much you want to be… makes him want to hurt them. Badly. But he does his best to be there for you. To understand when you need to withdraw. To know that its not a reflection on him when you struggle to trust. And to give you your space when you need it.

US!Sans: He’s an intuitive guy. Even before you told him he kind of sensed that it was something to that effect. He picked up pretty fast that there was a lot you didn’t feel comfortable saying or doing with him, things that you didn’t feel okay telling him. He doesn’t really do it as much himself, but like Tale Sans he kind of understands the need to keep things to yourself. That’s part of why he developed his cheerful demeanor. It made it easier to mask that sometimes being treated like everyone’s little brother really got to him. So he knows better than to confront it directly. He goes at it from the side, more subtlety than usual. He just does his best to make you feel as protected and safe as possible. He makes a point of listening to you when you talk, responding to it no matter how inane the comment. It may upset him that you may never feel ready to be totally open with him, but until you’re ready he wants to make sure you know he’s listening.

US!Papyrus: ever met someone where you’ve only known them for a few days but somehow they’ve got you spilling life secrets that even your close friends don’t know? Paps is one of those people. In your case it takes more than his usual effort, but he’s good at getting you to open up, and he’s pretty good about respecting boundaries when he can’t. In general he’s okay with however much you’re comfortable sharing, and won’t talk about your family if you won’t.

SF!Sans: To be perfectly honest, he doesn’t understand why its so hard for you to trust him. He may be the terrible and Maleficent Sans, but don’t you believe him by now that he would never hurt you like that?! It’ll take him some time to understand, and when he does, it just makes him pissed at those people in your past. But slowly he becomes very good at giving you your space when you need it. In many ways Papyrus has some similar needs, and while the situations aren’t exactly the same he learns to apply some of the skills he learned with his brother to yours and his. He won’t always hit it out of the park, but above all he won’t hurt you intentionally. In his mind its his job to protect you from people like that in your life, not be one of them

SF!Papyrus: He’s probably the most okay with the need to isolate since he does that a shit-ton himself. As for the trust issues…..well, ot him trust is a two-way street. Once he gets comfortable about you, he starts being more open, about his past, his emotions, etc. Nothing too big or overwhelming, he won’t use you as a therapist or anything. But when the moment is right he’ll let you in just a little more, let himself be just a little more vulnerable with you. He’s hoping that him being exposed like this will help you feel more comfortable around him, especially with the vulnerable stuff. If that time never comes, its fine, he can’t fix everything for you. But he wants you to know that its okay. That you don’t need to spill your guts for him to know that you love him. And that he knows that your family has screwed you up deeply, and that he’s willing to deal with the sacrifices they foisted upon both of you because of it.


Enjoy my drawings of UF Sans and my voice acting insanity :D Aha just kittying But yeah seriously it’s mind and eyeballs shaking, be cautious when viewing it please! x’333

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Does Papyrus have a negative body image (Muscle dysmorphia)?

If you compare a bunch of different human skeletons, you might notice that the hip bone and the rib cage are usually about the same width, which got me thinking of Sans and Papyrus:

If draw lines between each of them’s upper body and mig section, we see Sans clearly follows this norm (in fact, just about all the other main characters does as well), but Papyrus seems to do not.

This got me wondering about Papyrus’ Battle body and how the ‘biceps’ of it obviously exaggerate the size of his upper arms. He is a skeleton, so he can’t have real muscles. Maybe the battle body exaggerates the size of his chest as well, like a muscle suit?

Could it be that Papyrus’ actual rib cage and hip bone has similar width, like Sans? What would that look like? I tried to redraw Sans and Papyrus’ sprites to find out:

I drew Papyrus’ rib cage to be much smaller than his Battle body and more similar to the size of his hip bone, as you can see it makes a huge difference. Sans does not appear to be wearing anything that would exaggerate his body frame, so with him, I just filled the space his clothes cover, so he ended up fittingly big boned.

Her you see their ‘skeletons’ bodies over their clothed selves for comparison.

Design wise I think this fitting, as Sans and Papyrus is by design each other’s foil, so it makes sense for them to have complete opposite body builds.

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chara and the number nine

(undertale spoilers)

nine is the highest single digit, representing the highest achievable stat. in many rpgs, 9,999 (or similar) is the damage cap. it represents strength. it represents power. it represents “the absolute”. there are many allusions to the number nine within undertale, some more subtle than others. however, most share the distinction of being specifically related to chara.

so, where do they show up? where are the nines?

