Zevran Companion Card (romance variant) - Dragon Age

“In truth, for the chance to be by your side I would storm the Dark City itself, never doubt that.”


Dragon Age - Zevran Expressions

Ive been working out how to mimic pencil with photoshop, and this is sorta the result of that. It’s not perfect yet, but Zevran’s face is always fun to draw anyway. I used a couple of Disney concept works as reference (mostly Flynn Rider, admittedly).


Inktober days ??? (time has no meaning) - Dragon Age in Suits

Allright allright so Isabela should be in the middle chronologically, but you can’t deny they either look like a band here or members of a very attractive crime syndicate.

Inktober day 06 - Inquisition era Colt Tabris and Zevran Aranai

First time I’ve drawn Zevrans armor plated outfit from the World of Thedas book, I think it’s starting to grow on me finally. Colt’s daggers are a personal design based on a knife I bought from a Pirate Dinner theater thing.


Sketches from between finals, finally posting these up. Also finally getting use from my tan tone sketchbook paper. Sole Survivor is my lovely Arianna Sun who went back to her maiden name after the intro.

Bottom pic is her graduation photo. I been imagining how Hancock first finds out about her prewar life (he’d heard about her being frozen already but not much else), and while they’re staying in Sanctuary he starts snooping around the houses out of boredom and finds it. Man there are times I wish I could write


Kata and Kadan Adaar - OC Kiss Week

WELL WERE STARTING THE WEEK OFF WITH SOME GOOD OL ANGST!! Story goes that @light-scales‘ Kadan Adaar at the winter palace ran into a not very nice noble who thought it’d be amusing to give the ex-saarebas a replica saarebas’ mask for the party. Kata doesn’t get angry often, but there are certain things you don’t mess about with.

For @becausedragonage‘s OC Kiss Week

A Ferelden Tradition - Colt Tabris/Zevran Arainai and Nisa Tabris/Darin Brosca

To close out the holidays the right way!! This was a christmas gift for my friend/rp partner @flameysaur of Colt and Nisa (who are twins in our RP) and their respective love interests. An interesting exercise too in different reactions to mistletoe (one Ferelden Tradition that Zevran can def get behind)