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You know, it is prooved that sleeping with a loved one close reduce anxiety, as well as petting a cat until it purrs for you ! *pet meebs* purrs are very calming and help cleaning your mind.

Shame Sans can’t purr XD they would be calming each other down all the time…


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.



YOU’s next issue will have a cute poster. Also, here’s a preview of chapter 33 from this month’s where the brothers are all kinda ripping on each other’s traits. The part where Osomatsu and Choromatsu mock Totty’s slyness is so cute.

Alors je fonds en larmes pour moi tout seul, sans bruit, pour avoir un peu moins mal, parce que j'ai fini par comprendre que, dans ces cas-là, quand tu n'as plus d'autre solution, quand ça devient trop, trop impossible, trop sans issue, c'est la seule chose à faire.
—  Nicolas Fargues
Tu n'es pas dans un chemin interminable, tu n'es pas dans une impasse. Il y a forcément une sortie, une solution au problème. D'ailleurs, il y a t-il réellement un problème ? Tu n'es pas confronté(e) à une voie sans issue, tu as le choix. On a toujours le choix, même si certains tentent de te faire croire que non, que tu dois prendre cette direction même si tu n'en as pas du tout envie. Ne rien faire est aussi un choix, tu peux décider de laisser le problème de côté jusqu'à ce qu'il finisse par se régler tout seul. La plupart du temps, c'est ce que je fais. Car je considère que ces “problèmes” ne méritent pas que je me remette en cause, que je fasse des choses que je ne veux pas faire ou même que je dise des choses que je pourrais regretter. Le regret mène à la perte de soi, du véritable bonheur et alors nous nous trouvons confrontés à une vie sans artifices et nous retournons au point de départ.
Osez dire “non”, peu importe les conséquences. Osez agir si vous êtes sûrs de ce que vous voulez. Réveillez-vous. Votre vie, c'est maintenant. Pas demain, pas hier. Maintenant. Il n'est pas trop tard.
—  lespiquresaines
Je suis un peu comme le temps, inexplicable, incompréhensible, imprévu. Un grand soleil, une belle journée, les sourires, les rires, tout va bien. Et puis d'un coup, les nuages, l'orage, le tonnerre, les éclairs, la haine, la tristesse. Tout s'effondre, les toits, les arbres, le cœur, l'âme. Et viens la pluie, le torrent, la tempête, les larmes, les pleurs qui n'en finissent pas. Tout est sombre. L'obscurité sans étoiles, sans issue. Comme un tourbillon sans fin. Le jour de lève et les nuages emplissent mon coeur. Aucune lumière. La deprime. Les pensées Plus noires les unes que les autres. Puis revient l'espoir, comme la lune au milieu de cette nuit noire. Et tout recommence. Jusqu'a la prochaine tempête, la prochaine colère, les prochains doutes.

So…I did a thingy. Well, a comic dub to be exact! It’s probably trash and I wasted my entire day editing it so, I’ll just leave this here~!

Credit to @zarla-s. She’s the artist of the comic. I just simply dub em! Please go check them out!

F**k i watched San Junipero and i’m still mind wrecked from everything. Like thats how you can do it! Its not that hard! @everywriterofmediaever 

Perfect sci-fi + perfect wlwoc story. I have to just sit down for half an hour now, ‘cause i cryed, laughed ecc more in 60 min than my whole life.

heaven is a place we’ll make on earth..” 


Freshuary Day 11: Geno, Error, and Fresh all hang out.

Location: The Save Screen, before the events of Aftertale.

Why the funk are we here here again? And quit doing that you radhole!” Error said. The agitated black-and-blue skeleton paced around the dark “room” he was in- a room far, far, to similar to his antivoid for his liking.

“Relax brah, we’re just paying ol’ Geno here a radtastic visit is all!” Fresh said, smiling plastered on as usual. He was heeling around the “void”, watching Error to make sure he didn’t start something. “That dang depressed little dude needs some happy-wacky good vibes, ya dig?” He looked over at Geno when he said this, but Geno just looked away.

“Got tired of running Fresh? Got bored of your antivoid Error?” Geno asked, quietly. “Hey. Wanna swap? You can watch the world end, over and over again. I’ll play destroyer of worlds. It’d be fun,” he finished a red glint in his eye. 

Then he leaned back and started laughing. “Maybe I’m getting a little soft in the skull after all! A game might bring the life back to me. Whatcha bring?”

Fresh just smiled and did his finger-guns. “Right on bro! Games are the spice of the life, making it totes awesome sauce mcgee. And our game for the day he,” he said, twirling around dramatically before pulling out “Sorry!”

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chara likes to kill for fun, too.

(undertale spoilers)

chara’s “perverted sentimentality” speech may lead people to believe that they dislike the act of murder to some extent, even at the end of the genocide route. that seems unlikely, however.

in truth, chara is simply perplexed by the player’s desire to keep around a boring world with nobody in it. with nobody to interact with and nothing left to find, chara makes it clear that “there is nothing left for us here.” the world is barren and “pointless” now that all options have been exhausted. when chara mentions that they “cannot understand these feelings any more,” they are referring specifically to the player’s choice to not erase the world: “this feeling you have. this is what i spoke of.”

as it turns out, chara is pleased with the player as long as the player agrees with them – that “this pointless world” should be erased so that the two can “move on to the next.” in fact, not only is chara content with the player, they go as far as to compliment them: “right. you are a great partner.”

» read more: “perverted sentimentality”

so if chara isn’t berating the player for killing again and again in the genocide route end, what does this mean for chara’s view on killing? in particular, one of chara’s actions independent of the player stands out – their reaction to defeating sans.

if sans is killed but the game is reloaded to a point before his death, he’ll share some extra dialogue. 

after he’s killed once:

after he’s killed twice or more:

as chara is “THE ONE IN CONTROL” at this point, has just previously expressed their “creepy face” to flowey, and was the one to deliver the killing blow on sans, it’s implied that sans is speaking of chara’s reaction (rather than frisk’s). if the expression is similar to the one they recently showed to flowey, this face is likely a smile, suggesting that chara actually enjoys tormenting sans by killing him repeatedly with the help of the player.

furthermore, chara continues to encourage the killing of monsters in subsequent genocide routes: they still provide the save point kill counts; they berate the player if they fail to kill snowdrake; they advise the player to finish off the monsters in waterfall before reaching undyne; the exclamation mark above frisk’s head upon encounters still changes to a smiley face. additionally, when asked whether or not the player will erase the world, if “do not” is selected, chara will laugh while destroying the world regardless. (the soulless pacifist route also ends in chara’s laughter.) none of these things speak to someone who dislikes killing or being cruel.

there is even a statement from chara in the undertale demo that confirms their enjoyment in killing – when the genocide route is completed in the demo, the following is seen at the end:

in red text and in first-person, chara describes the demo’s genocide route is as “fun.” not only do they advocate and enjoy it, but they encourage the player to finish what they started in the full version of the game.

despite chara suggesting that a different path be taken on the next route, they show no resistance and will continue actively encouraging the genocide route once it is triggered. based on this, chara seems to enjoy killing in the genocide and soulless pacifist routes.