HONY Posts Heartwrenching Story About The Aftermath Of Nonconsensual Sex

On Sunday, Humans of New York posted a young woman’s powerful words about consent on Facebook.

“We were in his basement late one night, getting drunk, and he kept asking me if I wanted to do it,” she said, about an incident with her “make out buddy” when she was in high school.

“I kept saying: ‘maybe,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘maybe.’ Then he said: ‘No more maybes. Let’s flip a coin.’ My stomach sank.”

In the post, the young woman discusses how she struggled with feelings of self-doubt and self-blame after the incident.

I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of a film I watched when I was a kid (wasn’t a kids movie) about a submarine (U.S?) or possibly a ship that caught on fire (hit by an enemy?) and sank, leaving the survivors floating in the ocean battling the elements. They start getting attacked by sharks etc.

I cannot for the life of me recall the title.

Any ideas? I think it was a pretty old film, possibly seventies but I’m unsure.

Edit: found it thanks to @medea-of-the-rocks


It was a TV movie from the 90’s called “ Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis”

Cedric Diggory Imagine: “The aftermath”

Hi! So I was wondering if you could do an imagine to wear it’s the aftermath of Cedric’s death and how it affects the reader (as being his gf) and everyone else.. Thank you!

Requested by anon

Warnings: angst

You simply couldn’t believe it: Cedric Diggory, your boyfriend, your best friend, the one you could rely on, the one who lighted up your days and made you smile, had died today. You stood immobile with shock registered upon your face. When you heard the cries of Mr. Diggory, it finally sank in, making you feel the most tremendous pain you had ever felt in your life. The ache wasn’t only emotional as you literally felt your heart breaking into tiny pieces. You felt lonely, lost, angry, sad, helpless, frightened, confused… You were an emotional mess. In that moment, your friend came to you and hugged you, letting you rest your head in his/her shoulder while you sobbed uncontrollably.

The last day of school came soon. All your classmates and teachers gave you pitying looks. They didn’t help you one bit. You were sitting by the Black Lake before Harry Potter approached you.

“You are y/n y/l/n, right?”

You didn’t even look at him, you just nodded.

“I’m Harry Potter”

“I know who you are…”

He looked awkward and muttered to himself: “Yeah, right”

“Did you want something?” you asked, trying to sound polite.

He stared at your eyes and whispered: “I was Cedric’s friend and I was there when it happened. I-I miss him and I’m so sorry. I know you were his girlfriend/boyfriend. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you, so if you ever need anything, someone to talk to, just send me a letter… I think Cedric would like that”

Before you could reply he had already gone away.

A few weeks had passed since the fatal death of Cedric Diggory. You were already on holidays. But neither the sun nor your family nor your friends made you feel any better. You dreamt of him every day. They were happy dreams, sometimes involving a real memory; but they made it even worse, for when you woke up, the light of the day shook you and made you remember he wasn’t going to be there for you anymore. It was difficult for you to eat, to walk, to talk… Your family was really worried, and you hated yourself for it. The truth was that you were frightened of your behavior. Gathering all your courage, you took a parchment, ink and a quill and started to write to Harry Potter. He said Cedric would have liked that, and you were willing to give it a try. Writing to him really helped. He became your pen pal and gradually, you started to be the same cheerful y/n with whom Cedric had fallen in love. The smile didn’t really reach your y/e/c eyes yet, but it was a beginning. You were determined to fight and to make Cedric proud, wherever he was. You knew he was watching you somewhere, and you weren’t about to disappoint him. Harry made you understand that those who loved us never really leave us, and he was right. Cedric would always live in your heart.

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What Sank Yahoo? Blame Its Nice Guy Founders
Two Stanford University students put their studies on hold to create what was at one time an essential part of the internet. Then they stopped taking risks.

“She [Marissa Mayer] made strange moves, spending a huge chunk of her figurative and literal capital on a $1.1 billion deal for the also-ran social network Tumblr in 2013. Tumblr, like so many other Yahoo acquisitions (Flickr, et al.) went nowhere fast.”


I sank onto a soft bed, too tired to be angry. Too tired to be awake. I vaguely remember stripping out of my shirt and shoes before pulling soft and heavy covers over me. Then there was blessed darkness, warmth, and quiet.
The last thing I thought, before I dropped off to sleep, was that the covers smelled faintly of soap and sunlight and strawberries.
They smelled like Murphy.
—  Harry Dresden (Dead Beat by Jim Butcher)

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19,24,30 for the prompt list with Bucky?? congrats btw :----)

Hey darling! I decided to post it as a one shot because I’ll be turning it into a multi part thing, so thank you!! I hope you like it, you can find it over here, A little sneak peak:

His fingers lingered at the roots of your hair, his thumb gently brushing over your cheek as a comfortable silence fell between the two of you. You felt your eyelids get heavy as you sank into your mattress. You rested your hand on the back of his, not wanting him to leave but you knew you would soon drift to sleep. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death,’’ Your voice was low, suddenly feeling sober even if it were drunk words. 


“It was the summer between 8th and 9th grade. We were make-out buddies. Sometimes he’d talk to me during the day. Other times he wouldn’t. We were in his basement late one night, getting drunk, and he kept asking me if I wanted to do it. My heart was racing and I was terrified. I kept saying: ‘maybe,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘maybe.’ Then he said: ‘No more maybes. Let’s flip a coin.’ My stomach sank. After we finished, he said: ‘I think I heard my dad upstairs. You need to leave.’ I went home and filled up a whole page in my journal. I wrote in purple sharpie, over and over: ‘It didn’t happen.’ For the longest time I felt like it was my fault for feeling hurt. Like I was being overly sensitive. It took five years for me to realize that consent is not a coin flip.”

Goddess of the Day: September 2

Eurynome  - Great Goddess of the Greek.  Creatrix of all things, Eurynome was born of the chaos before the World.  She is the mother of all pleasure.  She danced and separated water from sky, and light from darkness.  From the wind She molded a lover, the snake Ophion; She mated with him and gave birth to the Universal Egg, from which land, plants, and animals sprung. Eventually, Ophion began to boost that He was the Creator of all things; Eurynome kicked out his teeth and cast him out of Heaven.  

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide. Art by Dorian Cleavenger)

Do you remember how I hate bananas? Because I remember how you can’t stand slow drivers and you hate how your roommate always leaves the water running in the shower.
And I remember how my heart sank to my feet when you said you thought she was beautiful
It’s always the person they tell you not to worry about and I’m reminding myself that I’m beautiful even if you’re not here to tell me that I am.
And I’m sorry I’m still in love with you
Even if you’ve fallen in love with her.
—  I remember your voice & I remember how I felt.
Inspired by @downurs