SoA 4.2


Gabrielle smiled ecstatically and wanted to hug Damon. She quickly went down to the stream and undressed, moaning as her wings were able to unfurl for the first time in so long. It felt nice to be free. Carefully, she stepped into the water and cooed as the cool water soothed her skin. It felt exquisite. She walked out until the water was shoulder deep and sank under the surface, rubbing her fingers through her short hair to get all the mud and dirt that had caked and matted the tresses. When she was satisfied, she came up for air and scrubbed the rest of her body until her soft skin was finally clean again. She wanted to stay in that crisp water all afternoon, but she heard a small grunt and felt guilty that she wasn’t helping pack. With a sigh, she got out of the water. She didn’t really have time rewrap herself and she didn’t have Damon’s help. She had to settle with just curling her wings up as best she could and tuck them under her dress before walking back to the camp.

When the tide came,
We sank underneath like loaded pistols, stormy Skies
Over barren shores.  
Venus flytrap arrows fall and when I stand Achillean over the field of battle
it feels Like an undoing.  A cup has been filled;
Fairytales melt down the walls vibrant&chalky&poisonous and Ceres finds us
With torches in our hands, alight.  
Enter a museum and you are crossing Into sacred space;
We find ourselves alone in a galleria and when I push, the mirrors reach
out with Soft hands.  We enjoy Art
because it reflects the selves we’d like to see;
I become convex and with our Limbs we paint the sun.  
I look for a cave to bury my soul in; for the first time I am struck by the thought
that I could get lost in you and keep on moving.  You are struck
pt blank as It is raining
And we drip in our coats of molten red/
Shame wafts over you & in the Absence of peace
You strike a deal with the water to remain protozoan.
—  The Long Winter // by o.k.

DID YOU KNOW: a secondary drama occurred following the sinking of the Titanic? Collapsible Lifeboat B washed off of the roof of the officer’s quarters as it sank, capsizing in the process. Throughout the night, several hardy survivors - led by Second Officer Charles Lightoller - carefully kept the boat balanced by shifting their weight when ordered to, while standing on the slick overturned surface of the boat. Some aboard the overturned boat succumbed to exposure - such as Jack Phillips, the Senior Wireless Operator. Collapsible B is shown here being examined by sailors of the CS Mackay-Bennett, the cable ship sent to recover bodies from the wrecksite, in late April, 1912, having been left to drift when the men standing atop the overturned boat were brought aboard another lifeboat (this one right-side up).

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Have you seen Banksy's Dismaland? There's a piece where Cinderella has been in a carriage crash and there's paparazzi on motorbikes surrounding the carriage, it's supposed to be like Diana, very eerie

I saw it… my heart sank :(


“Dusk’s  already setting?” Mole Knight thought for himself while gazing out trough a window, watching the sky become orange and purple as the sun slowly sank down in the horizon.

It was the day after King Knight’s… Not so graceful partying, and he had saved giving him the gift he had brought with him until the hungover King felt better.

He felt like it was time to check on him again. He stepped away from the window and headed off to seek out King Knight, and once he found him he gave him a gentle smile.

“Hey, how is it going dear? Feeling better?”


The first thing he noticed was the painful amount of yellow in the room. So much, even with his strained vision, it makes his head spin and tummy sick. Who in the right mind would do such a thing? It looked like a herd of wild bananas barfed all over the place! Next to him came steady breathing, someone snoring lightly beside his aching body. Forcing back the numbness of his body, Arthur turned. His bruises, dried and poorly treated, stuck uncomfortably to his face only made it harder to keep his eyes opened. The pain was almost unbearable. Although no tears streamed down his cheeks, he felt weak, dirty… ugly. Naturally he wanted to know what is going on but Arthur found that his mind only forms empty blanks. Perhaps he needed some time to recover, once the headache goes away he would be able to think more clearly. Arthur sank into the bed, despite the unsettling appearance of the room the bed was quite comfortable.

Expression unchanging, he trailed the outline of his bed companion; …who is that?

More of this au TvTSomeone teach me to use Photoshop holy shit I’m so sorry for the bad colouring…ff

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I'll start with how you don't need to answer my ask because I read and reread your hiatus explination before writing this. I was wondering if you could tell us how you came to light of you being unable to feel empathy or sympathy? Just wondering...

