i don’t know how the hell i ended up drawing this on my paper, but i spaced out and looked down and BAM, PIGEON

but I’ve been stalking the same fucking pigeon for like three weeks now in the train station and i think i am going to photoseries him because i love him so much

but this bitch got a girlfriend on monday and my heart broke

/i was so devoted too/

this is alpha male rock pigeon in my train station. i have named him Lester. But he will never be mine.

He ran off with some whore.

past that i should probably ask my teacher if he is okay with the fact that i drew a huge fucking pigeon on a school assignment.


for that halloween event HA HA how do people draw i forgot a long time ago

I wasn’t sure whether to do a short dress or a long dress–since Vera’s turning 18 in Spring, I didn’t really think her usual mid-thigh cupcake dresses were perfect. BESIDES I WANTED TO CHESHIRE CAT TO MATCH SOFIYA’S MARCH HARE

so in the end i just FWOOSH FABRIC EVERYWHERE DON’T GIVE A FUCK and we have this monstrosity

also cat ears