San Qing or The Three Pure Ones

Right, so first up, apologies that this came so late! I had difficulty finding out information about these people uh, I mean, gods and so, instead of three posts, I only have one post. I have scoured the internet (i.e., looked beyond Wikipedia and page 10 of google search results,) went to my libraries, and I did not find much about them. If you have information about these gods, please come forward - I mean, drop something in my submission box! I would really really appreciate it. Besides, the point of this blog isn’t about writing as little information about these gods - yeah, I suck at microblogging, but finding out as much info as possible ‘so that people would know of them, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, for now, I will write about these gods the best I can and hopefully give them their due!

(This pic was taken from Myths and Legends of Ancient China by E.T.C Werner)

Check these Taoist gods out! They are so zen, yo! But anyway, like lotsa religions, these holy peeps come in threes and it’s no surprise. It’s also no surprise that these guys are the head of Taoism, and they were like totally formed of this primordial nothingness or emptiness. They also have many names, like the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three Pristine Ones, the Three Divine Teachers, the Three Clarities, aaaand the Three Purities. What a mouthful! Lotsa people wonder how two other gods can be produced from the same primordial source, but some say it’s because Yin and Yang interacted with each other. Anyway, here they are!

The Jade Pure One

The first dude is called Yu Qing, or the Jade Pure One. He’s the first guy, the big boss who lives in the Jade Mountain. There’s a golden door in front of his palace, and he’s the source of light and truth. Actually, most of you know him as Yuanshi Tianzun (元始天尊) or Yu Huang Dadi i.e. the Jade Emperor! (Well, that’s who some people say he is, anyway.) He is also called Tianbao, which means Heavenly Treasure, too. The Jade Emperor actually used to be above this whole, Three Pure Ones thing but over time he was integrated into this trinity till he became the Jade Pure One.

The Supreme Pure One

Next up is this guy, Shang Qing, and he’s also called Lingbao Tianzun (靈寶天尊). Unfortunately, there’s no epic origin story about him - he’s like, always existed at the beginning of time, keeper of sacred books. He can actually count time and like, divide it into different eras, and he regulates Yin and Yang and make sure they keep balance.

The Grand Pure One

The third dude is called Tai Qing, and people think he’s Laozi. He’s also called (道德天尊) Daode Tianzu, or (太上老君) Taishang Laojun. He’s the guy who tries to spread the doctrine by the second dude, Lingbao Tianzun. He’s also called Shenbao, or Immortal Treasure. People say he’s been teachers and emperors throughout various generations, and he’s helped them shape the Kingdom.

Eh, I know they aren’t the most interesting immortals, and there’s a reason for that. See, these Taoist people didn’t wanna be outshined by the Buddhists, 'cause the Buddhists had Law and Priesthood, sooo Taoists just had to have the Tao, the Classics, and the Priesthood. Yeah yeah, I know the descriptions are abysmal, and most of the descriptions are take from the book the pic is from, Myths and Legends of Ancient China by E.T.C Werner. It’s the only source I got. If you have any information on these guys, please send them to me, and once I’ve gotten all the info, I’ll make a better post.

Come next week for more epic gods!