Well it came about bc while I was away at school, I sank to a very, very dark place: I wasn’t sleeping, I didn’t go to class, I hated myself and was often suicidal. So one day I called my dad, crying, and said: “I don’t wanna go back to school next semester, I wanna go back into therapy bc I can’t sleep and I can’t go more than a few days without thinking about killing myself.”

So he said “Alright Kates, I just want you to know how much I love you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.” And then he got on me for not calling more often but I felt better after telling him.

Fast forward to a few weeks after I got home. I’ve previously expressed to my parents that sometimes I just DON’T feel things, and my main example was that when two of my managers at my old job got pregnant, I acted happy and excited bc that’s what’s expected, it’s rude to react otherwise. But in reality I didn’t really feel anything when they announced it?? Like nothing.

So my step-mom, who has a degree in criminal psychology, asked me to try to talk about it more. She asked me if something bad were to happen to my friend that would inconvenience me, would I care more about my friend’s issue or my personal inconvenience?

I thought about it, and rather than be honest, I lied and said their issue. She said really?

And I said no. I’d care more about the inconvenience.

And after further reflection, I’ve come to realize that I don’t care about anyone, barely even myself. Not my parents, not my siblings, not even my closest friends. There’s nothing there, no matter how deep I dig.

And I feel like a terrible person because I’ve been lying to people for so long and what kind of a person doesn’t care about anyone but I can’t help it. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t care.

Even looking back on my crushes, like, I can’t remember feeling anything but sexual feelings towards them at least as far back as middle school. I never day dreamed about kissing and dates and hand holding.

And like, it explains why whenever someone would come to me for comfort I am literally the worst because I have literally no idea what they’re feeling and I have no clue what I’m supposed to say except the standard stuff, things I’ve heard other people say. That’s what most of my emotional connections are made up of: mimicry. I take situations I’ve seen other people in and react based on my knowledge of a previous situation, not my actual feelings(which are general numbness and slight annoyance).

And my step mom thinks that this has been going on probably my entire life(I’ve known her since I was 11 and she said she picked up on it right away) and I’ve always been manipulative but I never saw it that way. Things only mattered when they inconvenienced me.

I was supposed to get a psychological evaluation, but I’ve been busy with work and I don’t have any way of getting there so I’m not entirely sure what all is going on in my head, and I’m scared, terrified really, but I wanna know so that I can try to do something about it. My step mom says she has some ideas but she’s not licensed or anything so she doesn’t wanna say.

It’s likely that I have some sort of personality disorder, but I don’t wanna try to self diagnose something this serious so I just have to wait I guess.

But yeah.

First time writing.

Jihoon looked up from his phone at the sound of Seungcheol’s chuckles and found Seungcheol and Jeonghan sitting together at the other end of the room. Seungcheol looked mildly amused as he watched Jeonghan’s face flushed a pale shade of red when he reached out and tucked one of Jeonghan’s fallen hair strands behind his ears, his eyes held a teasing look but still shone with fondness and utter adoration when Jeonghan started gushing about the good responses they had received from the new acoustic version of Adore U. Jihoon heaved a sigh and closed his eyes again, broken pieces of memories started to come back vividly behind his eyelids. He remembered back to all the times he had spent with Seungcheol, ever since they started as trainees for NU'EST till the formation of SEVENTEEN, and his heart sank further, drowning in regrets for having not realise until it was too late that he really had fallen in love with Seungcheol. Jihoon took another glance at the couple, his mother’s words when he was younger rang clearly in his ears. “Love is when you look at someone in their eyes and find yourself at peace. It is when you feel like your home is wherever they are.” He felt his heart squeezing painfully at the words and the scene in front of him, because while Jihoon did find his solace in Seungcheol’s alluring dark orbs, he also saw Seungcheol’s whole world in Jeonghan’s bright, gentle eyes.


My Jicheol feels are getting out of control lately, and I’ve been wanting to write but could not find the inspiration.
It’s my first time writing, and English is not my first language (but those are not excuses aren’t they..), so I’m sincerely sorry if it’s horrible /hides/
Constructive opinions/criticism are highly valued ☺️