➊ stats

at lv 20, hp is 99. atk maxes at 99, max def is 99, max gold is 9,999, and max exp is 99,999. atk and def are reliant on weapon/armour and gold does not need to max out in the genocide route. the only thing chara mentions that cannot include nines at max is LOVE, which is 20 at the highest. sans, the final genocide battle, is fought at lv 19, though.

➋ the locket and the real knife

related to stats. the locket and the real knife provide 99 def and 99 atk respectively.

on the other hand, the heart locket and the worn dagger both provide 15 to their respective stat. only when chara is in control of frisk’s body does this gear feature the number nine.

➌ sans’ deathblow

at the end of the fight with sans, the player can attempt to strike him when he’s sleeping, but it’ll miss. just as sans attempts to mock the player for this, another slash strikes him and fully connects.

as the player has not issued the attack, it seems that only chara could have done it (”SINCE WHEN WERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROL?”). chara’s devastating attack flashes all nines.

 ➍ attacking asgore

before asgore can even finish his speech, he’s struck down by a slash. like with sans, the player doesn’t issue this attack. it is presumably chara’s doing. 

 ➎ erasing the world

by far the most obvious case of the number nine. whether or not the player agrees to it, chara will destroy the world at the end of the genocide route. when this occurs, the screen is covered in nines and shakes from side to side.

➏ pacifist-neutral: asgore

if asgore is fought in a neutral route where monsters have been killed, the “talk” ACT will produce only one line of dialogue (unless frisk has been killed by him previously):

But there was nothing to say.

however, if no monsters have been killed, the “talk” ACT will cycle through a number of things each time it is used. the first one depends on whether frisk has died to asgore or not, but the proceeding dialogue continues as usual.

1.) You quietly tell ASGORE you don’t want to fight him.
His hands tremble for a moment.
2.) You tell ASGORE that you don’t want to fight him.
His breathing gets funny for a moment.
3.) You firmly tell ASGORE to STOP fighting.
Recollection flashes in his eyes…
ASGORE’s ATTACK dropped! ASGORE’s DEFENSE dropped!
4.) Seems talking won’t do any more good.

eventually, “seems talking won’t do any more good” just comes up over and over. until the ninth “talk”, that is. 

on the ninth “talk”, the flavour text reads: “all you can do is FIGHT”. interestingly, it never occurs again in the same battle. “talk” #9 is the only time this text can be seen. afterwards, it goes back to “seems talking won’t do any more good”.

if it weren’t for this flavour text only appearing on the ninth talk, it could have been linked to either frisk or chara, but as it stands, the nine specifically brings to mind chara. perhaps this is another nod to chara’s presence outside of the genocide route (along with the likes of the woshua jokes, the snowdrake’s mother “laugh”/”heckle” ACTs, and the new home bed dialogue). maybe it’s evidence of chara willing frisk to fight.

People they say that the Heterodynes –

They will return.

They will come laughing and singing,

Sheepish because they have kept us waiting.

They will smile and wink and

Show us marvelous things that will

Make the world a’right and then

They’ll a’pat our heads and put us to bed.

But I think the Heterodynes –

They will return.

They will come with fire and smokes

And machines a’blazing in the night.

They will stare at us from bloodspattered faces

They will pull us up and roughly exclaim

“We bought you years, but you’ve done nothing

And now the monsters are a’snapping at our heels!”

– T. Stormboy, La Revue Parisienne des Réflexions Chagrines et Sans Mérite, Vol. 2. Issue 3

@iztarshi mentioned this poem from the novels. I didn’t pay attention when I read it the first time, but the nickname does seem to hint at Tarvek being the author.

If that’s true, I find it very interesting. This poem warns of the return of the Other’s monsters. It also implies that the Heterodyne boys won’t be happy when they do return, that they will direct their wrath at those who did nothing to keep the monsters at bay.

That’s… I really wonder what his state of mind was at the time.

