I didn’t say it was the same, but in a way, Norma’s sort of repairing her fucked up childhood using Norman. And all the other shit in her life, too. Norman loves her wholly and completely and that’s all she’s ever wanted from another human being. The irony is she literally had to mold him into that person. All her attempts to find love and security in other places failed, including with Dylan (at first). In a way, Norman was her last chance for something meaningful. And he literally fills the void of every man she’s lost in her life. Her father and her brother (because he protects her and makes her feel safe), her husband (because of his attraction to her and the depth of their emotional connection) and her son (because his love for her is unconditional and selfless).

all i was saying is that it’s messed up to find a rapist (he’s obviously a rapist if he done all of those things and sent his men to rape max…), murderer, misogynist etc. sweet… and that the quote “i killed them all to protect you.” shouldn’t be seen as sweet. i obviously expect slaughter in a show about pirates… but it’s still not sweet to kill people?? even if you’re doing it for someone else…? obviously??

also i wasn’t expecting knitting and poetry. stop treating me like a child. i’m only slightly triggered by rape scenes… okay, bye.

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Woah! Majority of what I post when it comes to Sleepy Hollow, that I even tag, is postive stuff and squeeing about Ichabod/Abbie. The negative is me being fed up with people complaining. And this is why writing to each other could be trickly because I didn't mean ANYTHING negative with what I said. It was just a statement that I absolutely meant no harm with. Sorry that you feel that way. I don't have anything aginst you, I don't even know you.

You have negated the majority of my SH/ichabbie posts with your sardonic statements for a minute now. Like, you always want to take something up with them like YOU know me. And no, there’s been nothing positive about it.





My favorite one is the last link, where you misinterpreted my post and went on a stupid pointless rant. So no, you’re not positive. You’re negative as hell. At least when it comes to the Sleepy Hollow things that I specifically post. You’re the reason I don’t post as much anymore. I hate knowing that you, or someone like you, will jump on my post and derail my feelings or valid concerns.

And you know what? I am just going to ignore you. I hope you do the same. Because you annoy me more than the ichtrina shippers who go into the ichabbie tag. I can tolerate them more than you.

Now disperse.

Mia's Follow Forever 2012

Here’s my christmas Follow Forever list. I hope I haven’t left anyone out, knowing me I probably have in which case, i’m sorry! But you know what, actually, fuck you because you all keep changing your URLS *(*cough* SHILO *cough* - seriously, I can’’t actually find you) and i have no fucking idea who any of you are anymore. Love you.

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Feliz Navidad and all that

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There's a gifset someone recently posted in the Bates tag. Wasn't it you who made this gifset?? This person has stolen it.

Sadly one of the downsides to tumblr. It’s funny, they seem to know how to use the reblog button so you can’t even blame it on ignorance. 

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Can I ask why?? Just today I was thinking about how awesome Hola Unblocker is, lol

Are you using it on chrome? It’s been giving people malware there. Mediahint might be a better choice.

Edit. It might also be an issue on Firefox but we’ve only experienced it with Chrome. (Also, it might be an issue with the newer version if that helps?)


Here’s me in the being human prequel thingymajig ;)

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It's not that I don' believe you, but I honestly can't remember Norman ever defending his dad in the show. They haven't talking about him much at all even. He told Annika that his dad wasn't a nice man, but that's the only thing I can't remember.

He defended him for all of season one. When Dylan showed up and accused Norma of killing Sam, Norman said something along the lines of “he was just unhappy and didn’t know how to deal with anything. It wasn’t his fault.” And also he spent a lot of time using the old ‘he was my dad’ excuse that Dylan’s using now. All we know of Sam is what Norman has let us in on and there’s a boatload of it in season one. Way far back. And don’t forget that in season two, he showed regret for killing him, even though Norma told him that he was protecting her. So, yeah, Norman loved his dad unconditionally, despite the fact that he knew consciously he was an abusive prick.