sanpez replied to your post: hello um in the kindergarten today there was a little girl who kept meowing and when i asked her why she was meowing she said she was a cat and it made me think of you

um excuse me jenny i was a cat first

um excuse me rude you were drunk so i’m counting it as a group effort

alyvaseline asked:


•i would harass you as much as i possibly could but somehow i think you’d do the same so it’s a fair deal y/y
•the entire relationship would be a musical
•i’d leave sticky notes EVERYWHERE that just say “meow” and you’d either hate me or love me for it
•we’d bicker like an old married couple because i’m sarcastic and you’re sarcastic
•i’d make you feel constantly awkward because my compliments are all sexual
•we would NEVER watch scary movies okay fuck you and your realistic bloody torturous ones agddgsgdjfk
•you’d make me watch grace helbig (i still haven’t watched that one video you told me to watch months ago ahahahaaa)
•the majority of the time we talk to each other we’d be meowing

sanpez replied to your post: my tumblr dream is to get to 200 followers one day

just turn puck into your personal and trick everyone xoxo

no omg and i only had like 400 anyway and they’d probably unfollow me after they realized how lame i was