Séparée d’autrui, je n’avais plus de lien avec le monde : il devenait un spectacle qui ne me concernait pas. J’avais renoncé successivement à la gloire, au bonheur, à servir ; maintenant je ne m’intéressais plus même à vivre. Par moments, je perdais tout à fait le sens de réalité : les rues, les autos, les passants n’étaient qu’un défilé d’apparences parmi lesquelles flottait ma présence sans nom. Il m’arrivait de me dire avec fierté et avec crainte que j’étais folle : la distance n’est pas très grande entre une solitude tenace et la folie. J’avais bien des raisons de m’égarer. Depuis deux ans que je me débattais dans un traquenard, sans trouver d’issue ; je me cognais sans cesse à d’invisibles obstacles : ça finissait par me donner le vertige. Mes mains restaient vides ; je trompais ma déception en m’affirmant à la fois qu’un jour je possèderais tout et que rien ne valait rien : je m’embrouillais dans ces contradictions.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, Mémoires d’une jeune fille rangée.
chara likes to kill for fun, too.

(undertale spoilers)

chara’s “perverted sentimentality” speech may lead people to believe that they dislike the act of murder to some extent, even at the end of the genocide route. that seems unlikely, however.

in truth, chara is simply perplexed by the player’s desire to keep around a boring world with nobody in it. with nobody to interact with and nothing left to find, chara makes it clear that “there is nothing left for us here.” the world is barren and “pointless” now that all options have been exhausted. when chara mentions that they “cannot understand these feelings any more,” they are referring specifically to the player’s choice to not erase the world: “this feeling you have. this is what i spoke of.”

as it turns out, chara is pleased with the player as long as the player agrees with them – that “this pointless world” should be erased so that the two can “move on to the next.” in fact, not only is chara content with the player, they go as far as to compliment them: “right. you are a great partner.”

» read more: “perverted sentimentality”

so if chara isn’t berating the player for killing again and again in the genocide route end, what does this mean for chara’s view on killing? in particular, one of chara’s actions independent of the player stands out – their reaction to defeating sans.

if sans is killed but the game is reloaded to a point before his death, he’ll share some extra dialogue. 

after he’s killed once:

after he’s killed twice or more:

as chara is “THE ONE IN CONTROL” at this point, has just previously expressed their “creepy face” to flowey, and was the one to deliver the killing blow on sans, it’s implied that sans is speaking of chara’s reaction (rather than frisk’s). if the expression is similar to the one they recently showed to flowey, this face is likely a smile, suggesting that chara actually enjoys tormenting sans by killing him repeatedly with the help of the player.

furthermore, chara continues to encourage the killing of monsters in subsequent genocide routes: they still provide the save point kill counts; they berate the player if they fail to kill snowdrake; they advise the player to finish off the monsters in waterfall before reaching undyne; the exclamation mark above frisk’s head upon encounters still changes to a smiley face. additionally, when asked whether or not the player will erase the world, if “do not” is selected, chara will laugh while destroying the world regardless. (the soulless pacifist route also ends in chara’s laughter.) none of these things speak to someone who dislikes killing or being cruel.

there is even a statement from chara in the undertale demo that confirms their enjoyment in killing – when the genocide route is completed in the demo, the following is seen at the end:

in red text and in first-person, chara describes the demo’s genocide route is as “fun.” not only do they advocate and enjoy it, but they encourage the player to finish what they started in the full version of the game.

despite chara suggesting that a different path be taken on the next route, they show no resistance and will continue actively encouraging the genocide route once it is triggered. based on this, chara seems to enjoy killing in the genocide and soulless pacifist routes.

Tu n'es pas dans un chemin interminable, tu n'es pas dans une impasse. Il y a forcément une sortie, une solution au problème. D'ailleurs, il y a t-il réellement un problème ? Tu n'es pas confronté(e) à une voie sans issue, tu as le choix. On a toujours le choix, même si certains tentent de te faire croire que non, que tu dois prendre cette direction même si tu n'en as pas du tout envie. Ne rien faire est aussi un choix, tu peux décider de laisser le problème de côté jusqu'à ce qu'il finisse par se régler tout seul. La plupart du temps, c'est ce que je fais. Car je considère que ces “problèmes” ne méritent pas que je me remette en cause, que je fasse des choses que je ne veux pas faire ou même que je dise des choses que je pourrais regretter. Le regret mène à la perte de soi, du véritable bonheur et alors nous nous trouvons confrontés à une vie sans artifices et nous retournons au point de départ.
Osez dire “non”, peu importe les conséquences. Osez agir si vous êtes sûrs de ce que vous voulez. Réveillez-vous. Votre vie, c'est maintenant. Pas demain, pas hier. Maintenant. Il n'est pas trop tard.
—  lespiquresaines